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What does your ian look like? i am really curious on what the person inside ya'lls head looks like. and it doesnt need to be an actor....


Update: A lot of yall have been describing in words what ian looks like to you. I know how SM describes him, but what I meant to say was to show me a picture of what he looks like. dont worry about wether or not the person can act the part, just post your perfect Ian :)



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oh ahaha

this is a pic of Matt Dallas, I thought maybe putting blue contacts and he'd be the best Ian
or this one is my favourite!!

it didint appear on my previous comment so here
hmm, no i'm not for it!

OOH! I forgot to tell you who was the choice was for Jared, i don't who rumored it but whatev, and honestly he;s not that bad, becuase he can look mean and sweet at the same time

OK the choice is (drum rolls plz) hehe: MATT DAMON.
Nooooooo Matt Damon is like 40 years old and noo I do not see him as Jared!! At all!!
noooo noooo, too old, and not a good jared!..
but mostly toooo ooooooooooooold
Ian Somerhalder! love that guy!
Not really the Ian I picture : / sorry
i cant really see matt dallas as ian either...
Really ? hmm I find him perfect!
What?! Are you kidding!! Ian has the looks!!

Hello there! Missed me?

Yeah, I know, I dissapeared for a long time... again.
Well, I'm back whenever I can and here's what came to my mind while I was away.

Now, we all have our perfect Ians in our heads, right? Last time I was watching - and if anyone will say anything against that show will suffer my anger ;) - Merlin from BBC (it's fantastic show, really, it makes my days better). And I thought - there is this chance that our perfect Ians would say "No" to proposition to play in "The Host". For some time I thought Ian Somerhalder is the perfect choice (and I still think he would be good option, 'cause I've changed my mind after some time of "not seeing him playing Ian").

Buuuut he may be too busy or just too not interested in this movie. Sooo...

While watching Merlin I realized I have my perfect Ian before me. Ok, he's not exactly how I imagined Ian but he has features my Ian has. Which are:
- not perfectly handsome, still has that SOMETHING - he looks more like your best friend than the object of admiration (still - there are thousends of admirers for this guy, believe me!)
- he looks like a warrior - ok, I always imagined Ian more like a guy you don't notice from the first sight but Stephenie described him as a big man, right? And my new Ian is big man. He really looks like a warrior, like someone who can protect you! Not because he's wearing an armour in Merlin XD but also because he's tall, he has the right size of his arms (if you know what I mean), strong hands... somehow he's Ian-ish
- he has beautiful blue eyes which can be really meaningful (as for his hair - he can always dye it)
- the actor can play humor scenes and romantic ones and battles and serious stuff (it's all there in the show)
- last time a young English actor played leading role in film adaptation of Stephenie's book it was the perfect choice, so...

Ladies and gentlemen, here comes...
Bradley James!

But you have to see him in action, really. No picture gives him justice, trust me.


So... since I can't draw my Ian I think now Bradley would be MY choice. What do you think?


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