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I Wanna.... Embry's(Imprint) Story.... Not Your Average Wolf & Vampire Story...Officially (!COM-PLET-ED!)

Original Post Date: October 3, 2009

Okay! Were Gonna do this again!, and as many times as it takes to get this story completed! Thank You all who have supported "I Wanna..." when it was deleted and when it was up and running! I appreciate it so much ladies! (and fellas) I love you all! and Now i Present The re-incarnation of "I Wanna..."



I am Well Aware that this Story starts off Pretty Rough,I have a lot of grammar mistakes, & Errors during spelling. Its pretty Gruesome! But it almost turns out to be a very typical romance story, but I assure you, it is not. So check this story out  and Enjoy it!


P.s. Grab some Popcorn or Some Soda & try and not see some of the mistakes I made in here. Lols! : )







Created By: The amazing Shana!!




I’d be lying if I said wasn’t afraid him. The way his  black eyes glowed in the dark. In the distance I heard a wolf howl. My heart skipped a beat, relief washed through me he was going to save me. The cold wind kissed my face and my relief faded. No! He can’t save me. He’ll die if he tries to rescue me. Those eyes caught my attention again.  They weren’t friendly. They screamed kill her kill her! Every fiber in my body SCREAMED me to run.


Chapter 1:Chapter 1:Funerals, and Grandma Louise


I stood there. I stood in this exact same spot for god knows how long. I didn’t want to move. I was afraid I’d miss everything. “Were so sorry” I heard a small voice say just above a whisper. The lady squeezed my hand gently and kissed me on the cheek. I looked into the light brown eyes of my father’s assistant. Karen that was her name. I attempted what I thought was a smile. “Ashes to ashes dust to dust!” I heard the Priest say. I stood there not paying attention to the people who were attending. I only had eyes for the shiny grey coffin that was now being lowered into the ground. My heart ached for the person who was inside it.
“Dad!” I whispered to myself. I gripped my grandmothers hand firmly. I took a step forward. I frowned at the darkness that was consuming the long rectangular box, they were lowering him to fast, I can’t see the flowers. I let go of grandma’s hand and  walked to the end of the end of the green carpet. I smiled when the flowers were back into sight.
 I heard the muffled cries of the women who were being consoled by their husbands. Constantly the men cleared their throat not wanting to shed any tears. I looked behind me and saw grandma pressing a small wrinkled hand to her cheek. I looked around me and noticed the sun for the first time. The sun was out and their were no clouds In the sky. Stupid Florida. It should have been a rainy day. That would match my mood. I noticed some people were standing, others were sitting. Children were sitting in their family members lap. It was a limited funeral service. Mainly close friends, family members were allowed. Everyone was wearing black, some wore dark shades, and freakishly large hats.
The squeaking of the wheels that lowered my fathers coffin screamed inside my head. I moved a little to loosen up my bones, I felt my loose black dress move with me. I winced at the pain that my high heel stilettos were causing me.
“Daddy!” I whispered to myself again, I felt the tears coming again, I brought my hand to my chest. I felt the red rose in my right hand. I looked down at it. I threw it inside the hole and watched as it hit the coffin with a soft thud.
“I’ll always love you dad.” I said this time out loud. Then that’s when the tears flowed down my cheeks.

2 months later…..
I stretched my legs as soon as I felt the pavement under my feet. I moved along with the crowd and walked a bit awkwardly with a little limp. Being on an airplane for more than 5 hours can do that to you.  The sky was grey was and light rain drizzled from the sky. Grandma told me to bring an umbrella. I opened the umbrella and continued to walk the short distance to the inside of the airport.
The airport was a bit small, not many people were occupying it, like I would have thought.  I shook my umbrella so some of the rain could fall off. I closed my umbrella and strolled over to get my luggage.

