The Twilight Saga

Huntress -- by Ellie!! and Amy Victoria ~I Am Alice Cullen~ :)

so, characters belong to SM except for the hunters :) MWAHAHAAA. 

this is about a huntress that goes by the name of Aleia, she's the best at what she does. but what happens when she decides that the volturi have gone too far? how many vampires are going to suffer? and how many people will Aleia protect by fighting the volturi? all or none? 


- Aleia [A-lay-uh]

- Silierlight [sill-ee-er-light] (this is a machete developed by the vampire hunters to help them fight the vampires. Aleia has a history of being a little too forceful with the delicate metal, causing splinters or parts of the knife to stay stuck inside the enemy. or she just breaks them. the other hunters take bets on how many she'll break in a year.)

- Ryanet [ryan-ET] (a device used by the hunters to cover their tracks and to make sure no one remembers anything to do with them.)

1. (Written by Ellie!!)

‘Mark my words Aleia, you’ll never get away with this. Ever.’ Aleia laughed softly as she stroked the silierlight machete that rested on her lap. The life of a hunter is a blessed thing, she thought. 

‘Which is a good thing, Felix. I enjoy being chased, but it’s a shame that the one’s chasing me always end up being the hunted. As you found out, not long ago. I don’t like being thought of as weak, Felix, and your actions brought about your own death. So don’t go blaming me about any of this. I’m just doing my job.’ She smiled as him as he called her any names he could think of, all in due time… all in due time; Aleia’s thoughts went haywire as her adrenaline came up to maximum. The best part of a kill was the torture before it.

‘Do you feel remorse for what you’ve done, Felix?’ Her sneer registered in Felix’s mind and the vampire in him sneered the answer back to her.

‘No. Do you feel remorse for what you’ve done, Aleia?’ She slapped him across the cheek, causing a small gash to appear in his skin. Clear venom rolled down the side of Felix’s face.

‘Wrong answer, vampire. And I don’t think you’re in a position to be asking questions right now, do you? And, for the love of god, Felix.. Give me the right answer, or there will be pain.’ Her eyes narrowed into slits as the words left her red lips. 

‘I’m always in a position to ask questions. And I welcome pain.” Aleia pursed her lips and brought the silierlight up to eye height, watching the light from the lamp dance across the smooth surface of the indestructible metal. She stepped forwards and pressed the point against Felix’s neck, enjoying the way the machete caused him to recoil.

‘Scared of a piece of metal? Well that won’t do will it?’ The huntress slit the vampire’s throat and laughed as the venom cascaded down the surface of his skin and was absorbed into his clothes, only to burn  through the fabric before Aleia’s eyes could blink. ‘I hope that cloak wasn’t expensive.’ The silierlight was directed towards the right shoulder this time and Aleia dug deep into the rock-like skin, twisting the large knife to either side. She moved slowly and with all of her strength, making a large cut from his shoulder down to his left hip. Felix struggled against his bonds, feeling weak and helpless as he yelled out in agony at the white hot pain that seared through his broken body. 

‘I thought you welcomed pain, Felix?’ Her voice harboured innocence as she mocked him. ‘Or was that too much pain?’ 

‘JUST GET IT OVER WITH, ALEIA!’ Felix had a loud voice even when speaking normally, so it shocked Aleia when she heard it reverberate around the small room. 

‘Are you trying to burst my eardrum?! And I had you down as the type of person who would endure the worst types of torture and never give out information under intense pain. And now you want to die? I’m afraid I just can’t do that. You see, I’m hoping this will give your masters a warning. The more humans they kill, the more of you die. I’m trying to hit you big. Weaken the whole coven by destroying the strongest first. And none of you will know it’s me until your judgement day comes. Isn’t it a brilliant plan?’ Aleia smiled happily, pleased that she came up with it by herself. Oh, the volturi had heard of vampire hunters, but they had never met any, and they had a brilliant disguise anyway. They were human to the untrained eye, the only thing that told people they were different, were the markings around their waists. The glyphs were a mark of a warrior, a hunter and  a strong will. The hunters were stronger, quicker and more agile than a regular human. Their brain processed things as fast as a vampire’s and their hearing was second to none. They trained in taikwondo, karate, wrestling and judo from the age of three. They were born to hunt, and hunting is what they do best. 

‘Your plan has flaws. You will go down.’ Felix struggled against his bonds again, hissing as the chains tightened around him.

