The Twilight Saga

I Love You! Even More that I Imprinted on You (Flashforward of I Hate You! But...I Imprinted on You)

10 years Later

Emerald Lea Lahote

Emerald is your typical girl. She is thirty three and has two children, Jason and Emily.

Before she had Emily, Emerald was with her parents and Jason. Her best friend Eric had abandoned her when he found out she was pregnant.

So Emerald lived, had her son and stayed with her parents, still hurting from losing her best friend.

But when Emerald goes shopping for groceries she runs into Eric and he imprints on her. Since then she has been through a lot, with how Eric treated her, how her dad handled it, and how she lives through it.

Emerald is now married to Eric, and that's when her second child came along, and all in her life is going well, that is until Embry comes along and imprints on Emily, Emerald and Eric's daughter.

Emerald has a full life, and not one day goes by where something big, be it bad or good, happens.

Emerald loves her life and wouldn't trade it for anyone.


Emerald | Thirty three | Married to Eric Five Kids | Taken By Rebekah


Eric Jake Uley

Eric is the son of San and Emily, and the biological father of Emily, step fathering Jason.

His parents raised him to think that having kids before marriage is a sin, let alone getting pregnant.

So when Emerald gets pregnant with Jason, Eric abandons her, and lets her do it alone with no help, when Jason's dad want's nothing to do with him.

He was alone, dating Macie, now a wolf, having a good life, but part of him still misses Emerald.

When he runs into Emerald, while going grocery shopping, he finds out that he will miss Emerald a whole lot more if he's away for to long. He imprinted.

So now he has his own child and is married to Emerald, seeing Jason as his own son, and has a daughter. What else could he ask, until his parents start bugging to see Emily, and not Emerald or Jason.

Eric keeps trying to tell his parents that Emerald and Jason are part of his family also, and if they want to see Emily so much, they will see Emerald and Jason also.

He know's the only reason that his parents want to see Emily so much is that she is blood, and Jason isn't.

Things aren't going his way lately, especially when Embry imprints on Emily.

Eric | Thirty Seven | Married to Emerald | Five Kids | Taken By Skylar




Jason Kyle Lahote

Jason is currently in his second year of grade twelve from a misunderstanding of his time table. So it said he was two credits short, so he is taking only one more semester of grade twelve to catch up, so he can graduate.

He has met his birth father only once since he came to his mom, demanding to get to know him. Jason, not knowing it was his father stood up for his mom since Eric was not there and it scared his father away, since his father thought it was someone who his mom was dating. Jason still does not know that that man was his birth father since his mom chose not to tell him for his safety.

He is protective of Emily and Jessica since he is the big brother, and even though his dad, Embry and Seth are there, Jason seems to think he needs to be there to protect his sisters also, so they don't get hurt.

Jason | Nineteen | None yet | One Parent | Taken By Skylar


Emily Rachel Lahote-Uley

Emily is still sweet but has the attitude of a teenage girl since she is one. She does well in all her classes except grade ten History which is what she was in. Being in grade ten, she has past all her grade nine courses and passing the ones she is in right now. But failing History. Her parents don't know her mark, and she fears telling them, fear of getting grounded.

Her and Danny, her on/off boyfriend since kindergarten are not dating at the moment, and she can tell that Embry is happy they aren't. Embry is the reason her and Danny cant work it out, since Danny has always had trust issues, he doesn't like her hanging out with Embry much. Emily still does, since Embry is her closest friend she has, and won't drop him like Danny does all the time. No one in her family agrees with her when she gets back together with Danny.

Emily | Sixteen  | |Embry's Imprint| |Two Parents | Taken By Rebekah

Paul Alex Lahote

Paul, the hothead of La Push, s proud husband, father and grandfather.

Most of the time with Jason, Paul didn't think he would get another grandchild, then Emily came.

Paul is very protective of his daughter and grandchildren, and no one will want to hurt them, since, like mentioned before, Paul is the hothead

Paul is also a loyal kind hearted guy, if he likes you.

Paul | Fifty Eight | Married To Rachel | One Kid | Taken by Skylar

Rachel Kate Black

Rachel is the wife, mother and grandmother in here, and still looking quite young.

