The Twilight Saga

A/N This is a story about Emmett Cullen, and his love interest when he was human. What happens when his love interest finds him when Emmett's a vampire?


Chapter 1 Heartbreak Love Song (Emmett's POV)


"Babe, it's okay, trust me." I grabbed my girl friend Ashley's waist, as we jumped off the cliff into the water; she screamed as I laughed at her, we hit the water soon enough. When I came up, Ashley was already half way to the shore; I swam after her, I caught her leg as I pulled her back to me.


"EM!" She laughed, as she put her legs around my waist, and her arms around my neck; she kissed my lips softly, as it started raining on us in the water.


"Race ya Ash?"


"You're on my love." She said as she took off swimming away from me. I swam quickly after her, she beat me to the shore by a full 4 seconds; but just as I was about to grab her to kiss her; her brother Jared pulled up to the beach.


"Ash! It's time to go home!" She waved goodbye, as she got into the car, see the year is 1935, I am dating the most richest girl in Gatlinburg, Ashley Nova; but Ashley doesn't act like that what so ever. I began to walk home in my soaking wet clothes, I took a short cut through the woods; I quickly turned around when I heard the sound of a twig snap... There was a 9 foot black bear, standing over me with his mouth wide open; I tried running away, but the bear grabbed me..... 


Chapter 2 When Your Gone (Ashley's POV)


My boyfriend Emmett McCarty has been declared...gone. My soul went with him, when he left me there at the beach, I thought I'd be able to see him again; but no....... I wish I would've properly gotten to say goodbye to him, but all I did was wave; I will never, ever get to see my Emmett's smile, his dimples ever again.........................................


2 Days later......


"Ash! Come here please!" Jared screamed, see Jared's changed since he came back from college, he has golden eyes instead of his dark blue ones.


"Yes brother?" His eyes weren't golden anymore, they were a fiery bright red; he lunged at me, I soon felt something being taken out of me... But out of nowhere, a huge reddish brown colored wolf type thing came through the door tearing Jared off of me; after I saw the wolf rip apart Jared; Victoria, Jared's girlfriend came through the door smirking at me.


"Welcome to this life of burning H**l." She sneered, as I looked back at the wolf, I watched it go back to a human, it was my father's best friend, Ephraim.


"Ashley, it'll be okay I promise." He picked me up, running out the door; then what seemed like fire erupted into my body, making me go into convulsions.


"Ephraim where are we going?" I questioned through clenched teeth.


"La Push."




A/N Does this seem like a good start? Sorry, it's so short, I just needed to know...

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Thanks :-) If you wanna Update you request me Please
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great update, this story is so good.  I can't wait to read your next update!
Thanks(: <3

Chapter 5 Welcome To The Jungle (Emmett's POV)


"Ashley will you go out with me... Again?" I asked Ashley, it has been 5 days since that W***e left, which I'm very happy about. (:


"Of course Emmett." I replayed that moment in my head for yesterday over and over again.. Ashley and Bella are like best friend's now, Ashley's going to be living with us in about a week, but right now, Ashley is playing chess with Edward.


"Ashley how are you beating me!" Edward said surprised, everyone came over to watch then... Ashley had the most black chess pieces, oh my god... Someone might actually beat Edward.... Oh my god...



A/N sorry it's so short :/

New reader!! I love it!! it was great! post more soon and yeay i'm first to reply xD *LOL

post more soon love it!!!


Thanks ! ;D
hey! this story is soo cool!!!

i love it!

keep posting :)

"Ashley how are you beating me!" Edward said surprised, everyone came over to watch then... Ashley had the most black chess pieces, oh my god... Someone might actually beat Edward.... Oh my god...


(Continuing on from Chapter 5 :D)


(Ashley's POV)


"YES! Check mate Edward." I screamed, as everyone clapped; and had astonished looks on their faces; I laughed at their faces, as I looked at the time on the clock over by the kitchen area. "C**P, I have to get to school.. Bye, guys!" I gave Emmett a kiss on the cheek; as I ran out into the forest. When I got to my house, I ran upstairs changing my clothes, letting all my-Their was a knock at my door."Hey Jakey." I gave Jake a hug, as he walked in, Jake and I car pool to school everyday.



(Emmett's POV)

I found Ashley's house, it was on our side of the border, but I was aloud onto the rez; so I drove to the La Push High, soon enough all of the kids filed out of the school. So I got out, so Ashley would be able to find me, a girl walked from behind me, and I saw flowing long brown hair, and I immediately knew it was my Ashley... But I wasn't sure, this girl had tattoos, like a lot too.


"Ashley!" Someone called, when the girl turned around, it was confirmed it was my Ashley.


"Holy. C**P." I said, as Ashley walked over. (A/N Ashley's Outfit-



A/N sorry it's so short.... I have a 2 to 3 page essay due... Sorry, hopefully more up by tomorrow(:

"Holy. C**P." I said, as Ashley walked over. (A/N Ashley's Outfit-


Chapter 6 Scream Fire (Ashley's POV)


I turned around, and I was engulfed with my soul mate's scent, I saw what he was staring at... My tattoos. See I have a lyric by Led Zeppelin's song Kashmir, it says 'With Stars to fill my dreams. I am the traveler of both time and space.' wrapping around my right forearm, then I have a set 2 flowers on my ribs, angel wings on my back, a portrait that I drew of Ephraim Black's wolf on my right ankle, and then a dream catcher on my left thigh.


"Hey Em!" I screamed, smiling at him, he blinked a couple times, and then smiled; he hugged me as I waved goodbye to all my friends.


"Hey Ash, what's with all the tattoos?" He questioned opening the car door for me; I waited for him to get in the car, when I started explaining.


"Well every single one has a meaning, one of the flowers is for you on my ribs and then the other one was for my old best friend David, the one that died from a drunk driver, remember him? And then the lyrics around my arm is for a song that I listened to that I dedicated to you, it's Kashmir by Led Zeppelin, then the angel wings on my back was for how I wished I'd rather die then be a vampire, but not now." I smiled and looked over at Emmett, as he grabbed my hand driving. "Then I have a portrait of Ephraim Black's wolf on my right ankle, I drew the picture myself; and then I have a dream catcher on my left thigh to help with my nightmares I usually have..." I looked over at Emmett again, I caught him already looking at me; he leaned in slowly as my lips finally touched Emmett's again... Emmett and I haven't kissed in almost 80 years.


"Wow..." Emmett said pulling away, as I blushed a deep red; as I looked out the wind shield, we were already at my house. "Ashley, I have to tell you something...."



30 Minutes Later....



So here I am, running to the Cullens' baseball clearing with my pack brothers; when we got into the clearing, Emmett's back was turned, so I jumped on his back. He screamed, as I laughed kissing his neck; I jumped down, as Carlisle started explaining to my pack brothers what newborns are, and what not. Finally Jasper asked for volunteers on fighting; I was the first one to raise my hand, I took off my sunglasses, walking up to Jasper. (A/N Ashley's Training Outfit-


"Ashley come at me." Jasper said, as I charged at him, he was almost too fast as he moved out of the way; but I caught his shoulder throwing him down to the ground. Everyone clapped, as Jasper grabbed my foot making me fall to the ground, we were both back up in a split second, trying to get out hands on each other.



A/N Sorry, that's it for now... I need to go type a one page essay for English -.-



Great chapter!!


cant wait it see how things turn out :)


keep up the good work


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