‘Oh, I don’t know about that, Felix. I always get what I want.’ Aleia laughed as she cut Felix again, severing a few of his fingers. ‘Tell me, would your masters miss you if you died?’ She cut of his limbs, the bone slicing cleanly as if made from a soft butter. Aleia took her trusty lighter from her pocket and flicked it a few times, the flame flickered and the light emitted from it was reflected in Aleia’s eyes, symbolising that her very soul was on fire. 

Aleia flicked the lighter again and poured some petrol from a hipflask down Felix’s throat. She dropped a match inside his mouth and watched as he burned from the inside out. 

1.Aleia (Written by Ellie!!) {Main page}

2.Aro (Written by Ellie!!) {Page 1}

3.Alice (Written by Ellie!!) {Page 1}

4.Embry (Written by Amy) {page 1} 

5.Marcus (Written by Amy) {Page 4}

6.Aleia (Written by Ellie!!) {Page 5}

7.Jemma (Written by Amy) {Page 5}



^ this is Jemma from post number 4 :)




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thanks Cassie, i'm glad you enjoyed it!!!
you did spell it right! :D i'm actually amazed at your dedication to TRA, i've not seen anyone so eager to read about seth and alexya! :)

and i'm halfway through the next chapter on here, you'll be glad to know :D
I have to stop replying with this account... LOL
Aleia left the human they had employed to clear up the ashes left in the cell where she had kept the guard from the Volturi; there was also another vampire in the cells… but she wasn’t quite ready to do anything with her yet. She wanted information so the fun would have to come later. The human was called Natasha, in return for her services they would protect her and her family. Natasha knew about the vampires which was the main reason she was willing to work for Aleia, to protect her children and relatives.
As she stared into the fire she had made in the woodland area, outside her VHHQ for this area, Aleia found her thoughts wondering to the other kids that were in her stage at the training centre in New Zealand. Juliet. Paris. Phoenix. Ruben. Ebony. Brianna. Kyle. Romeo. Aleia and the others were all in the same training group; the group they would stay in for their lifetime. The group all worked in Italy, Juliet and Paris worked in the North, Phoenix and Ruben worked in the East, Ebony and Brianna worked in the South and Kyle and Romeo worked in the West. Then there was Aleia, she was slap bang in the middle of the country, and usually, hunters worked in pairs to make sure they had each others back. But Aleia’s partner had been murdered by some sort of animal a few months before.
Aleia didn’t mourn after the first few days when she got the news; her training as a hunter taught her that mourning was a presentation of weakness. So after the first few days, she got on with her life, she removed all of the pictures of her soon-to-be-husband. She hardly remembered that his name was Leo. But she was able to concentrate on her job better when he was gone. There was a sadness deep inside her though… very deep that it only came to the surface once in a blue moon. The revenge she craved was so much more that she sometimes couldn’t even remember why she wanted revenge against an animal she didn’t even know anything about. According to the hunter hierarchy the claw marks were far too big for the animals that dwelled in the forest in Forks where Leo was obviously too excited by being chased that he didn’t notice the animal getting closer… and closer… and closer until BAM. And Leo was with the hunters in the sky. You could make a song out of that, Aleia thought, her eyes being drawn to a cufflink on the coffee table. It had belonged to Leo and she was reminded of him when she looked at it… yet the size of it made it easy to ignore. She hadn’t looked at it since she found it under the sofa.


Leo walked through the upstairs rooms, himself and Aleia were going out for a neighbourhood party tonight. They had been invited by the Jones’s next door. Which was, coincidently, the family that Natasha came from. But it was a themed party, and it was Hollywood black-tie. Leo never liked wearing suits, a pair of tracksuit bottoms and a polo top was all he needed. And he was beginning to think he was never made to wear a suit anyway.. He had lost one of the cufflinks Aleia had bought him for his birthday last month. God knows why she bought them, Leo found himself thinking, it’s not as if she’s ever actually seen me in anything but tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt.
“Leo! Get yourself down here! We’re late already!” Aleia tapped her foot on the wooden floors downstairs, her impatience growing with every millisecond. She was dressed in a blood red evening gown with black lace detail on the edge of the shoulder. It fell like a waterfall around her, rippling with the slightest provocation.