“Oh look at my baby!” I heard my grandma shriek when I got into hearing distance.  I smiled and closed the distance between us.
“I missed you nana!” I said hugging her. I hadn’t seen her since my father’s…. I shook my head. You’re here for a fresh start Kayliee! I reminded myself. 
“Let me get a good look at you.” She said backing up from me. I took in her small frame. She wore a grey knitted sweater and a long flower skirt. Her dark long hair was braided into two and they were sitting on her breast.  Her Cherokee skin looked warm and soft.  I smiled.
“There’s not much to see nana.” I said blushing a bit. Really their wasn’t. I thought my almond colored eyes were to wide. My eyelashes were short and thick. My skin was a deep brown. I was American- Cherokee. My hair had some volume to it. It stopped just a bit past my shoulders. I was 5’6 and wished I was 3 more inches taller. But I wasn’t too mad, at least I could get on rides at the fair. Two things I was proud of though. My body was shaped like an hourglass, I don’t like to brag, but I get a lot of compliments. And second my  teeth! They were pretty much white and even, I sometimes gift self conscious about my two main teeth in front being big and square. I liked the dimple in my right cheek as well. But after that I wasn’t really much a babe magnet. Ha!
“There’s plenty to see Lena!” she said pinching my cheeks. Lena was a nickname she called me. When she was young  her Grandmother would call her that as well. And so did her grandmother. And so on.  “Your turning out very well!” she said clasping her hands together. I smiled again and tilted my head.
“Let’s go home.” she said taking one of the enormous light blue suitcases I was rolling behind me. Home. Its been a while since I could truly call my house at Florida. that Not after Dad- I shook my head again. “Lena come!” I heard my grandma’s small voice say. I quickly followed after her, making my way around the people who were to rude to say excuse me. 

After nearly running over a couple that was too slow to move out the way., we were at grandma’s house. I loosened my grip on the car doors handle. My heart was pounding. “Nana! I thought old people drive slow!” I said trying to catch my breath.
She laughed a light laugh. “Not this old lady, I love the speed!” she said, her small hands gripping the steering wheel tighter. I exhaled through my mouth. “You should use the brakes more often!” I said opening the car door. She shook her head and laughed again. Really who grandma you knows drives like a bat outta hell? I walked around the blue Buick and stopped at the trunk. As I waited for grandma to get out the car, I turned my head in the direction of the house.
It was small, the color was the color of the bricks that formed the house. I noticed a small spruce tree on the side of a large window. Their was a small garden in front and on the side of the house.  Very colorful. I thought. Grandma finally made her way to the car and pushed a button on the lock. I reached for the 2 suitcases and heaved them out of the car one by one. I cursed under my breath when the wheel stubbed my open toe slippers.
I noticed the sky getting darker as I made my way up the four steps to the front door. “Welcome home!” My grandma said cheerfully and spreading her arms wide once we were inside.  The house was warm and toasty. I closed my eyes and inhaled the home. It smelled of pinecones, peppermint and a hint of honey. God! I loved that smell. I remember when I was little and I would come and visit grandma. I would unpack everything  I had brought with me and try and get this exact same smell on my clothes. I wanted to have that smell everywhere I went.
“It feels like home.” I whispered low enough for me to hear. I opened my eyes and saw grandma staring at me. “Brings back memories?” she said with a smile. I nodded. The wooden grandfather clock that stood  on my right ticked loudly. I felt the welcome mat under my feet. Just down the hall to the left was the kitchen, and after the kitchen was the large living room. But just a few feet from the front door on the right were the wooden stairs that led to the two bedroom and two baths.
“Thank You nana!” I said dropping my suitcase and hugging her. “I really needed this.” I said feeling the tears well up.
She hugged me and patted my back. “No worries Lena.” I could feel the smile on her brown cheeks.
“Now its almost 10 at night! On a Monday night. You have get some sleep.” I stepped back from her and tilted my head a little. And nodded.
“After all, you do have School tomorrow.” She said with a slight grin.


(A/N: Thank you a million times again ladies! i oh so appreciate you! Oh yeah i'm making a few changes in the story... so for my old readers you all know that we stopped on Chapter 21, and its only been two days since Kayliee and Embry met! so what im going to do is turn those two days into 3 weeks and so on. Please correct me if i do make any mistakes PLEASE! Again i LOVE YOU LADIES SO MUCH!)

