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Edward Cullen; 29 years old, teacher in Forks High School. He is very good looking, single, every single woman want to be with him. He has not fallen in love with no one. But that all changes when Isabella Swan 16 year old sophomore comes to Forks High. She is incredibly beautiful. The minute she steps into Mr. Cullen’s class he immediately falls’ in love with Isabella Swan: He becomes very obsessed and possessive with Isabella. He will do whatever it takes to get Isabella to love him as much as he loves her. How far will Edward go to gain Isabella’s heart? Who will end up getting hurt? Will Edward end up in jail? Will Isabella ever feel the same for him?

ALL HUMAN!!!!  Possessive; obsessed; darkwad Edward.      


“Soon love, soon we will be together” Edward Cullen promised and kissed the picture of his lovely Isabella Swan, hugging tight against his chest. After a few minutes he put it back in the desk next to his bed.

Once he was done with his shower he looked at some of the pictures of Isabella hanging on the walls of his house. Pictures of her at the mall with her friends, eating dinner with her dad, even some of her while she took a walk around the park. His whole house was brown, just like her long, wavy hair and big brown eyes. Everything in that house reminded him about his lovely Isabella.

As he walked out the door he kissed the picture of Isabella that was next to the door. “Soon” he whispered and kissed it one last time. It took him a couple of minutes to get to the school. Edward waited inside the car just so he could get a quick look at his love before heading to his class.

“Bella!” someone shouted across the parking lot. Edward looked at the direction Angela Weber screamed. A hug smiled spread across his face once he laid eyes on the most beautiful girl. And with that he got off his car and walked to his class room.

“Good morning Isabella” he spoke as she walked inside his class room.

“G-good morning Mr. C-Cullen” she said. She quickly took her seat; which happens to be the one right in front of his desk.

“How was your weekend?” he asked. He got a little closer to her and brushed his hand across her arm. She shudders.

She heisted for a moment but answer “O-okay” he smiled and walked to the board but whispered “Good”


“Good morning class, I hope you all had a great weekend” Mr. Cullen spoke to his class, but never taking his eyes of Isabella Swan.



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Chap 1. Edward



“Argh” I whine while turning off my alarm clock. I got off bed and walked to the bathroom. After the quick shower and breakfasts I drove to my work. I’m Edward Cullen. 29 years old and teach biology at Forks High School. I never really had been in love. I guess I haven’t found the right one for me. But I hope I will soon.


I got to the school in like 10 minutes. I only had about 17 minutes before 1st period started. “Good morning, Mr. Cullen” Jessica Stanly and Angela Weber. Two students of mine students greeted me as I walked passed them to get to my class.


“Good morning, girls” I told them and walked to the classroom. A couple of minute’s later, student started to fill in the class room.


“Good morning class” I spoke “I hope you all had a wonderful weekend?” I asked. Some said ‘no’ and some ‘yes’ “Okay I am going to take attendance and we can start our new lesson plan for today”


“Tom?” I said










I was cut off by the sweetest voice I ever heard. I turn around to see the most breath- taking girl I ever seen. She had long, wavy brown hair. Big, brown eyes and red-cherry lips that just begged me to kiss.


“I’m so sorry I am late. I kind of got lost” she explained. She looked a little nerves as she walked in front of my desk and handed me a piece of paper.


“It’s okay…” I did not even know this beautiful girl name.


“Isabella. Isabella swan” she said, Isabella. What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. “I’m new here” she added


I smiled at her and pointed at the seat next to my desk. I didn’t take my eyes off her as I finished the attendance and the lesson plan.



“Isabella may you please stay after class” I said. “Don’t worry, I will tell your next period teacher that you were with me” I told her.


“It will be okay. I have free period” she said with a smile.


“Well in that case, will you mind if a give you a tour around the school?” I asked and she blushed making her even more beautiful.


“If you don’t mind” she said looking down at her feet.


“I don’t” I said honestly. I really didn’t want to leave her right now.


“Okay” she said, blushing even more. We walked side by side at the hall ways. I showed her where her classes where. And short cuts. I even got to know a little about her too. When the bell rang I was a little disappointed that I had to leave her. “Well I see you around?” she asked


“Of course, Isabella” I told her with a smile. I was about to say something else but got cut off by Jacob Black screaming Isabella’s name.


“Isabella! Isabella!” he screamed. “May I show you to your next class?” he when he finally caught up with her.


She blushed and smiled at him “Sure” I was getting mad by the second. “I’ll see you around Mr. Cullen” she said looking at me with a smile.


“Of course” told her and saw her walk off with Jacob to her next class. And then I walked to my class room.


The rest of the day I couldn’t stop thing about Isabella Swan; the chief of police daughter. Isabella. Isabella. My Isabella. I smiled at the taught. When the final bell rang I went home. I fell asleep thinking about my sweet Isabella.


Bella outfit:

Wow :) It's really good! Continue!


love it



sounds really good, please continue!

Lol Edward must be getting jealous now of Jake :) I love it, pleas keep me posted

I miss this story!!!!!!!! Please post more soon!!!!

Chap 2. Edward


Isabella. Isabella swan was the only thing that crossed my mind all night. I was in my classroom trying to grade some papers, but had no luck. I looked over at the clock and saw that I had about an hour before class started. I sat there and just close my eyes trying NOT thinking about Isabella.


“Mr. Cullen” I heard someone say. I open my eyes to see Isabella. She was sitting on top of my desk looking HOT as ever. I just keep checking her out. I heard her giggle.


“See something you like?” she asked in a seductive voice. I nodded. She motions me to move closer to her with her finger. And I did. “Me too” she whispers in my ear. She looks at me with her eyes full of lust. Next thing I know she kisses me.


Her lips…God; her lips where so soft. I moved my hands to her hips and moved her closer to me. She wrapped her arm around my neck and deepens the kiss. I kissed her neck and I heard her moan in pleasure. Then she whispered “I love you” and with that I kissed her even with more passion.


I felt something shake me and saying “Mr. Cullen wake up” and then some more shaking “Mr. Cullen, wake up” they said again but I didn’t move and inch. I heard them sigh and shook me again.


“5 more minutes” I said, and I heard a giggle.


“No ‘cause in 5 minutes class starts” they said. And with that I got up to see Isabella and Jacob Black another of my students standing their looking at me with amused faces.


“Oh-um” I said and looked at the clock to see I had 3minuets before class starts. “Um-thanks for waking me up” I told her and she just smiled and said ‘no problem’ she walked to her desk and Jacob fallowed her. I notice that he never looked away from her.



I heard the final bell ring. I graved my thing and walked to y car. I saw Isabella and Jacob talking. He had this huge smile on his face as he watched her blush. I looked a way for a minute then look back, but I only saw red.


Jacob Black was kissing my Isabella!!


It took me everything not to go over there and rip his head off. Waited in my car for them to finish and when they FINALLY did the talked a little more. She walked to her car and drove off. I fallowed after her.


I parked across the street. I waited a couple of minutes, before walking up to her house.


Bella outfit:

Awww Jake and Bella...EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP lol. Now Ed must be fuming lol but can't believe he dreamed of Bella, oooh gosh he's gonna stalk her now lol

Love it!!! Though Mr. Eddy was thinking WAAAAAYYYY to drastic but I still LOVE it




love it


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