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Edward Cullen; 29 years old, teacher in Forks High School. He is very good looking, single, every single woman want to be with him. He has not fallen in love with no one. But that all changes when Isabella Swan 16 year old sophomore comes to Forks High. She is incredibly beautiful. The minute she steps into Mr. Cullen’s class he immediately falls’ in love with Isabella Swan: He becomes very obsessed and possessive with Isabella. He will do whatever it takes to get Isabella to love him as much as he loves her. How far will Edward go to gain Isabella’s heart? Who will end up getting hurt? Will Edward end up in jail? Will Isabella ever feel the same for him?

ALL HUMAN!!!!  Possessive; obsessed; darkwad Edward.      


“Soon love, soon we will be together” Edward Cullen promised and kissed the picture of his lovely Isabella Swan, hugging tight against his chest. After a few minutes he put it back in the desk next to his bed.

Once he was done with his shower he looked at some of the pictures of Isabella hanging on the walls of his house. Pictures of her at the mall with her friends, eating dinner with her dad, even some of her while she took a walk around the park. His whole house was brown, just like her long, wavy hair and big brown eyes. Everything in that house reminded him about his lovely Isabella.

As he walked out the door he kissed the picture of Isabella that was next to the door. “Soon” he whispered and kissed it one last time. It took him a couple of minutes to get to the school. Edward waited inside the car just so he could get a quick look at his love before heading to his class.

“Bella!” someone shouted across the parking lot. Edward looked at the direction Angela Weber screamed. A hug smiled spread across his face once he laid eyes on the most beautiful girl. And with that he got off his car and walked to his class room.

“Good morning Isabella” he spoke as she walked inside his class room.

“G-good morning Mr. C-Cullen” she said. She quickly took her seat; which happens to be the one right in front of his desk.

“How was your weekend?” he asked. He got a little closer to her and brushed his hand across her arm. She shudders.

She heisted for a moment but answer “O-okay” he smiled and walked to the board but whispered “Good”


“Good morning class, I hope you all had a great weekend” Mr. Cullen spoke to his class, but never taking his eyes of Isabella Swan.



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Chap 4. Edward


“Isabella, I love you” I said as I hugged her tight. She was crying and I didn’t even know why. “Don’t cry, love. I’m here” I said and kissed the top of her head.


An hour passed, and my love finally stopped crying. “Mr. Cullen. Why me?” she said in a sad voice.


“Love, call me Edward. And what do you mean with ‘why me’?” I asked she tried to push me away, but I held her tighter.


“Why did you fall in love with me? I’m only 16 and you’re what? 35 or older Mr. Cullen, I don’t love you and I will never fall in love with you” as she spoke my heart broke into a million pieces. She could learn to love me. Who cares about the age differences? I don’t. Then why should she?


“Isabella, I told you to call me Edward. And who cares about the age differences? I love, and I always will. And I’m 29 not 35, love” I said and kissed the top of her head.


“But still. I’m t young and you’re my teacher. What will people think once they know you love me? Maybe my dad will send you to JAIL! I don’t love you, so please. I’m begging you to leave me alone. Don’t talk to me when you see me. Don’t even get near me Mr. Cullen” she said.


“Isabella, who cares? I love you and that is all that matters. And you will learn to love me as much as I love you. But for now we are going to keep it a secret. Don’t say a word to anyone. Got it?” I said and she nodded her head I walked to the door with Isabella in my arms.


I kissed her good bye and before I open the door I said “Don’t you think I forgot about Jacob Black, love. I want you to END that stupid relationship you have with him. As a matter of fact I do not want you near a boy at school. Do you understand?”


“Yes” she whispered. I kissed her on more time and left her house with a huge smile. I just can’t wait for tomorrow.

Awesome!!!! Goodness, he's crazy! Crazy-ward is awesome. :o)

ok I'm confused.................. .Is Bella just going along with Edward to get him out of her house?.....until you post again

Edward is nuts! And I love it thanks for the update!:) please post more soon



love it

I hate Edward :( he's a freak and mean. Bella deserves to be happy with Jake

great update!  Edward is such a jerk!  Can't wait to read your next update!

Lol Edward is nuts lol... I kind of like it.

I guess I'm wierd I like dangerous stuff

Keep me updated.

P.S. Poor Bella lol

He is creepy. Love the chapter, keep me posted!!!!

Amazing! Can't wait for the next chapter!

Chap 5. Isabella


How can he feel that way about me? He’s my teacher. And he just comes and he tells me he loves me and that I belong to him. Who does he think he is? I will never love him. Then he tells me to end my relationship with Jacob! And not only did he do that he kissed me. HE KISSED ME! I cannot believe this is happening


“Sweetie I’m home” my dad yelled.


“Great, because dinners ready” I said and put the food on the table. My dad kisses the top of my head and then sat down to eat.


“So how was your day?” he asked. I looked at him. I wanted to tell him about the whole thing with Mr. Cullen, but for some reason I just couldn’t…yet.


“Okay, nothing really happen.” I said and took another bit of my steak. Once we were done eating we both did the dishes. We sat on the couch and watch some T.V “I think I should go to bed” I said and got up and kissed my dad in the cheek.


“Good-night, sweetie” he said and turn his attention to the television. I sat in my bed thinking of what was I going to do with the whole Mr. Cullen loving me.


“Bella, honey wake-up” I heard my dad say while shaking me a little “Bella wake-up!” he yelled but I still didn’t move “Isabella! Wake-up! IIIsssaaabbbeeelllaaa wwwaaakkkeee-uuuppp” he sang while he jumped on my bed.


“I’m up, I’m up” I said and walked into the bathroom. I heard my dad laughed and made his way down stair. He is such a goof-ball sometimes.


“Have a good day at school, sweetie” my dad said. Not likely. He gave me a kiss and then drove off to the police station.


As I walk to my locker I kept thinking of the things Mr. Cullen said. He told me he loved me and he didn’t care about anything. I was scared of him. Scared that maybe he might hurt the people I love. When he told me to break-up with Jacob I was sad. I don’t think I could actually do it.


“Bells!” I heard someone yell my name. I turn around to see Jacob. I frown when I realize what I had to do. “How are you?” he asked once he reaches me.


“Fine” I said. He got closer to me and hugged him. I hugged him tight. I didn’t want to do this, I really didn’t. When he lean for a kiss I had to pull away “We need to talk” I told him.


“What is it, babe?” he asked. I was about to tell him to forget it that it was nothing but I saw Mr. Cullen looking at us. He was glaring at Jacob. I knew that I need to break-up with Jake. I couldn’t live with myself if something happen to him.


I looked back at Jake “I…I think we should break-up” I whispered. He looks sad when I said this. I bit my lip so I wouldn’t cry.


“Why?” he asked. His voice sound so sad that it broke my heart.


“I don’t love you” I lied. He looked hurt at my word. Jake just looked at me then just walked away. I felt a tear fall down my cheek. I looked to were Mr. Cullen was standing. He had a smile on his face. I wanted to slap him so bad. He wink and walked to his class room.


I open my locker to get my books. I saw a little envelope with my name on it. It even had a rose taped to it. I open to see that it was from Mr. Cullen. I threw it in the trash and walked to class. I want nothing to do with him.


“Hello, love” I heard someone say. I turn around to see my worst night-mare. Mr. Cullen. I didn’t respond to. I just walked in the class room and sat in my desk. He smiled at me and started the class once the bell rang. I felt his eyes on me threw-out the whole class period.



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