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How would you compare "Breaking Dawn 1" with the other "Twilight Saga" movies ?



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You have to remember when they made Twilight they had an very small budget. They had no idea it was gonna end up as big as it did. I wish they could go back and redo Twilight.

In a way, I do too.

Did the actresses they cast to play " The Young Renessmes" match what you envisioned she'd look like?


Not at all for me. I pictured a little copper colored ringlet curly headed girl with an ivory complexion and pink cheeks. Big brown eyes as well. When I saw her in Jacob's head I thought, what the heck?

 Don't get me wrong, I think she is beautiful. The facial features are very believable for Bella and Edward's child, but I think they should have used someone a little younger. Isn't Renesme supposed to look about 4 years old? I can't remember.

I imagined that she would have a more porcelein doll like apperiance with big haunting brown eyes. I imagined brighter hair  and chubbier cheeks.

Not really! But she was so pretty! Especially as a newborn! ;-)

Even thou I think Miss Foy is a beautiful girl I think she looks to old for the part of the up coming movie. Towards the end Bella states that Renesmee could maybe pass for a 4-5 year old. She looks to old for the part.

Hi Doc!  It's so wonderful to hear from you again!!  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! I went to the midnight show of Breaking Dawn (BD)  Nov 17/18th and loved it!  I've been to see it 2 x s now. I think each movie was a steady improvement in action, special effects, make-up, music, etc. Yes, I noticed Edward didn't sparkle here too; maybe the DVD versions will add the sparkle before the sale (smile)!  Jasper's hair in BD was the best improvement for his character overall. All the actors' performances were deeper in BD.

I still loved Twilight although it really should have kept to the book more; yet, it's direction was more unusual and experimental; I suppose that this is what really stoked the Twilight furnace sequels!  I plan to see BD a few times more over the next weeks to examine/enjoy different aspects of the movie each time! I'm bothered that a few movie critics have given BD a lukewarm review. Yes, the money you pay for a movie ticket and food isn't a trifling issue and should be respected. Movie criticism has its valuable place when it's not a competition to see who can dish out the worst or best reviews as acts of self-promotion. I think critics forget that the primary purpose of books turned into movies is to please and entertain the masses who chose to read those books in the first place!! Every movie and every actor/actress doesn't have to be an Oscar winning performance or sell more tickets than another movie and its actors/actresses in order to be successful!!  These few critics' overt/covert expectations frustrate me!! What happened to "fun?" That's why I got to the movies!!

Dear Doc, I'm back in your forum after all this time, because I enjoyed Dreaking Down so much last night, and it brought so many memories back to my mind!! You are right when you write that it links to the first movie! Maybe it was the song "American Mouth" at their wedding..but even the short speeches which Jessica, Charlie, Rene, Esme and Edward himself made at the wedding...they made me so emotional!! I think that in general this movie was more penetrated the inner of Bella's character, and her love for Edward..I have always thought that in Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse the real great demonstation of love is Edward's at the end, not Bella's, even though she's the protagonist. While in Breaking Down it's really Bella's love which shines: she's no more a teenager and she descovers her strenght, and her capability of a real mother love. The film showed it well I think and I loved it!! And even Jacob's character was described very beatifully, especially when he leaves Sam's pack, and during his conversations with Bella and Leah.
Thankyou for posting this Doc, I wish you all the best,

I'm probably in the minority but I was disappointed in much of the 'Breaking Dawn 1' movie. The beauty of Ms. Meyer's saga is that she has created a completely unbelievable word in which everything seems natural and believable. However, in BD1 I felt a sense of awkward creepiness that I did not in the second two movies. The relationship between Bella and Edward did not flow or feel natural or was how I imagine a honeymoon for an arranged marriage to be. Like strangers trying too hard to feel a connection. Most of the book is told through Jacob's eyes but that was lacking here.

I believe the dream Bella had on the night before her wedding was a mistake, as I never felt that Bella was ever really afraid of Edward's vampiric nature or of the acts she might commit as a newborn. The movie should have followed the book and shown her dreaming of a baby she felt drawn to protect, despite her fear of its possible bloodlust.

The strongest part, IMO, was the interaction between the wolves. They were very well done and I really liked the way wolf telepathy was demonstrated.

I think this movie was the best yet.They added things that where not in the book and yet I understand why they did it. As we all know in the book there was not a fight seen with the wolfs. That seen made a little more action. I really dont think they protrayed Bella laying there in pain they way it was wrote. I just cant wait to see part 2 but I also hate that it will be over... I want to know how Nesse grows up and how Jakes life will be with her.... I hope that someday Mayers will gives something later on...... Good to see your writing Doc..... 

It (Breaking Dawn 1)---for me--- is the best so far in all the saga.

Because of the new aura in the scenes.It feels like I am finally seeing

the Edward that I visualize when I read the book---so as with the rest of the casts.

The Directors--I guess--- are also averaging respectively also(for me)...


PS.hi doc..i didn't recieve any discussion updates anymore.hope you will send me some...

so I can participate... I really miss doing this. :)  (Your friend Spegs)


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