The Twilight Saga

   Hey Saga fans!

 How well do you know Twilight? I thought of a game we could play,

   and it pretty much never ends, cause lets face it, we could talk about Twilight all day.


You simply anwser the question and then ask your own. 


  The questions can vary from, guessing who's qoute. (Example: Who said this?-"What a stupid lion")


  Which book did this take place in. (Example: When did Alice steal a yellow sports car)


 Or even something as simple as, "what color is Edwards car?" The questions are all about the Saga that we all love so much. So test your memory and knowlegde.



  I hope you like it.

         have fun:)



I'll start,


   What is Bella's stepfather's first name 

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Necklace as a wedding present

When Jacob becomes Alpha who is the members that are in his as called "pack"?
He had an Heartattack bcuz Victoria jumped down in front of him and picked him up? New Moon

Question: Who said this and what book did this person say it in "It will get very ugly in here."

Question:what was the name of the other vampire that was w/ victoria when she attacked edward and bella when they where hiding?
Riley the newborn.

Question: Who killed James? Why did they kill James?
Victoria killed him.
victoria and he died in new moon! but in eclipse edward didnt give her the bracelet jacob did. edward just gave her the heart to put on it with the wolf that was on it from jacob.
Jade's Q: The first year, in New Moon, he made her a CD filled with him and his piano compositions

What did Bella examine in her first time in Biology, it was not onion root, I'm talking about when she lived in Phoenix (its mentioned in Twilight)??

"Glad to hear you're going straight!"~~Who said it?
Tyler, he felt bad for almost killing her.

What is Jane's brother's name and ability?
Bella would not let Edward give her a birthday present
it was a cd of him playing on his piano - Esme's fav Bella's lullaby and more for Jade again.
Right you are:)


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