The Twilight Saga

   Hey Saga fans!

 How well do you know Twilight? I thought of a game we could play,

   and it pretty much never ends, cause lets face it, we could talk about Twilight all day.


You simply anwser the question and then ask your own. 


  The questions can vary from, guessing who's qoute. (Example: Who said this?-"What a stupid lion")


  Which book did this take place in. (Example: When did Alice steal a yellow sports car)


 Or even something as simple as, "what color is Edwards car?" The questions are all about the Saga that we all love so much. So test your memory and knowlegde.



  I hope you like it.

         have fun:)



I'll start,


   What is Bella's stepfather's first name 

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Question: Why did Bella punch Jacob? What did Edward do?
He kissed her...I don't remember what Edward got mad right,and then he said he was proud of her...I think.

Who installed Bella's stero that she got for her birthday?
A combination of two ways. First, from a Quilente legend that mentions 'the cold ones' and second from the internet.

Question: In the book 'Twilight' where was Bella when she was getting ready for the prom?

Question: What were the names of the other two Amazonian vampires?
it was at the Cullen house, Alice's bathroom.
Emmett installed it.

Question: After becoming a wolf what was Jacob's body temp.
i know my twilight facts alot!!! and by the way alice stold the yellow car when she was going to the volutery and bella trying to save edward. and it took place in the 2 book of twilight New Moon
you got it!
you got it right, don't forget to ask a question.
Right, now whats your question?
You should answer my question LOL. *either Sierra or jade lol*

Why did Bella punch Jacob? What did Edward do?


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