Leo’s breath caught when he saw her, a shining angel sent back from heaven. She was merciful… beautiful… kind… feisty. Anything Leo could ever want in a partner; and a wife.
‘I’ve lost one of the cufflinks..’ She smiled slightly and shook her head, handing Leo a velvet box.
‘I’m prepared for anything. Now just because I’m giving you these, does not mean you don’t have to find the other one, okay?’ Aleia chuckled and walked out of the door, her hips swaying as she went. Leo found himself watching her with wonder, he didn’t think he deserved such a gentle, caring person.
As Leo walked out the living room, he missed the fact that his foot had kicked the lost cufflink under the sofa as he began walking. It would not be found for weeks. By then, he wouldn’t be able to wear them.

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Jemma looked down at the bump that protruded from her stomach once again, she’d been awake hardly an hour and yet she’d glanced down more times than she cared to think about. Again her mind flashed back to last night, the way Embry had run, the howl and the sob that had escaped from her chest as she had realised the lie that he had been feeding her for the past year. She had loved him, still did love him, and she hated herself for it, she’d known the man less than a year, how could she let herself get that way, she was going to end up like her mother, the one thing she had promised herself she would never do.

Her mother had been a drunk, an angry confused woman who shouted a lot and cried even more, never seen without a glass of gin or passed out on the sofa, the only time she ever looked peaceful. She was a scared abused woman and she had turned to the drink as soon as it had stopped, she needed a violent outlet, it was a sad endless circle of despair and Jemma had been caught in the middle of it. Jemma’s father had been a bully, a vicious spiteful man who had abused his wife and many times had turned on his only daughter as an outlet to his rage. He had left when Jemma was seven. For the first few months it was the greatest thing that had happened to the small child, no more fights, no more questions asked by neighbours, teachers and even friends about the bruises that would arise on her cheek, the bloody nose that she would arrive to school with, all of that was over.

But then came the drinking.

Then the perfect home life she had dreamed of disappeared, now instead of the questions about bruises and bloody noses there were the questions about the lack of lunch, the deep creases in her obviously un-ironed skirt, and the smell of drink, the endless smell of drink, that clung to Jemma despite her best efforts. And that was how life had continued, month after month, year after year, until it became the norm in the strange dysfunctional household that she had no choice but to cling to for stability.

Then came Embry, happy, bright, gorgeous Embry and Jemma couldn’t resist, he liked her, her out of everybody he could have picked, he picked strange downtrodden Jemma, and she was thrilled. He was her way out of the vicious circle she called life, and she had fallen head over heels for him, nobody had even paid any attention to her before and here was this man, loving Embry. Embry who came from this little far-off reservation, La sounded so exotic, yet so beautiful and quaint and quiet, she had wanted to leave so soon, leave for La Push, for Forks, even Port Angeles, anywhere. But no, he had refused, and now she understood why, he had a secret; a strange mysterious secret that she knew existed but had no idea at what hideous skeletons lurked in Embry’s closet, buried deep in his brain.

She massaged the bump with her hands once more, what was the man she loved hiding, there was something wrong with him, something that he didn’t want the woman he was supposed to love to know. It had been eating away at her all night, she had barely slept, worry had swept over her quickly and had escalated as he didn’t come back, now it was seven in the morning and he still hadn’t returned, something was wrong, something huge, and Jemma was determined to find out.

Then her water broke.


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ok umm iam a new reader(:
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Sorry.... been so swamped with being a good Beta....have not had time to comment...

I loved the last two chapters...
I was so sad when she recalled her story about that who Embry killed accidentally, but now if you know he was a Hunter...then he would have probably killed Embry??? So he did the right thing???

Poor Jemma....I so understand where she is coming from...daddy died when I was 8, and that is when mom started drinking...and it was not good...I so know how she feels.

I could not wait to get out of there, but luckily or unluckily...she took off right after I turned 16, and my sister took me in until I finished highschool and I met my wonderful husband my senior year, so his mom and dad are my mom and dad and they are the best! I am very lucky!! I want Embry to take care of her the best he can, maybe she could imprint on another wolf and they could community raise the baby...too much?? too weird?? Huh.....

As far as Jemma verses Aleia...I am still on the fence....I do think, of course, he should do the right thing by Jemma and take care of her and their baby...

But if Embry ends up imprinting on Aleia...then wow!! What a mess!! We will just have to wait and see, huh!!!!

And her water broke.....Embry better get his booty back and be there for the birth of their baby!

Please update soon!

Wendy D
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