The Twilight Saga

To change your picture, directly below where your picture would be
(left side of the page), there is a link to click change "My Photo".
(Or you can click "my settings" and make sure you are in the "account"
section). Next to "profile photo" there is a button with a small green
and blue square. Click the button, and it gives you the option to use
an existing photo (from photos you have uploaded) or upload a picture
from your computer. To upload a photo from your computer, click
"browse" and it will open a window to find the picture on your
computer. Once you have found the picture and clicked the appropriate
buttons on that window, click "done". When you have the picture you
want set, make sure you click "save" or your picture will not be
changed to what you want.

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Im sorry im such a moron & I have a stupid question...but im having a problem changing my main photo. I use my cell 2 access this site...I've successfully uploaded photos using the email address provided....but when I go 2 change my photo 2 one of won't give me an option 2 click on ''photo''. There isn't even a green or blue box 2 click on. Can some1 help me please?!
what page ?
i figred it out i put downloaded from the computer and now i have
Jackson Rathbone / Jasper Hale
. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how do you get them after you move to favorits? i am realy having trouble. i can find them in favorits but cant seem to move them or copy or anything. please let me know how to add stuff on my profile thank you
O my gosh. I am an idiot! Either me or my computer! I followed the instructions on how to add a profile pic, And there is NO small little blue square beside my Profile picture! Maybe it's me or maybe I'm just stupid, But I can't figure it out worth beans! And I do have pics of Jacob on my computer (Which is what I want) But I can't get to that stupid file! Ugh. I think I'm technically challenged! Either that or it's my stupid computer. Either way, I can't figure it out!


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