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Ok so when i decided i wanted to read twilight i did some research and read some reviews.. so when i read about some people claming they read the whole saga in a month, some in 2 weeks i was like " righhhhht!!!..lier!!!!!"..until i bought the books and started reading them..the first book took me 2 get to the point i read the whole saga in 9 days..less than 2 weeks, i just couldnt put them down..those days i wouldnt pick up the phone, go online or anything, i would go to bed at 3 am, am i the only one that got so obsessed the first time ??!!!!!... how about u guys, how long did it take u?

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same here.. during the 8 days of reading it, i was sleep deprived unable to put down the book. i even read 2 books simultaneously.. and i still carry all the books to almost everywhere i go, just in case i need to refer to the other while reading another one. seriously...
Am so glad that I'm not the only one...was feeling like there was something wrong with me. I put everything on hold and read the books in 5 days (one for each of the first three books and two for the last one)...My poor husband first thought I had lost my mind..then he kind of accepted it and let me get on with it saying the faster I was done reading the faster I'd get back to being "normal" teeheehee..But I never thought I'd get depressed after I finished the 4 books coz it was like I had nothing to look forward to....:-) So I started all over again.
Ok I read the books twice already first time probably took me a month but, I had a newborn baby...the next time I think it took me less than two weeks too! Lol I was obsessed...both times! I still am I could def. read them a million times and not get tired of them...I love twilight!
6 days (or should that be 5 full days). I started reading Twilight on the flight home from Gatwick at 10pm on a Tuesday, and I completed the Saga the following Sunday at 9pm. Then I started to read them all again. I have since read all the books five times. Totally addicted!
it take me 3 weeks to read the saga becouse i had work but when i was not at work i was reading im on call for work four days aweek and i mostly work nights so there was a lote of days that i did not get a lote of sleep or go online or to the gym i could not stop reading tell i got the books done
i cried i actually felt realyy empty and sad!!..i needed more :(
me too..then I found Midnight Sun..that got me by 4 a I'm depressed again..thinking of re-reading all the books again..
After finishing the books i couldnt think of anything else and i got really depressed and wanted to scream. How could it be over already?? My mind was like making up a continue. I have now found my cure, i'm writing my own story, not a twi story but a overnatural one. Itäs really relaxing and you can use your fantasy instead of having it driving you crazy and afraid in your mind xo xD
I am sure there are others just like you...I for one read the books in two weeks and also found it realllllllly difficult to put the books down......reading into the early reading the books for the second time.....
3 days but Im a fast reader.
Me too. Might be cause i read all the time. Iäm reading five books at the same time right now.. but three of them is because my teachers are forcing them on me. The most difficult one is that i got one book i have to read in french.. and i suck at french. English is fine and i like them better then the once translated into my launguish - swedish.. but french.. i get nohing.
it take me............less then a month........


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