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Edward Cullen; 29 years old, teacher in Forks High School. He is very good looking, single, every single woman want to be with him. He has not fallen in love with no one. But that all changes when Isabella Swan 16 year old sophomore comes to Forks High. She is incredibly beautiful. The minute she steps into Mr. Cullen’s class he immediately falls’ in love with Isabella Swan: He becomes very obsessed and possessive with Isabella. He will do whatever it takes to get Isabella to love him as much as he loves her. How far will Edward go to gain Isabella’s heart? Who will end up getting hurt? Will Edward end up in jail? Will Isabella ever feel the same for him?

ALL HUMAN!!!!  Possessive; obsessed; darkwad Edward.      


“Soon love, soon we will be together” Edward Cullen promised and kissed the picture of his lovely Isabella Swan, hugging tight against his chest. After a few minutes he put it back in the desk next to his bed.

Once he was done with his shower he looked at some of the pictures of Isabella hanging on the walls of his house. Pictures of her at the mall with her friends, eating dinner with her dad, even some of her while she took a walk around the park. His whole house was brown, just like her long, wavy hair and big brown eyes. Everything in that house reminded him about his lovely Isabella.

As he walked out the door he kissed the picture of Isabella that was next to the door. “Soon” he whispered and kissed it one last time. It took him a couple of minutes to get to the school. Edward waited inside the car just so he could get a quick look at his love before heading to his class.

“Bella!” someone shouted across the parking lot. Edward looked at the direction Angela Weber screamed. A hug smiled spread across his face once he laid eyes on the most beautiful girl. And with that he got off his car and walked to his class room.

“Good morning Isabella” he spoke as she walked inside his class room.

“G-good morning Mr. C-Cullen” she said. She quickly took her seat; which happens to be the one right in front of his desk.

“How was your weekend?” he asked. He got a little closer to her and brushed his hand across her arm. She shudders.

She heisted for a moment but answer “O-okay” he smiled and walked to the board but whispered “Good”


“Good morning class, I hope you all had a great weekend” Mr. Cullen spoke to his class, but never taking his eyes of Isabella Swan.



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Ooo boy' i can't wait of more EEEPPPPP!!!!! :)

great update!  can't wait to read your next one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chap 3. Edward


I knock on Isabella’s door. I only waited for a couple of second before she open the door.


“Mr. Cullen, what are you doing here?” she asked.


“May I come inside?” I questioned. She opens the door a little more and moved aside for me to pass. I grabbed my little angel from the waist and pulled her close to me.


“Mr. Cullen what are you doing?” she tried to push me away, but I just held her more tightly. “Mr. Cullen! Please let me go.” She begged.


“You think I didn’t see the little show at school today Isabella?” I asked. She looked at me with a confused look. “Don’t play like you don’t know what I’m talking about. I saw you kiss Jacob Black after school. Also the way he wouldn’t stop looking at you in class.” I yelled


“Mr. Cullen, I don’t know what your problem is but-“I cut her of


“What is he your boyfriend? Huh- is that why Jacob was kissing you? Don’t you know that you belong to me?” I said


“He is my boyfriend and I could do whatever I want. And I do not belong to you.” She yelled. I graved her arm before she could slap me.


I looked at her strait in the eye and said “Don’t you ever think of hitting me Isabella. ‘Cause I won’t hesitate to hit you back, love.” She had tears in her eyes. “Shhhh-love, please don’t cry. I hate seeing you hurt, love” I kissed the tears that where on her cheek “I love you” I whispered. Then I finally did the thing I always wanted to do… I kissed does beautiful, red-full kissable lips.



OMG!! ughhh!!! Mr. Cullen I hate your guts !!!!! ugh!!! Great chapter though, love it !!


I always thought he was a bit creepy but after I've read this I'll always think of him in this way.

Best wishes




love it

pushy, much! can't wait ofr more!!!!!!

Mhh I hate Edward !! Grr Poor Bella. Love the Chap and he's a big perv

It is amazing! Please continue!

omg Edward is a wacko.

I would have burn his house down.

Cut the wire break out of his car so when he tried to stop at the stop sign he keeps on going.

I would have acted like I was more obssesive of me killing him than him loving me.

Keep me updated please.

Love this story!!! New reader by the way! Send me updates! Edward is a creep! Haha


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