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Emerald Lea Lahote

Emerald is your typical girl. She is twenty three and has two children, Jason and Emily.

Before she had Emily, Emerald was with her parents and Jason. Her best friend Eric had abandoned her when he found out she was pregnant.

So Emerald lived, had her son and stayed with her parents, still hurting from losing her best friend.

But when Emerald goes shopping for groceries she runs into Eric and he imprints on her. Since then she has been through a lot, with how Eric treated her, how her dad handled it, and how she lives through it.

Emerald is now married to Eric, and that's when her second child came along, and all in her life is going well, that is until Embry comes along and imprints on Emily, Emerald and Eric's daughter.

Emerald has a full life, and not one day goes by where something big, be it bad or good, happens.

Emerald loves her life and wouldn't trade it for anyone.


Emerald | Twenty Six | Married to Eric Two Kids | Taken By Rebekah


Eric Jake Uley

Eric is the son of San and Emily, and the biological father of Emily, step fathering Jason.

His parents raised him to think that sex before marriage is a sin, let alone getting pregnant.

So when Emerald gets pregnant with Jason, Eric abandons her, and lets her do it alone with no help, when Jason's dad want's nothing to do with him.

He was alone, dating Macie, now a wolf, having a good life, but part of him still misses Emerald.

When he runs into Emerald, while going grocery shopping, he finds out that he will miss Emerald a whole lot more if he's away for to long. He imprinted.

So now he has his own child and is married to Emerald, seeing Jason as his own son, and has a daughter. What else could he ask, until his parents start bugging to see Emily, and not Emerald or Jason.

Eric keeps trying to tell his parents that Emerald and Jason are part of his family also, and if they want to see Emily so much, they will see Emerald and Jason also.

He know's the only reason that his parents want to see Emily so much is that she is blood, and Jason isn't.

Things aren't going his way lately, especially when Embry imprints on Emily.

Eric | Twenty Seven | Married to Emerald | One Kid | Taken By Skylar


Jason Kyle Lahote

Jason is the innocent boy who's father left him before he was born. All he knows is that Emerald's ex boyfriend is his dad, but Emerald wont tell him who.

He is now a big brother and loves his sister, but likes playing alone, which his sister wont let him do that much.

He's a big mommy's boy, and loves Eric, seeing Eric as his own dad. He is a good boy.

Jason | Five | To Young | One Parent | Taken By Skylar

^ Picture from racheldevine (dot) com 

Emily Rachel Lahote-Uley

Emily, the newest, youngest happiest member in the family. She doesn't understand much of what's going on with the family drama.

She love playing, and copying her brother, and playing with her brother.

She want's to play, and knows she has a new friend to play with, but doesn't know why Embry come's around so much.

She is a happy girl, and named after both her grandmothers.

Emily | Two | To Young | Two Parents | Taken By Rebekah

Picture from breakingdawnmovie (dot) org ^

Paul Alex Lahote

Paul, the hothead of La Push, s proud husband, father and grandfather.

Most of the time with Jason, Paul didn't think he would get another grandchild, then Emily came.

Paul is very protective of his daughter and grandchildren, and no one will want to hurt them, since, like mentioned before, Paul is the hothead

Paul is also a loyal kind hearted guy, if he likes you.

Paul | Forty Eight | Married To Rachel | One Kid | Taken by Skylar

Rachel Kate Black

Rachel is the wife, mother and grandmother in here, and still looking quite young.

She, in ways, can be much worse than Paul, when it comes to attitude, but that's because she cares about her family.

Paul learns many times how she can be when she's angry, and she often finds many ways to get mad. 

She's a kind woman, and reasonable, if she likes you.

Rachel | Forty Seven | Married To Paul | One Kid | Taken by Rebekah

Embry Kyle Call

Embry just came in, and imprints on Emily. Paul and Eric aren't to pleased. He kept phasing until he imprints, not expecting her to be so young.

Now you reading this, don't freak, he's a friend to Emily at first.

He's also there to protect her at all costs, and wont let anyone hurt her, just another person there, protecting little Emily.

He's just a funny guy, who seemed to come into the family.

Embry | Thirty Two | Imprints On Emily | No Kids | Taken By Skylar

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Eric-I decided to go back be way on the more protective side

Emily was sleeping.

Eric-Once we got home, I took her out and held her into my arms. I went inside and locked the door, then took her upstairs

Embry-I was in the forest, listening in on Eric

Emily was sleeping.

Eric-I lied her down and tucked her in, then I sat at the edge of the bed-making sure Embry wouldn't come do something else

Emily slept.
Emerald walkes to the door of the girls room, looking at Eric sitting there. "Something up?" She asks, leaning against the door frame.

Eric-I turned around, walking over to Emerald. "Embry."

Emily was sleeping.

Emerald nods, while looking at him. "Well, Jessica needs to go to bed too." She said, and before he could reply. "Everyone knows how you can be when you get protective. No one else can go in the room, because for some crazy reason, you think that person will give information away to whoever you are not liking. Jordan's sleeping, Jason's at my brothers, should be back any time. But Jessica needs to go to bed." She says. "And when she's in bed, you can explain what happened." She smiles softly, before looking down behind her.

Jessica walked up behind her mom, still in her day clothes, yawning, as she rubbed her eyes. "No bed." She says.

Eric-"Jessica, you have to go to bed sometime." I picked her up in my arms and twirled her around. I smiled at her and kissed her cheek. "If you go to bed, I'll read you a bedtime story." I looked at her, wondering if this would work

Jessica laughed, smiling. But shook her head. "No." She said. "No bed."

Emerald watched, smiling slightly. Emily was like that when she was two, wouldn't surprise me that Jessica is. The boys aren't, which is why it's been my job to get the boys to sleep, and yours, the girls. Have fun. I'll be in the den." She says, before walking out of the room.

Eric-I looked at Emerald, and smiled. "Alright." I looked at Jessica, "I'll give you some chocolate milk if you go to bed." I put her in my lap after I sat down on the edge of the bed.

Jessica shook her head. "No bed." She says, looking at him. She then attempted crossing her arms.


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