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Ok so when i decided i wanted to read twilight i did some research and read some reviews.. so when i read about some people claming they read the whole saga in a month, some in 2 weeks i was like " righhhhht!!!..lier!!!!!"..until i bought the books and started reading them..the first book took me 2 get to the point i read the whole saga in 9 days..less than 2 weeks, i just couldnt put them down..those days i wouldnt pick up the phone, go online or anything, i would go to bed at 3 am, am i the only one that got so obsessed the first time ??!!!!!... how about u guys, how long did it take u?

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Twilight 2 days New Moon maybe 3 days I think Eclipes I think it was 3 days to and Breaking Dawn a week.
I'm just as obsessed, I saw New Moon the Friday it came out and my daughter and I have been going back and forth over differences in the movies, likes and dislikes and what character was that. Well i hadn't read the books yet and she just went mom just read the books would you i'm tired of explaining the plots and what not. so I did I started reading on Saturday and was finished Breaking Dawn 5 days later. I was up till 3 or 4 am reading them. I just couldn't find a good place to stop reading enough to get sleep.
totally agree with you
I think i'm reading this for a month because i don't have much time..but it's true..i couldn't put the book down but i need to do it...i'm so addiicted to it..
i read all four books in four days
i totally understand,,,,twilight was the first book that my daughter read in its entirity so i got interested,,,and like you i couldnt put it down, i read while cooking, i would go to bed early so i could read into the night, in the car outside the school waiting for the kids, (i still do that one) and any minute i get spare my head is stuck in a book, it really is strange but a nice and tingly strange you know. i started reading them in aug this year i wanted to try and finish new moon before it came out in the cinema and i actually finished the whole saga twice before it came out.!! i found that the second time round i obsorbed it more as i read it so fast the first time. maybe by my third time i will discover even
The first: 2 days
The second: 2½ days
The third: 3 days
The fourth: 4 days( Late school days ;;)
I read it in three weeks.
I watched Twilight a little over a week before New Moon was coming out and I decided I had to read the books to see what happened! I read the entire saga in about 6 days or less. I read almost all night, three nights straight! I actuall lost 6 lbs because all I did was read for an entire week! I guess I neglected my family!
I know what you mean about not eating, i can normally eat while watching a film or reading but with both films and all the books the want to eat never once appeared!
i get u guys..i would actually forget to eat, when night came i would be like "why am i so hungry and weak?..ohhh right, i have not eaten anything today"..and definitely didnt get any sleep...tried to take it a little slower the sencond time i was reading them
it took me about a day 4 twilight then i basically dragged my mom 2 barnes and nobles 4 new moon and my cousin is a fan 2 so i read her eclipse and stole her breaking dawn XD!!!! i still have it a i dont think ill give it back!!! GO TEAM EDWARD!!!!


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