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Ok so when i decided i wanted to read twilight i did some research and read some reviews.. so when i read about some people claming they read the whole saga in a month, some in 2 weeks i was like " righhhhht!!!..lier!!!!!"..until i bought the books and started reading them..the first book took me 2 get to the point i read the whole saga in 9 days..less than 2 weeks, i just couldnt put them down..those days i wouldnt pick up the phone, go online or anything, i would go to bed at 3 am, am i the only one that got so obsessed the first time ??!!!!!... how about u guys, how long did it take u?

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It took me 3 days..I read day and night..>I saw Twilight when it came out on DVD, and liked it, but didn't run out to buy the books...My niece loved Twilight/Edward..LOL
When New Moon came out she talked me into going the first night..WELL..after that I was hooked..The next day I went and bought all the books..and didn't stop till I got to the end...I even went online to download the Midnight Sun partial book and read that..Then went back and read all the books again..(but at a slower pace)..Today I went out and bought ROBSESSED "Inside the life of Robert Pattinson"..(love that too..!!)...DVD
So I think I'm pretty
I'm even thinking of reading them for a 3rd time..(and I never re-read anything, but I can't seem to get enough)..*SMILE*
Tonya, It didn't take me long either. The longest part for me was waiting for my friend to read them first cause we decided to split the cost. I am now the pround owner of those books. But anyway I read each book in about 12 hrs a piece. Depending on page count of course. stopping only for bathroom breaks as it is hard to go and read.
Well, i read them first of all of my friends and none of them are into reading so i still havent forced them all in reading them.. wish sucks... alot.
But I love having books in my bookcase so i happens to have all of them in hardcovers in swe, the three first softcovers in swe. The two moviefrontpagebooks in english and all four of them in english in hard/soft cover. x)
And + i got really made that i was human and had to eat and sleep instead for reading all in a row.
I actually read it in about 8 days..people thought i was crazy bc everywhere i went so did the books!!!LOL
Same with me..
I still carry all the books aroiund just redaing over and over the people i kon just look at me when i say something about twilight
hahaha yea same here.. i read all the books in mom would get soo mad at me.. cuz every minute i got, i was reading the saga... even while i was doing chores, i would sneak into my room to read.. hehhe my mom caught me a number of time... im about to read new moon for the i guess im loosing it too..
LOL my mom says she's gonna sue Stephenie Meyer 4 aliention of affection cuz since I started in December every evening I get home I go str8 2 my room 2 read n she "hasnt been able 2 spend time with her daughter because of d books" LOL I hardly watch tv anymore. She's read n loves d saga 2 but not as much as me. Am reading Breaking Dawn again n she's tellin me its time 4 me 2 leave Forks... HA NEVER!!!!! :-) friends were mad at me (ffamily too), god, even my 2 year-old baby was like " Noo mommy" trying to close the book cuz all i would do was read when i had the time..when i was done i read them a second time and then they were really hating me.... i was trying to read other books but im so obsessed with twilight that when i start another book i dont feel the same interest and i feel like dropping it and reading twilight for the third time... i just ordered the sookie stackhouse saga, i started watching the tv show inspired on them "true blood" and its awsome so im gonna give the books a try to ease my twi-obsession
I read the whole saga in 2 days and a half and I've read twilight about 21 times, new moon 8 , eclipse 7 and breaking down like 4 my familiy is always sayin' U r obsessed I only say Yeah I'm a Twilighter wht can I do I'm proud of bein' one =D
My friends doesn't like the saga but hey because of this I had met a lot of people over the world who like it and now they're my friends 2 ^^
also I cooperate in a web radio inspire in the saga it's nice 2 share with more people the love of the Twilight Saga.
I'm Team Edward
I'm Robsessed XD
Hahal Nah, i'm easely sinking in to other books to but my mind always seem,to return too twilight and iäm like finding simularities with twilight in other books... so my mind most be a bit ruined by twilight. xo
Same here but they dont hate me i even got a few on Team Edward one traitor is Team Jacob(UGH)!


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