The Twilight Saga

A/N This is a story about Emmett Cullen, and his love interest when he was human. What happens when his love interest finds him when Emmett's a vampire?


Chapter 1 Heartbreak Love Song (Emmett's POV)


"Babe, it's okay, trust me." I grabbed my girl friend Ashley's waist, as we jumped off the cliff into the water; she screamed as I laughed at her, we hit the water soon enough. When I came up, Ashley was already half way to the shore; I swam after her, I caught her leg as I pulled her back to me.


"EM!" She laughed, as she put her legs around my waist, and her arms around my neck; she kissed my lips softly, as it started raining on us in the water.


"Race ya Ash?"


"You're on my love." She said as she took off swimming away from me. I swam quickly after her, she beat me to the shore by a full 4 seconds; but just as I was about to grab her to kiss her; her brother Jared pulled up to the beach.


"Ash! It's time to go home!" She waved goodbye, as she got into the car, see the year is 1935, I am dating the most richest girl in Gatlinburg, Ashley Nova; but Ashley doesn't act like that what so ever. I began to walk home in my soaking wet clothes, I took a short cut through the woods; I quickly turned around when I heard the sound of a twig snap... There was a 9 foot black bear, standing over me with his mouth wide open; I tried running away, but the bear grabbed me..... 


Chapter 2 When Your Gone (Ashley's POV)


My boyfriend Emmett McCarty has been declared...gone. My soul went with him, when he left me there at the beach, I thought I'd be able to see him again; but no....... I wish I would've properly gotten to say goodbye to him, but all I did was wave; I will never, ever get to see my Emmett's smile, his dimples ever again.........................................


2 Days later......


"Ash! Come here please!" Jared screamed, see Jared's changed since he came back from college, he has golden eyes instead of his dark blue ones.


"Yes brother?" His eyes weren't golden anymore, they were a fiery bright red; he lunged at me, I soon felt something being taken out of me... But out of nowhere, a huge reddish brown colored wolf type thing came through the door tearing Jared off of me; after I saw the wolf rip apart Jared; Victoria, Jared's girlfriend came through the door smirking at me.


"Welcome to this life of burning H**l." She sneered, as I looked back at the wolf, I watched it go back to a human, it was my father's best friend, Ephraim.


"Ashley, it'll be okay I promise." He picked me up, running out the door; then what seemed like fire erupted into my body, making me go into convulsions.


"Ephraim where are we going?" I questioned through clenched teeth.


"La Push."




A/N Does this seem like a good start? Sorry, it's so short, I just needed to know...

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I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awwww Emmett is so sweet!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!.... Please don't tell me Seth imprinted on her????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!?????? That will be th end of me!!!!!!!! PPPPLLLLLLEEEEAAASSSSEEEE MORE SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i totally agree.. ahah ashley u know why;) lolololz

love it post more soon!!!!!!




Love it! Please write more soon!

Chapter 11 Sing For The Moment (Alice's POV)


I got done helping Ashley to get dressed, as I helped her walk down the stairs, Bella and Esme were cuddled up on the couch watching a movie. (A/N their Outfits-


"Hey guys, what movie are you watching?" Ashley questioned, as she sat down in the recliner with a blanket cuddled up to her almost immediately; I sat in between Esme and Bella, as I got cuddled up too.


"The Da Vinci Code, it's our favorite movie." Esme and Bella said at the same time as we all laughed; we watched that movie, then it was Ashley's turn to pick the movie. 


"How about 8 Mile?"


"Jasper always watches that movie, but none of us have ever watched it, so yeah." I said as she popped the disk in. It was a movie about the rapper Eminem, about his life in Detroit; by the end of the movie, it ended up being really good, and we all LOVED it.


(Ashley's POV)


After 8 Mile was over, Alice picked out a movie called Paranormal Activity, but the pain killers that Emily gave me they were making me really sleepy.


"Hey guys, I'm really sleepy from the pain killers, I think I'm going to call it a night; good night everyone." I said as I turned over to face the wall.


"Ashley, come on go in Emmett's room, he won't mind." Esme said as I thanked her.


"Thank you Esme, Alice can you help me?" She laughed at me, as she picked me up with my huge skull blanket; she ran up the stairs to Emmett's room, and then laying me on his bed. "Thank you Alice." I smiled, as she waved, and gave me the T.V. remote; I found the punk rock music channel, and turned it on. i then caught sight of the forest through the glass wall; rain was pouring down as usual, but then there was a strike of lighting and it lit up the whole room, it was beautiful, but soon enough I fell asleep to the sound of punk rock and rain heavily hitting the house.



(Emmett's POV)



When we got home from hunting, Bella was on the couch rocking back and forth with her knees up to her chests, while Esme, and Alice were on the ground laughing at her.


