The Twilight Saga

I am getting spammed with emails from the community. How can I fix this?

Go to "my settings" on the right side of your page (it is below the
"my friends" and "sign out" links). Go to "Email" on the left side.
Uncheck everything that you do not want to receive notifications for.
Also click "clear my follow list" (It's a box with those words
inside). OR, if you do not wish to receive any email notifications,
click the last box, "None, I don't want to receive emails from the
official Twilight community." Make sure you click "Save" before you
leave the page. If you're getting email notifications for every thread
started and discussion, click on the forum tab and at the bottom of
the page click the “stop notifying” link. Then, go to the top - where
you see 'view' and a drop-down box, change the box to sort the forum
by “discussions”. Next, go to the bottom of the page and click the
“stop notifying” link there.

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But then that would mean loosing half of my friends, and I have like 495 friends, and I don't wan't to have to go to every single page and block their e-mails....?
Sometimes that's the only option. I used to have 80 friends, and now I only have 45, most of them are gone because I blocked them.

Or, you can tell them "Don't Send me Chainmail".
Report them to us and we'll send them a warning.
click 2 recieve no emails at all from the twilight saga
Oh. I Just Answered My Own question..
i need to ask A question


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