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I can't find my post. Where has it gone?
There are several reasons why a post may not be where you originally
put it. The first, and most common reason is that it was a duplicate
post, meaning a thread was created already by someone else on the
exact same topic and the moderators removed yours because of this.
Make sure to use the “search” function at the top of the forums before
making a post. Just taking an extra few moments to see if someone else
has created a thread, will not only save time for the moderators, but
it will save you the confusion when you wonder where your post went.
The second most common reason for a post not being where you left it
is that it was posted in the wrong section. For example, you want to
find other members going to the same concert as you. If you post it in
the “General” section, more than likely it will get moved to the
“Twilight” section. You can always click on “my discussions” at the
top of the page to find the most recent posts you have made. The third
reason why your post may be missing is that it violated the rules.
Please take a moment to read the rules. If you haven’t read the rules,
it won’t save your post from being deleted. The rules apply to the
entire community, including personal pages, groups and the forums. We
want everyone to have fun, but the community is owned by the official
Twilight community and violation of the rules will result in the
administrators taking appropriate action (including warnings, deleted
content, a temporary or permanent ban).

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May not be right - but I heard that after a certain amount of time, if its had no activity, they delete them. But... Thats just what I heard...
Yes - the mods do a clean up once a week and they delete inactive threads as part of the clean up.
Every time I log back in to this forum my discussion post keep going down even the one I started and there was reply’s??? I had 33 posts and now I down to 17!!! I don’t think it is fair that you can just delete people posts and not tell them??? My post we’re not offensive and well with in the guidelines!!!! x
okay. i had a story, nothing like anyone else, and suddeny, its not there. it was not inactive. i looked everywhere, its not moved. and it never, ever, broke one. single. rule.
can u plz get sparkling sun bck.:((
If it was a fan-fic, it was deleted with the rest of them. Once something is deleted, it's gone for good.
We deleted all fan-fics and role plays off of the forum a few days ago. The forum is now for discussion only. All fan-fics are to be posted in the Fan-fiction group and no where else.
Where is the fan-fiction group? I tried to find it. It's probably right under my nose, but I didn't see it.
I posted a fanfic yesterday, and it got delted. There was nothing inappropriate and no curse words, so I don't know why it got delted. I put it in off-topic, I think. Why was it deleted?
it needs to be in the fan fic group
Help! I made about 6 discussions and when I logged on today they were all gone? What can I do??
What were they called? They may have been considered spam or repeats.


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