"What happened.... Alice?"Edward accused, as Bella saw Edward, and literally ran jumping into his arms. 


"We watched Paranormal Activity." Alice said smiling evilly as Jasper came in; Alice danced over to Jasper as I turned to her.

"Where's Ash?"


"Your room." Edward said, as I ran upstairs to my room; I bursted into the room as I saw Ashley sprawled out on my bed in what looked like her underwear, and a tank top, but she only had the blanket covering the top half of her body, and one leg; but the weird thing was that her tattoo of the dream catcher was out. I wonder why? I covered Ashley up with the blanket, as I went to my bathroom to take a shower, I had bear blood all over me; I thought I looked funny. About 5 minutes I heard the bathroom door open, so I peaked out of the curtain and saw Ashley sitting on the toilet; okay awkward much? 


"Hi Emmett, did you have fun hunting?" She questioned laughing.


"Why yes, yes I did. Haha." I shut the curtain as I heard the toilet flush, and then Ashley washing her hands. "Ash, I'll be in there in like 5 minutes." I said scrubbing the blood off of me, I finally got out of the shower 5 minutes later; and I threw on a pair of boxers and a pair of pajama pants. But when I walked out into the room Ashley was in the same position as she was before, her top half and one leg was covered, and then the leg with her dream catcher on it was out.What the h*ll!



A/N I hope you like it(: Please comment!

LOVED PARANORMAL ACTIVITY!! xD but i think theres some paranormal activity going on in Emmmetts room.. x) that sounded kinda wrong but u kno wut i mean love the chapter
Love it! Can't wait for more!!!!!! :)

Chapter 12 Psycho (Ashley's POV)


I woke up in the morning to the smell of eggs, bacon, sausage, and pancakes, but I looked down to try to find the remote, and I saw my dream catcher leg was covered up. If it was covered up how come I didn't have any bad dreams? Emmett walked into his room then without a shirt on, as I blushed, and wrapped the blanket I brought up stairs last night around me.


"Good Morning Ash, did you sleep well?" He questioned as he came towards me, he gave me a quick kiss on the lips.


"Yes, surprisingly I did, because my dream catcher leg was covered up." I said as Emmett wrapped his arm around my waist, and led me down stairs.


"I was going to ask you about that... Why did you have it out like the whole night?"


"It actually catches all my dreams, if it's not out in the open I have really, really bad nightmares... But last night I didn't have one nightmare, maybe I didn't have it because you were with me? Because remember when we were human, I used to have really bad nightmares when you didn't spend the night with me..."


"Hm, possibly." He said, as we walked into the living room, everyone was sitting there; but then I saw Jacob there with Seth.


"Hey guys, what're you doing here?"


"Esme invited us over for breakfast... Esme for being a bloodsucker that doesn't eat, you sure as h**l can cook." Jake said laughing, as I went into the kitchen with Emmett behind me. I made myself a plate of bacon, eggs, and pancakes, I went to pour myself a glass of milk but before I could Emmett already had done it for me.


"Why thank you my kind sir." I laughed kissing his lips; as we walked into the living room, Emmett sat down on the love seat, as I sat next to him, putting my feet in his lap.


"Ashley, Emily told us we had to come get you for your last fitting for the dress." I could barely understand Seth with how much food he had stuffed in his mouth.


"Oh yeah! I forgot about their wedding which is really bad... Especially since I'm the Maid Of Honor." I said, as everybody laughed at me. "Are you guys going to come to the wedding?" I directed that question towards the Cullens.


"Yes we are, we got the invitation today."

"That's good, it's gonna be at my house." I said, as Jacob and Seth immediately had smiles on their faces, apparently they didn't know it was gonna be at my house.


"It is Ash! Really?" I nodded at how excited this boys were. "Ah! I can't wait now, your house is a complete party house!" Jake screamed as I laughed.

"Why yes, yes it is." Everybody laughed, as I finished my food; I got up to put the dish in the sink, but as I did, I found out Emmett was behind me.He crushed his lips to mine, as he picked me up and put me on the kitchen counter; soon enough he had to break away for me to catch my breath, but Seth then came in and ruined the moment.


"Ashley, no more make out session, Emily's getting pissed." Seth laughed, as he picked me up, and carried me into the living room.


"Why do people like picking me up!"


"Because you always let us..."


"Well stop it please! I'm getting really tired of people always picking me up, it annoys the hell out of me!" I screamed, as I got my Vans on; I said goodbye to the Cullens, as I kissed Emmett's cheek. "I'll be back very soon, hopefully." I ran out of the house then, with Jacob and Seth flowing closely behind me; we arrived at Emily's house in under 5 minutes.


"Ash! Hurry up!" I laughed at Emily, as I ran into the house, and straight to Emily's room; Paul, Sam's best man was in Emily and Sam's room too.