She, in ways, can be much worse than Paul, when it comes to attitude, but that's because she cares about her family.

Paul learns many times how she can be when she's angry, and she often finds many ways to get mad. 

She's a kind woman, and reasonable, if she likes you.

Rachel | Fifty Seven | Married To Paul | One Kid | Taken by Rebekah


Embry Kyle Call

Embry has watched Emily grow, and is impressed with how not only how she has grown physically, but mentally with the typical teenage girl attitude. The attitude is mainly directed at him and Eric and Emerald.

He had just gotten trusted enough to babysit her when Eric and Emerald go out, to having to be supervised again, not even six months after. Eric's reasons, Emily is a teenage girl now and being a teenage girl comes hormones, which Embry might not be able to stop if they are aimed at him. So Eric has it where Embry needs someone in the house when he is over. He is trusted enough to pick her up from school and bring her to the mall since in society's eyes it is not legal for them to romantically date. So he is seen as her driver in public.

Embry | Fourty Two | Imprints On Emily | No Kids | Taken By Skylar






Jessica Ashley Lahote-Uley

Jessica is one of the twins-with her twin brother Jordan. She was born two minutes after Jordan, and is always bossed around by him. It doesn't work.

She is a daddy's girl and it is obvious to everyone how much she has her dad wrapped around her finger. Not that her dad minds.

Her and Jordan don't get along fully with Emily or Jason, but when they do, it's something you wanna see, since it is so rare.

Jessica | Twelve | Seth's Imprint | No Kids | Taken By Rebekah


Jordan Ashton Lahote-Uley

Jordan is one of the twins-with his twin brother Jessica.

No body has imprinted on him yet, and he doesn't care. When he gets older though, he will have the werewolf gene like his dad and grandfather did.

He is the older twin, and tries to use it against Jessica all the time by bossing her around and what not. It doesn't work, and he often gets in trouble for it. Being a twelve year old boy, that doesn't stop him.

Jordan | Twelve | None | No Kids | Taken By Skylar



Seth Ryan Clearwater

Seth is still around, protecting and caring for Jessica.

He imprinted on Jessica when she was a toddler, and now he's more like a brother friend to her. He makes sure she is okay and well protected.

He still struggles with the rules, that have applied with Embry and Emily for many years now, and he wonders when the rules will be lifted.

He does all in his power to make sure Jessica is happy, and protected. He puts Jessica before everyone else.

He doesn't visit as much, since he is still made to patrol and his sister still has to control him, telling him when he can and can't leave and what not.

His main focus is and always will be Jessica.

Seth | Twenty-Nine | Imprints on Jessica | No Kids | Taken By Skylar

Blair Mackenzie Smith

Childhood friend of the la push kids till she moved away. Move back on her own after her parents disown her for no reason. She is a good singer and cosplayer.

Blair | Eighteen | Single | No Kids | Taken By Roman Cullen


Full Name:


Age|Single/Imprints on/Dating|Kids|Taken By
Full Name:Anastasia June Call

Bio:She is the cousin to Embry Call. Shes lived in New York since she ran away from LaPush at 16. She is doing her last year of high school. She skipped 8th grade because she was so smart. She was in her math class when she saw Jason. She knew right away that she imprinted on him

18 /Imprints on Jason |Taken By ♥THERE IS NO ONE LIKE US♥

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Seth-"Give me a chance."

Eric-"I have!"

Jason-I looked back at her, then followed her inside

Emerald watched, then looked at Eric. "Eric. Seth did about as much wrong as you did. Get frusterated. Everyones frusterated with what happened, and its coming out differently." She says, closing her eyes.

Cassie looked at him, before looking down.

Eric-"Your right Emerald." I looked at Seth and sighed. "I'm sorry Seth, I didn't mean to raise my voice at you like that."

Seth-"It's fine, I know that you just want to protect her."

Jason-"Cass..." I looked at her.

Cassie shook her head. "She did that, to get out of school? Jason, when the doctors find that out, they'll want to do tests on her, see if she has any kind of mental disorder. And if she does, depending on what it is, whoevers in her life, will have to make sure she remains calm, so she doesn't do something like this again." She says, looking up at him.

