The Twilight Saga

A/N This is a story about Emmett Cullen, and his love interest when he was human. What happens when his love interest finds him when Emmett's a vampire?


Chapter 1 Heartbreak Love Song (Emmett's POV)


"Babe, it's okay, trust me." I grabbed my girl friend Ashley's waist, as we jumped off the cliff into the water; she screamed as I laughed at her, we hit the water soon enough. When I came up, Ashley was already half way to the shore; I swam after her, I caught her leg as I pulled her back to me.


"EM!" She laughed, as she put her legs around my waist, and her arms around my neck; she kissed my lips softly, as it started raining on us in the water.


"Race ya Ash?"


"You're on my love." She said as she took off swimming away from me. I swam quickly after her, she beat me to the shore by a full 4 seconds; but just as I was about to grab her to kiss her; her brother Jared pulled up to the beach.


"Ash! It's time to go home!" She waved goodbye, as she got into the car, see the year is 1935, I am dating the most richest girl in Gatlinburg, Ashley Nova; but Ashley doesn't act like that what so ever. I began to walk home in my soaking wet clothes, I took a short cut through the woods; I quickly turned around when I heard the sound of a twig snap... There was a 9 foot black bear, standing over me with his mouth wide open; I tried running away, but the bear grabbed me..... 


Chapter 2 When Your Gone (Ashley's POV)


My boyfriend Emmett McCarty has been declared...gone. My soul went with him, when he left me there at the beach, I thought I'd be able to see him again; but no....... I wish I would've properly gotten to say goodbye to him, but all I did was wave; I will never, ever get to see my Emmett's smile, his dimples ever again.........................................


2 Days later......


"Ash! Come here please!" Jared screamed, see Jared's changed since he came back from college, he has golden eyes instead of his dark blue ones.


"Yes brother?" His eyes weren't golden anymore, they were a fiery bright red; he lunged at me, I soon felt something being taken out of me... But out of nowhere, a huge reddish brown colored wolf type thing came through the door tearing Jared off of me; after I saw the wolf rip apart Jared; Victoria, Jared's girlfriend came through the door smirking at me.


"Welcome to this life of burning H**l." She sneered, as I looked back at the wolf, I watched it go back to a human, it was my father's best friend, Ephraim.


"Ashley, it'll be okay I promise." He picked me up, running out the door; then what seemed like fire erupted into my body, making me go into convulsions.


"Ephraim where are we going?" I questioned through clenched teeth.


"La Push."




A/N Does this seem like a good start? Sorry, it's so short, I just needed to know...

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Chapter 15 Everlong (Ashley's POV)


I found Emmett after we were done dancing, he wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me forcefully. The music started then, it was the song Everlong by Foo Fighters; I wrapped my arms around Emmett's neck, as his went around his waist.


"Ashley you know how much I love you right?" I nodded, okay that was random. "Well Ashley, I was wondering... I've loved you for almost 80 years, I never loved Rosalie, it was somebody to keep me busy till you came back; I always knew you would... Babe what I'm trying to say is; will you honor me by being my wife?" He questioned as we stopped dancing; and he let go of my hand's getting on one knee. Everyone turned to look at us, as I immediately felt the pressure.


"Yes Emmett, I would love too." I said smiling, sitting on his knee kissing him; everyone clapped for us, as they went back to dancing. "Um, Emmett I need a moment to myself."


"Where are you going?" He questioned curious.


"The bathroom silly... You forget I'm still somewhat human." I smiled, as he laughed; I went into the bathroom, when I got in there I almost started hyperventilating. "Ash, it's okay you love Emmett, and now you can be with him forever." I kept repeating in my head, I heard a knock at the door so I opened it to find Jacob standing there.


"Hey Ash, is something wrong?" I nodded slowly.


"Jake, Emmett just proposed to me; and I'm scared....."


"Why are you scared?" Jake asked, as he came over to lean on the bathroom counter with me; he put his arm over my shoulders in a comforting hug.


"I've had too many bad relationships; even with Emmett and I, we've had somewhat of a bad past in the beginning of our human relationship... I don't think Emmett remembers, but I was engaged to a man that beat me; every day... Then one day I met Emmett, and fell in love with his dark blue eyes; Emmett and I ran away together for almost a month; we got to know each other very well, but then we had to go back to Gatlinburg. When we got back, my fiance waited for me; but then Emmett had found whiskey and rum, he started to drink heavily. We used to get in fights every day, but then one day he was drunk and he hit me; that's why I have this scar on my forehead; he hit me with a bottle of whiskey, after that day I didn't see Emmett for a LONG time. But on my wedding day, when it came to the part about if anyone objects, Emmett ran into the church he objected; so I went with Emmett. Yeah I was ready to get married but no matter what I fell hard for Emmett and my heart would ALWAYS belong to him; that's when we finally really started our relationship." Jacob was open mouthed, as I laughed. 


"You know I never noticed that scar on your forehead till now." He said laughed, as he kissed my scar. "So that's why your scared? Because of all your bad relationships?" I nodded slowly, as tears welled up in my eyes, my own person rat, my emotions. "Ashley sometimes you just have to keep getting hurt till you find the right person; look at me, with all the hurt Bella has put me through, but I've thought maybe because I've been through so much hurt that maybe someone good will come for me some day." I smiled, as tears rolled down my face.


"Words of straight up blunt wisdom Jake; thanks." I smiled hugging him, as he wiped my tears away with is thumbs. "Jacob I don't care what anyone says, your my best friend in the entire world." He laughed, as he picked me up squeezing me.


"You and Bella are tied for my best friend." He said laughing, as he put me down; I cleaned my face up, as Jacob and I walked outside hand in hand. Emmett was waiting for me at the Cullens' table, I sat down next to him, as Jacob gave me a kiss on the cheek, and walked away; Emmett grabbed my hand.


