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I can cullenize anyone who wants it done. I can do any color you want except black white brown or program will not allow shaded colors, and honestly it doesn't turn out that well.The picture needs to be a nice size...the bigger the better. I know these pictures aren't exactly how the cullen's eyes look but I didn't intend on them looking that way. I will work on the gold to make it more of a gold than a green. Please make sure the picture is clear and not blurry, it also helps if it is a picture of your face. If I do a picture like doesn't look that good. If you want your picture done...reply the picture to me and what you want done and i will usually have it done in an hour. Its first come first serve, and i will reply the picture back to you. If I see that someone has posted my picture on a website and claimed it as their own, i will close down this discussion. I will not have my work stolen. If you like this discussion, please check out my other discussion on wheather I look like Kristen Stewart and vote for me. Also, I have no claim to the pictures nor did I take them. I found the pictures and added coloring to certain parts of their faces. Thank are some of my pics.



Ashley Greene-Make up, eyes, and lips done here


Robert Pattinson-Eyes


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart-Eyes, Skin, and Kristen's bloody lip


Jackson Rathebone-Eyes


Peter Facinelli-Eyes


Kellan Lutz-Eyes


Nikki Reed-Eyes, Lips and Eye Shadow


Kristen Stewart-Eyes


Megan Fox-Dress


Lady Gaga-Eyes, and Face Make up


Kristen Stewart-Eyes, Make up, Lips

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Hay can you do the bottom pic with the yellow eyes please he is having a fit lol (the one in the monster jams shirt)
i can do all of it for you but can you make the first three pictures bigger....its kinda hard to do the eyes if they are small pics like those...and they look like i just placed a red dot over the will look better if they are bigger
here is the trace cyrus one

here you go

Can you do this one. Its the pic we are going to have at our wedding this Saturday and would love for it to be done up for it PLEASE!! You can do the eyes ether red or gold. He thinks he is more like a wolf if that helps :) Email me when you have it done if you dont mind THANK YOU SO MUCH

Thank you SOOO much.
can u make the pic bigger?
hope you like them

I'm sorry to everyone who is waiting on their pics but my computer has become infected with a virus...i will have to completely clean out my computer and reboot it. im sorry but i probably wont be on for the rest of the week but i will get your pictures done. thanks for your patience.
i cant do black white or brown or grey im sorry


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