"Hey guys, bye guys." Emily grabbed my bridesmaid dress, as we then went to the guest room; I quickly put on my dress, Emily was very impatient today for some reason. My all black bridesmaid looked beautiful with my white skin tone, it almost made it look even more white then it already is.


"Ashley come on out!" Emily screamed, as I put on my white wedges, and walked out into the living room; as soon as I turned the corner the room full of people gasped, as I blushed deeply. 

"Ashley! You look gorgeous!" Jacob, Seth, Quil, Embry, and Emily all said at the same time as we all busted up laughing.


"Why thank you." I said smiling, as Paul came to stand with me then.


"Look the perfect couple." Everyone laughed, as Emily took pictures of us, but then Paul grabbed my a*s, I pushed him away in a hast, as I went back to the guest room to take my dress off. I put it back in the bag, as I went out super pissed off, I laid the dress on the couch, as I walked over to sit down on the counter next to Jacob. 



Chapter 13 Stairway to Heaven (Emmett's POV)


Ashley invited me to sleep over at her house tonight, since tomorrow is Emily and Sam's Wedding; Emily is sleeping over at Ashley's house. I pulled up to Ash's house, as I saw her front door wide open; so I just walked in.


"Ash!" I screamed, as I was tackled on the ground by a very small figure compared to me.


"Hey Emmy." I laughed at Ashley, as she got off of me, and danced her way to where I heard a song called Down come on; I followed Ashley and saw her, Emily, Alice, and Esme all dancing around in the kitchen.


"What the h**l is going on here?" I questioned laughing.

"I asked Alice, and Esme to come help me set up the wedding while Emily's asleep..." She said laughing, as I sat down watching my soul mate dance....


The Next Day.........................................


(Ashley's POV)


I was woken up by Alice and Esme at 8 a.m. in the morning, when I got to my bathroom Emily was already ready; so now it was just me that has to get ready. See Paul and I are the only ones in Sam and Emily's wedding party, because they trust us the most I guess, I never asked why and neither did Paul; so we never pressed them about it. 


"Okay Esme, please do a lot of curls, and pin some of it up with these diamond clips please, and Alice, the same make up like it was with me, just mascara please." Emily smiled, as I laughed, I sat down in my vanity chair; as I put my I pod in, and drifted off to sleep...


(Emmett's POV)


The boys and I finished setting up the ceremony area, and now we're all seated waiting for the ceremony to start. All of a sudden some almost Irish music started playing, as we looked back towards the stairs, Paul slid down the railing of the stairs, as Ashley followed right after him; when they were both on flat ground, they nodded at each other, as they started dancing their way down the aisle. But then the song changed to With A Little Help From My Friends by the Beatles, Ashley and Paul looked at each other, as they started hanging on each other acting like they were drunk; it was pretty funny, Paul and Ashley walked up the aisle looking drunk, as Paul ran back to the stairs where Sam came down the railing too. Paul picked up Sam as Paul stumbled with Sam in his arms, as Sam fell out of his arms, barely catching his balance as they very drunk looking walked to Ashley. Then the song from last night called Down came on, as Ashley ran to the stairs, Emily came down them dancing, once she got down to the bottom of the stairs, her and Ashley kissed each other cheeks', as they came dancing down the aisle, it was really fun to watch how much all 4 of them were having with each other... But then when they got to the front of the aisle, the music stopped, as I finally got to get a good look at Ashley... (A/N Ashley, and Emily's outfit-


"We are gathered here today to honor these two wonderful people; Sam Uley, and Emily Clearwater......" Ashley then looked at me, and smiled hugely; as we kept looking at each other through out the whole ceremony.


Chapter 14 Nothing On You (Ashley's POV)


It's now the reception; Paul and I were introduced, as we came out dancing to Drop It Like It's Hot, I actually dropped it; as everybody laughed; Sam and Emily then came out walking to Avril Lavigne's song I Love You. We went over to the bridal party table then, I waved at the Cullens, as we were served our dinner; after our dinner, Jake, Sam, Emily, Paul, Quil, Embry, Leah, Sue, Kim, and myself all got up; as we made our way to the middle of the dance floor. 


"Everybody, please turn your heads towards the dance floor. The bride and groom have asked some of their closest friends to come and dance with them for the bride and groom's first dance." The DJ said, as I got with Jacob, he was my partner, we started dancing then, very slowly as the song then changed. (A/N This is what they look like-




A/N I hope you like it, and please comment(:

yeeaahh aha did u do the dance from thee Sun Drop commercial!! xD ahaha tht wood've been HILARIOUS!!

great update but wanted to tell u emilys maiden name was young not clearwater! ;) just wanted u to know!:)



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