The Twilight Saga

   Hey Saga fans!

 How well do you know Twilight? I thought of a game we could play,

   and it pretty much never ends, cause lets face it, we could talk about Twilight all day.


You simply anwser the question and then ask your own. 


  The questions can vary from, guessing who's qoute. (Example: Who said this?-"What a stupid lion")


  Which book did this take place in. (Example: When did Alice steal a yellow sports car)


 Or even something as simple as, "what color is Edwards car?" The questions are all about the Saga that we all love so much. So test your memory and knowlegde.



  I hope you like it.

         have fun:)



I'll start,


   What is Bella's stepfather's first name 

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because he kissed her. Edward got mad and told him that next time he was going to ripped his head off or something like that
He got really mad...something like as long as you don't want him to kiss you, I'll get mad. But the min you want him to...something like that. lol

What kind of car did Edward pick Bella up in when they went to go play baseball? And whose was it?
he kissed her
a cd of him playing her lullabye!

What was the first thing that drawn Edward to Bella?
In the beginning Edward was drawn to Bella because he could not hear her thoughts, then of course we all know it was her blood.

Question: When was the first night Bella dreamed of Edward Cullen?
Stephenie had her dream and started writing Twilight on June 2, 2003.

The Volturi wife who never appeared in the books is Didyme, wife of Marcus and Aro's sister. Aro killed Didyme (though Marcus doesn't know that Aro is responsible for her death) before the Saga started.

When was the last time one of the Cullens had a birthday, and whose birthday was it?
it was emmett's birthday, in 1935.

next question: on what page did edward come back (or mentioned when bella is trying to save him) in new moon? (clue)- 'i listened above the angry exclaimations, trying to hear the sound of discovery: the gasp, maybe the scream, as EDWARD came into someone's view' good luck!
Because she was human and because Edward was attracted to her and not to herself because she is so vain!
She hates Bella out of jealousy, first because Edward wanted Bella and had never wanted Rosalie but also because Bella was human and Rosalie wanted to be human so she could grow old and have a family explaining her story to Bella in Eclipse made Rose feel better because she was letting Bella know of things she would be sacrificing.
Her smell of her blood
her blood

who did bella see cliff jumping first?


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