The Twilight Saga

What would've happend if Bella didn't survive the birth of Renesmee ? How will Edward deal ? . Suddenly,As soon as life gets bad, He starts getting contacted.. By....  A ghost ?

Should I write it ?
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this is so cool, plz keep going
that was good. keep it going :)
NEW READER plzzzzzz keep on writin I love this story
Chapter 6. I know, Bad at updating. I suck :( . But, For the people who still wanna read the story, Here goes :D

"Renesmee".. Dad mummbled.
"Daddy I know, I'm so confused to and," He cut me off.
"You KNOW your not suppose to bring animals in the house." He yelled, Face scrunched up.
I Turned around. The writing was gone, Completly, Just, Gone.
In it's place was 2 dead animals, A dog&Rabbit.
I was silenced.
"Get them out of here RIGHT NOW!" He yelled & marched out the door.
As I walked toward them. The air started swirling around me.
I was getting dizzy. It looked like the Animals were.. Walking ?
The room stopped spinning. The dead animals were gone. In there place was a <3 Locket.
I walked slowly toward it. Hoping the world wouldn't start spinning again.
I went to pick it up.
Nothing happend. No air, No dizzyness. Just the cold silence.
I picked it up.
It felt heavy in my hands.
I opened it up easily.
Inside was a picture of my Mother.
She was smiling, Her gorgeous hair Flowing beautifully.
Then It started to change. Her smile turned into a frown. Her eyes turned from brown to Black.Her haire turned from Brown to grey.
It growled.
I screamed&Dropped it.
"What NOW Renesmee?!" Daddy came in, He looked at the locket on the floor.
He slowly creached over and picked it up.
This was on your mother when we buried her... Where did you get it?" He said slowly.
I couldn't answer... HOW was I suppose to answer ?

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we love it!!!!!!!!
Thank you guys so much !
I LOVE your comments! They make my day :]
I'm also sorry about the short update.
Life's been pretty rough latley.
My Kitty got killed by a car Two days ago&We only found her today, Buuuuttt, I just had to update for you guys :]
It gets my mind off The bad stuff :D

-Renesmee Cullen. <3
yes u should write it
I loved this chapter! I'm just so confused,but I'm still loving it.I am so sorry for your kitty.Don't be sorry about the short update.Let's just be happy we got an update today at all. Anyway,can you please tell us WHAT is Bella? I mean,how did she turn her photo all wierd and making it growl.Bella is getting Renesmee i a lot of trouble today.I hope Edward doesn't punish her for it.Anyway,I can't wait for more! :)
New reader
love this story
update soon!!!!
Thanks for all the comments guys ! I'm SOOO glad you like the story :] .
So, Just for you, Here's more :D

Ch. 7.

I couldn't answer... HOW was I suppose to answer ?

"I...I " I stuttered.

He looked at me, Angry Raging on his face.

"Renesmee Carlie Cullen, Tell me where you got that this instant ! " He yelled.

Now I was getting angry, I didn't know where I got it ! I didn't want it !

" I don't know ! " I yelled and turned around. For a second there, I swear I saw someone looking in the window.

I stummbled over. Slowly.

I looked outside, & Around. No one was there.

"What are you looking at ? Renesmee, I swear, You've been acting so diffrent latley.. Is something wrong ?" He asked me, All anger removed from his face, While Comforting covered it.

"No.. I just think.." I couldn't finish the sentence. And no, I don't mean I couldn't say it cause I thought he would think I was crazy, I actually couldn't say the words.

I think Mom's trying to comunicate with me..

The words repeated through my head.

"What is it ?" He said, Coming closer, And taking me into a hug.

"Nothing" I said slowly. " I just wanna be alone right now.. If thats Okay with you.. ? " I mummbled.

"Oh, Of course." He said & hopped up & out the door. He looked down at the locket one more time.

"I'm still expecting an explination" He said & Closed the door.

I flopped down on the bed. Letting out a big sigh.

I looked at the window. Just as well to go for a quick walk. I thought to myself. & hopped up.

I pulled on my pink converse & Jumped out the window.

The fresh air was amazing.

I walked towards the woods. I just kept walking.

I felt like I wasn't alone. Not at all.

"Hel..Hello ?" I manged to get out while swallowing.

The breeze picked up.

What's up with the wind today ? I questioned.

I debated going any farther. But decided to keep going, No use in going back to the house now.

Call them to youu..
The breeze talked.

Call what ?

I heard low moaning. Kind of a grunt.
Whatever it was, Sounded like it was in pain.

I ran towards it quickly. I stopped dead in my tracks.
It can't be ?!

Cliffy ! :D
Hehe, :3

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