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Edward Cullen; 29 years old, teacher in Forks High School. He is very good looking, single, every single woman want to be with him. He has not fallen in love with no one. But that all changes when Isabella Swan 16 year old sophomore comes to Forks High. She is incredibly beautiful. The minute she steps into Mr. Cullen’s class he immediately falls’ in love with Isabella Swan: He becomes very obsessed and possessive with Isabella. He will do whatever it takes to get Isabella to love him as much as he loves her. How far will Edward go to gain Isabella’s heart? Who will end up getting hurt? Will Edward end up in jail? Will Isabella ever feel the same for him?

ALL HUMAN!!!!  Possessive; obsessed; darkwad Edward.      


“Soon love, soon we will be together” Edward Cullen promised and kissed the picture of his lovely Isabella Swan, hugging tight against his chest. After a few minutes he put it back in the desk next to his bed.

Once he was done with his shower he looked at some of the pictures of Isabella hanging on the walls of his house. Pictures of her at the mall with her friends, eating dinner with her dad, even some of her while she took a walk around the park. His whole house was brown, just like her long, wavy hair and big brown eyes. Everything in that house reminded him about his lovely Isabella.

As he walked out the door he kissed the picture of Isabella that was next to the door. “Soon” he whispered and kissed it one last time. It took him a couple of minutes to get to the school. Edward waited inside the car just so he could get a quick look at his love before heading to his class.

“Bella!” someone shouted across the parking lot. Edward looked at the direction Angela Weber screamed. A hug smiled spread across his face once he laid eyes on the most beautiful girl. And with that he got off his car and walked to his class room.

“Good morning Isabella” he spoke as she walked inside his class room.

“G-good morning Mr. C-Cullen” she said. She quickly took her seat; which happens to be the one right in front of his desk.

“How was your weekend?” he asked. He got a little closer to her and brushed his hand across her arm. She shudders.

She heisted for a moment but answer “O-okay” he smiled and walked to the board but whispered “Good”


“Good morning class, I hope you all had a great weekend” Mr. Cullen spoke to his class, but never taking his eyes of Isabella Swan.



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Chap 8 Isabella

Sunday morning I spent my time cleaning. I was a little scared that Mr. Cullen was going to come and not leave until I open the door. And I glad that he did not do it. But I did receive a dozen of roses and also ended up in the garbage. The ring he gave me is in the box in my room.

“Bella I’m home!” I heard dad yelled. I put my book down and made my way down stairs.

“Daddy, I missed you. How was the trip?” I gave him a hug.

“I missed you too. It was great” he handed me a bag of fish.

“Eww. I’ll go put these in the freezer”

He laughed at me “So how was your day?”

“Okay I guess”

“So what did you do?”

“Well I cleaned all morning. Then I cooked, and read a book” he walked in the kitchen “Are you hungry?”

“No thanks”

“Well it’s getting late” I kissed him good night and went up stairs.


As I made my way to my locker I saw Mr. Cullen standing right next to it “Hello love”

“What do you want?” he smiled.

“I had fun on Saturday, but I did not like that you left me all alone, outside of you house”

“I did not want the neighbors to see us”

“So you were just trying to protect our relationship?”

“No, because there is no relationship”

“Then why didn’t you let them see us”

“I did not want them to think wrong”

“Oh” he still did not left.

“Bella!” I heard Erick yell. I smiled at him and gave him a hug.

“I’ll see you in class” Mr. Cullen said.

“What did Mr. Teacher want?”

“He wanted to talk about some paper that I wrote”

“Okay, well any ways I wanted to tell you that I’ll see you on Friday”

“Right, to practice” He smiled and hugged me good-bye. I walked to class and I was a little early.

“Is he the reason why you don’t love me?” I heard Mr. Cullen asked.

“What are you talking about?”

“Do you love him? Is that why you can’t love me?” he yelled.

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about I-“


“Stay after class so we can talk” he went to the board and wrote something while I took my seat. The rest of the class he will look at me.  When the bell rang signaling the end of class, I didn’t stay.


Bella outfits:

I loved the chapter! Poor bella, and scary edward! :) update again soon! :)

I Like What You Wrote On Your Page. It Was Great. Keep Up The Wonderful Work Twilight Saga Friend. And I Can't Wait For Your Next Chapter.


love it

Poor Bella! I hated Ed, he scares me

i hate edward!  he is soooo creepy!

Grrrr!!! Edward stop being a creep!!! Your scaring the heck out of me and possibly Bella!! Great chapter though!! I LOVE it!!

I don't like Edward now. Love shouldn't destroy someone else lives. Especially the one you love.

Thank you for the update.................Good for you Bella,  I would have left to....until you post again

Chap 9 Edward

Isabella. That is all I could think of. Today I asked her to stay after class, but she left. I hated that Erick kid. He was always near her, never living her alone. I hated it.  I couldn’t stop thinking about the date I had with My Isabella. She looked breath taking that night. Well she all ways looks amazing. I hated that the waitress would not stop flirting with me, but I’m kind of clad that Isabella did not make a scene. I was kind of hopping she will get jealous but she didn’t.

Right now I’m in class seeing her laugh at something one of her friends said. Even her smile was beautiful.

Isabella was perfect and all mine. It takes all my strength to not kill all does boys that look at her the wrong way. Even some of the teachers here look at her. I hate it because I cannot do anything about it…for right now that is. Soon everyone will know that she belongs to me and only me. Soon.


As I made my way to my car I saw Isabella talking with that Erick guy. He had his arm around her and they both were laughing. “Miss. Swan I was looking all over for you” I walked up to them.

“What for?” she looked at me. Erick and the other girl she was with looked me too.

“Is that you forgot this” I showed her a notebook that didn’t even belong to her.

“This is-“I cut her off.

“Take it and I suggest you all go home it’s getting late” they nodded and Isabella took the notebook. I walked back to my car and as I looked back I saw Erick getting inside of Isabella’s car.

Nice one Cullen


What is his problem? I’m outside the school talking to Eric and Maria about something not important. Then he walks up to us saying that I forgot my notebook and giving me one that is not even mine. I just do not understand him at all.

“Bella, are you listening to us?”

“I’m sorry what?”

“What’s wrong with you? You been in your own little world since the morning”

“I’m just tiered that’s all”


I spent the rest of the night with Maria and Erick. We did some homework and then watch a movie. Around 10:30 dad came home and Maria and Erick went home.

As I was making dinner my dad walked in the kitchen “How was your day?”

“It was okay” I served his plate and set it on the table.

“Are you busy tomorrow night?”

“No, why?”

“The Cullen’s invited us to dinner. I was wondering if you would like to go.”

“Um-I don’t know”

“Well you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“Is it going to be just the Cullen’s?”

“No, they will be other people from the hospital and police station”

“What time should I be ready?” I smiled at him.


love it

This is a scary Edward!  I wonder what he's going to do next?!


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