The Twilight Saga

What would've happend if Bella didn't survive the birth of Renesmee ? How will Edward deal ? . Suddenly,As soon as life gets bad, He starts getting contacted.. By....  A ghost ?

Should I write it ?
Comment pleasee !

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what was it! update soon!
~~~~~new reader~~~~~~~

omg this is amazing you have to post more UPDATE ME PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
awww. i have to say its super duper emotional. it made me sad at the begining. its soo wonderful and i can feel the emotions its one of the best FF i have EVER read. i would love to u to update if u give updates. i hope u will post more soon. BTW im a new reader ^^
Yay, lolz. I dun like cliffys xD
ughh nnooo..moree!?
hmmm?? Is that their meadow?? Just a guess.. Anyway you have an amazing story,, Please keep me updated!!! I want to read more..
Thanks everyone ! . Update will be on tuesday or wendsday 'Cause I won't have internet.
Love your all [:

-Renesmee Cullen <3
that was so good....plz keep going
hey new reader i love it:)
Chapter 5. Sorry I havn't updated in awhile. I've been busy.

I jolted up in the bed
I know what It is.

I grabbed a loose leaf&Pen.

~Air - East.
Water - West.
Fire - South .
Earth - North.
Spirit - Center.~

I sighed. It STILL makes no sense !

Follow your Heart, Mind & soul.. Go to where these Elements take you..
A light breeze went through the room.
A shiver went though me.
"But I don't know where they take me ! " I sighed.
The room got quiet,The breeze stopped.
I heard a light scratching in my closet.
I jumped back In terror.
"Wait. I'm Half vampire, I shouldn't be scared of monsters in the closet." I said to myself, & Opened the door.
A deep,Delisious sent hit me.
In a dark red liquid on the wall, Was written ;
Don't be afraid of all the little surprises that will be coming your way soon, My daughter. Just remember, Go to where the Elements take you..

I shivered.The sent of the blood officialy didn't smell that good anymore.

"Renesmee, What's that smell ? " Dad came In.
He gasped.

Like it ?
Comments ! :D
I love it it rocks lol :)


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