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Chapter 3 - Office Talk

Chad got cooey Hellos' from girls, some even gave me a nasty look. He got hi-5's from boys, he yelled at some when they whistled when I walked by. Weird. I guess La Push and Florida wasn't so different.
Finally Chad and I reached the Front office. He held open the door and gestured with his hand for me to go first. I smiled quickly and strode past him. The front office was a bit big. There was a big opening where waiting chairs filled up the place. Straight ahead was a large wooden desk with two ladies on the phone talking. I looked to my left and saw several doors with faculty members name on them I looked to my left and saw the same thing, except a water fountain was at the end of the last door. Tall plastic tree plants stood here and there. Chad placed his hand on the small of my back and led me forward. I jumped a little at his touch, not expecting that.
"Aggh Mr. Frost principal called you up again?" The plump blonde lady asked raising an eyebrow.
"Now if I were called here, wouldn't I just walk right on by this desk?" He said knocking on it with his free hand.
"Watch it Chad, You may be captain of the football team, but you still show respect to your elders." The lady said wagging her finger at him. Wait hold on a second! he's captain of the football team? But he looks so normal, he looks nothing like the ones they describe in the book. He did have the eyes though.
"speaking of respect don't you see this young lady beside me? You haven't said a word to her." He said staring at the lady intensely.
Shock etched her face. I watched slowly as her eyes met mine. She jumped a little, her face turned red.
"Oh I am sorry dear Hello"
"Hi." I said smiling at her.
"Kayliee's new here, she needs her schedule and map." He said it like it was natural.
"Welcome dear!" She said smiling at me politely. " Give me a second" She said getting up from her chair and heading in one of the doors direction.
"Forgive Edna, she’s a bit un observative." I turned my head to the left and saw a lady with a circle face. She was scrawny. Her clothes looked like they belonged to her grandmother. You could barely see her cute frame. Aggh I mean petite frame.
"So Mr. Frost you got your fingers on the new girl already?" She said staring at my waist line. Wait a second why was she looking at my waist, I followed her eyes and blushed when i noticed Chad's hand still on my back. I cleared my throat a little and took a tiny step away.
"No not yet." He said laughing lightly. I frowned a little. I wasn't that type of girl who got down like that. But he was cute.
"In your dreams." I huffed out.
"Is that a challenge?" He said meeting my eyes. God why'd he have to have those damn eyes!!
"Sounds like it." The small lady said from behind the desk.
Before i could reply Edna i guess, came back some papers and a yellow map in her hands. She walked around the desk and smiled/
"This is your schedule, The bell schedule, oh and your map." She said giving me the papers. The Bell rung and I groaned.
Chapter 4: Classes
I looked at my Watch that once belonged to dad. Instantly his scent filled my nose and I felt my eyes water. I sniffed and shook my head.
“Right on time.” Chad said snapping his fingers in the air. “What’s your first class?” He asked taking a step closer to me. Now Chad’ scent filled me, he smelled like after shave and axe. A smell that sort of made my stomach hurt. But none the less did he smell manly. If that makes sense.
“I have Math?” I shrieked, not believing my schedule already! Great give me a subject I hate and the give it to me in the MORNING! Agggh!
“Math isn’t so bad. ” He said while escorting me out o the office.
“Wait, aren’t you going to be late for class” I said stopping abruptly.
“Mr. Crooner, will understand.” He said pulling on my wrist for me to go forward.
“So…. Is that your boyfriends watch?” He held up my arm looking at the watch carefully.
“No. It belonged to someone I used to know.” I decided to tell him partially the truth. Maybe if we were good friends some day he’s know the whole story.
“Cool. So uh.. Do you have a boyfriend period?” He said turning down empty hallway. I looked behind me and noticed a kid running down the hall. The hallway was silent, except for our feet hitting the concrete floor.