Emerald looked at them, then over to Jessica, noticing something. "How long have you been awake Jessica?" She asks.

Jessica opened her eyes, looking at them. "Since daddy and Seth started arguing about what happened, before you made Seth go for a walk to calm down." She says, acting like nothing happened. She seemed to have no concern, with how what she did effected others. Like she would do it all over again, without second thoughts, even if it hurt her family. She sounded bored. Not scared like a twelve year old would be, but bored.

Jason-I nodded, "She's always did that, ever since she was younger. And Dad would always give in to her. He thought maybe if he did, she wouldn't be mad at him or not talk to him." I sighed. "I hope that she doesn't have a mental disorder but honestly I don't know. I don't know what will happen to her, or them, or even us for that matter."

Seth-I walked over to her, and held her hand again. "Jess how do you feel?"

Eric-I looked at Jessica, not knowing what to say or do. I looked over at Emerald, then back at Jessica. She seemed like she wasn't even concerned...which was odd. I started to worry, that if she hurt herself in order to get what she wants, she'll keep doing it. Over, and over again. And I couldn't stop it, because either I let her continue to get what she wants or hurt herself to get it if I say no.

I'm kind of creating a story line for Jessica, if you haven't figured out.
cassie looked at him, nodding slowly. She looked down. "What if, she does?" She asks. "What would happen then? Is everything going to change when it comes to her?" She asks, looking at him.

Jessica shrugged, closing her eyes. "I don't know." She says. "Tired." She opens her eyes, She then looked at her dad. "I told you I wasn't going." She says.
Emerald looked at him, before turning to look at Jessica, frowning. "Jessica." She says. "Everything okay?"

Oh well I didn't realize it but I guess in someway I kinda did if that makes sense, I don't know but that's pretty cool lol

Jason-I looked up at her and shook my head. "I don't know, I think it will though. If she is diagnosed with a mental disorder I doubt my parents will let her out of their sight."

Seth-I stroke my hand through her hair softly, looking at her. "You've had a long day."

Eric-I walked over to Emerald's side. I did this, it was my fault that Jessica is like this. It's all my fault

Cassie sighed. "She hasn't even hit her teenage years, ifbthats the case, she'll only get worse." She says. "Its not going to work out."

Jessica looked at them. And yawned. "No. I'm just tired." She says.
Emerald looked up at him.
Doctor: Walks in. "Miss. Jessica Uley?"

Jason-"What's not going to work out?" I looked at her, with concern

Eric-I looked over to the Doctor coming in, "Yeah, she's our daughter." I said, nervous now.

Seth-I looked up over to the doctor, then back at Jessica. "You should get some sleep." I whispered into her ear.

Cassie looked at him. "Keeping them in her sight. Think about this. Teenagers don't like being hovered over. Did you like it when your mom hovered over you, especially when you had friends over? And think, your step dads going to be that much worse. It will make her worse, if you parents hover over her," She says.

Jessica shook her head, and looked at the doctor. "He wants to know what happened. I didn't want to go to school. My dad said I had to. I made sure I didn't have to. Simple as that." She says.
Doctor: He looks at the girls parents. "May I speak with you both privately?"

Jason-I looked at her, biting my lip. "All I wanted was for us to be at least a normal family as possible. And that my sister was going to be protected and have a normal fun childhood..."

Eric-I nodded, "Of course." I looked at Seth, and he nodded. We headed outside the room and closed the door.

Seth-"So Jess, what do wanna do? Tell a story, draw a picture...?" I asked, trying to get her mind off of things.

Jessica looked at him, not answering. She just looked at him, silently.

Cassie looked at him, then hugged him. "There is no 'normal.' Normal is asking everyone to be like them. No ones the same." She says. She then pulled back, and looked up at him. "And she'll be protected, she'll be loved. Sshe'll lead the best life she can. What's more to ask? Its what we all do." She says.

Doctor: "I would like to so some, tests. No normal child would stab themselves. I would like to run some tests, emotional, behavioral, just to see her mental stability.


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