"Ashley I heard you and Jake talking; I really did that to you when I was human?" I nodded slowly. "Awe babe, I'm so sorry." He said hugging me.


"That was 80 something years ago Emmett it's okay... Can I have my ring now?"He nodded, as he put it on my left hand, ring finger; I loved the ring it was so pretty.


"The ring was my mother's...." He said as I looked up at him.

"That's why it looks so familiar." I said laughing.



Chapter 16 Space Bound (Emmett's POV)


Ashley fell asleep after everyone left after Sam and Emily's wedding, the Cullens are cleaning up from the wedding; but me I'm staying with my now fiance in her bed.


"No, no, no, Emmett why the h**l would you do that to me! Especially with her!" Ashley screamed from her sleep. "AHH!" She screamed hysterically; as Edward ran into the room with everybody behind him. I tried waking Ashley up, but nothing worked; I was sad Ashley had tears streaming down her face; I heard the snickering of my ex-wife.


"Edward, Jasper, Carlisle, please come with me." I snarled, as we ran outside, we could hear Ashley's screams still, we heard Esme, and Alice try to calm her down. Rosalie was waiting for us at the edge of the woods; she was on the Quileute border line, she could be killed at any minute.


"So boys, you like my new power?" She winked.


"You mean your doing this to her Rosalie!" Edward screamed. "If you knew how much pain she's in right now; if Emmett knew, you wouldn't be here right now."


"Rosalie, why? We're done so why come back to torture Ashley?"

"Because. She stole my man from me."

"You gave me to her, and I'm glad you did; because Ashley is faithful to me, she always will be and I always will be to her. So you need to leave my fiance alone."


"That's not what she thinks now." I snarled, as I pounced on her, my legs were on both sides of her body as she kept squirming; I heard rustles in the bushes, as Ashley came out with a very angry look on her face. Esme and Alice were on both side of Ashley flanking her.


"Emmett move." Esme said as I moved, and Ashley attacked...



I Hope you like it, and please comment(:

whoop whoop!!! Esme gonna beat that child!! xD CHILD ABUSE!! LOL but yeah good chappie! update!!:P
Haha pssh ROsalie ain't no child of hers anymore! Ashley is! XD Haha Gracias mija! haha

Chapter 17 Sweet Child O' Mine (Ashley's POV)


"Babe, that was amazing." Emmett complimented me, as we all walked back to the house after destroying Rosalie forever.


"Why thank you my kind sir." I laughed, as we got back to the Cullen mansion; I plopped myself down on the couch, as Emmett sat next to me; so I laid my head in Emmett's lap as he started playing with a random piece of my hair. "Ah, that's feels amazing." Emmett laughed at me, as he turned on a football game; it was the New England Patriots against the Seattle Sea Hawks. Everyone, even Alice,Carlisle, and Esme came to watch the football game, I moved to lay down on the floor next to Alice; but soon enough I felt a immense amount of weight on me."Emmie bear, your very, very, very heavy."


"Good." HE said laughing, as he laid his head down on my shoulder.




2 Weeks Later....



Two days ago, Emmett and I had made love on our 1 month anniversary, but I just found out one of the most shocking things ever... I'm pregnant. So here I am at Forks Hospital, I want Carlisle to check me out to make sure the human pregnancy test wasn't wrong.


"Ashley Nova?" I heard Carlisle say questionably, as he came around the corner and motioned for me to follow him. "Ash, what're you here for?"


"Carlisle, I think I might be pregnant...." He gasped, as he led me into his office; he set me up on a table, and did a little ultrasound thingy.

"Well Ashley, I don't see anything, but it only happened a couple of days ago; nothing can really be shown yet... I'm going to have to do it the other way...."


"Do it Carlisle, I need to know... But I think this pregnancy isn't like any other one, I've been having morning sickness like a lot since that night with Emmett."I said blushing, as Carlisle turned around for me to get changed.


After the other way..... 


"Well Ashley, you are pregnant..." Carlisle said, as I smiled.


"Thank you Carlisle, but please don't tell anyone in the family till I'm ready to tell them."


"You got it Ash." He said, as I thanked him; and I then left the hospital; I made my way through the small little town of Forks, as I pulled up at Emily's house. It was Sunday dinner, all of the wolves, and imprints go; even if I'm not a wolf in physical form, they all say I'm a wolf at heart.


"Ash!!" Everyone screamed when I got our of my car with my long board. They haven't seen me since Sam and Emily's wedding; I've been kind of busy with Emmett...


"Hey guys!" I was hugged, and picked up by so many boys, it was kind of over whelming; finally we made it inside, almost immediately Claire came to me.


"Auntie Ashie, Auntie Ashie, Auntie Ashie! Up, up, up!" I laughed at Claire, as I picked her up, and held her close to me on my stomach. "Auntie Ashie, what's wrong with your tummy? It feels bigger then the last time you held me at Auntie Emily's and Uncle Sam's wedding..." Shocked crossed my face, it's already big?


"Nothing baby girl, you know me, I like to eat."


"Yes you do!" She laughed, as I set her down, we all then went to get our food, Sam and Emily's house was WAY to small for us all the fit in, so we all got chairs from inside, and sat then on the porch.


"Who wants to say grace?"Sam questioned, as he brought our a long white table for us to eat on.

"Emily." Everyone answered at once, so she said grace, and then we all ate our food. Finally my life is at peace, I'm going to have a baby, 2 wonderful families, and a wonderful amazing husband...


A/N Sorry for the long wait. I've been busy, and I've had writers block.. There's only 3 more chapters left in the story :( But I hope you enjoyed it, and please comment(:

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