“Oh.” I looked up at Chad he seemed to be blushing a bit, I smiled and sped up when I realized Chad holding the double door open for me.
“What teacher do you have?” He asked stopping and leaning against a locker.
Feeling the papers in my hand I looked down “Mr. Howard, room 142.”
“Righteous! He’s not that bad, Volunteer enough in class and you wont be on his bad side.” He smiled at me and I blushed.
“You’ve had him before?” We began walking and made a right at the end of the lockers.
“Yeah, The man’s head over heels for me.” He said smiling.
“Sure.” We stopped at a silver metal door.
I froze a little, its been a while since I’ve been socialize with anyone. Chad opened turned the knob and opened the door. I felt the cool a/c breeze through my air.
“Hey! Phillip, we have a lovely new student!” Chad said a bit too excitedly. He placed a light hand on my back and pushed me forward gently. I Looked back at him, damn it why did I feel like I was starting kindergarten? And on top of that I felt the Kindergarten kid who didn’t want to leave their parent. I groaned.
“Bye Kayliee!” He called and shut the door before I could respond. I stood by the door way for a little while, trying to get some courage and move my legs.
“Damn cocky student!” I heard someone say. I Soon noticed I was looking down and slowly looked up at a teacher who was thing and had receding hairline.
“Hi.” I whispered.
“Come, come, we don’t have all day.” He said motioning with his hand for me to come towards him. Move your damn legs Kayliee. Its easy as 1, 2, 3. I moved one leg and felt myself go forward. So this is what the Tin man felt like in the Wizard if Oz, when he was oiled for over some years. Rusty.
I took another step and, but not fast enough or the teacher’s liking. He quickly walked up to me, he smelled of coffee.
“Schedule?” He said with an outstretched hand. I handed him the paper that I had realized I was gripping with dear life. I watched his face as he scanned over my schedule.
“Your in the right place. Take a seat anywhere.” He said handing me the schedule back.
The moment I dreaded the most, looking into the faces of New students. I turned my body slowly and saw that all eyes were on me. Shoot. I smiled weakly, and scanned the room. It was a pretty large class, desks were lined in single rows. Banners of Math signs and math work were posted on the walls.
I moved forwards with great effort and chose a desk in the second row, close to the front. I placed my map, and other papers on the desk and set my bag on the floor.
“hi!” I heard a light voice whisper next to me. The teacher had continued on with his lesson. I turned to my left and there sat a girl with short jet black hair designed into a stylish Mohawk, her eyes were a deep brown, she was a bit thin, but then again had a bit meat on her bones. Ha ha.
“Hi” I whispered back.
“Names terra!” She said out stretching a bright pink nailed hand as she leaned over her desk railing.
“Kayliee Michaels.” I said shaking it.
“New here I bet.” She said smiling at me.
“I can tell, Plus this is a very small town.”
“I see.”
“Where’d you come from?” she asked popping a piece of gum in her mouth.
“Florida.” The teacher still had his back to the board obviously trying to find out where he went wrong in solving the problem he had on the board.
“Whoa! Why’d you come here?” She asked blowing a bubble.
I took my eyes off her and felt the memories come back. I shook my head and plastered a smile on my face.
“Spend some time with a family member.” I said deciding that was good enough reason.
“Wow, sweet of you.” she smiled at me.
Class flew by in a second. Come to find out I had all seven classes everyday.
Next up was Chemistry, I followed the map and reached the class right before the bell ranged. Chemistry was an okay class. Didn’t care for it much though, I kept my mouth shut and eyes on the teacher.
Next I had Psychology 1.
I talked to a guy who’s name was Julian Mank, he seemed pretty cool, so I decided to make him my buddy for this class.
Creative writing was a class I was interested in. It helps you express yourself in more ways than one. I liked the idea of that, Since dad’s death I didn’t know how to express myself except in tears. Our teacher was nice Mrs. Stokes, seemed to like me already.
Ugh! i feel so bad for you Shana!
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