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What does your ian look like? i am really curious on what the person inside ya'lls head looks like. and it doesnt need to be an actor....


Update: A lot of yall have been describing in words what ian looks like to you. I know how SM describes him, but what I meant to say was to show me a picture of what he looks like. dont worry about wether or not the person can act the part, just post your perfect Ian :)



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PS He can also play football, which could be usefull for the role of Ian! XD

Bradly James was great as Arthur but not my Ian. My Ian is tall and strong with a more muscular upper bady and gorgeous sensitive eyes. He is a people watcher, assesses everything before acting. He would be somewhere between 25 - 35 years old. The eye and hair colour can always be altered with contact lenses, wigs and dye so for me the body shape and sensitivity are far more important. I see a cross between Channing Tatum, Chris Hemsworth and Jason Ackles as they have that strong face and gorgeous eyes that I see in Ian. Chris Hemsworth has 2 brothers too so that could take care of Kyle. I quite fancy Alex Pettyfer as Jared but that's a different discussion altogether.

I don't know how to add a photo of these characters but I go to imdb to look up everyone's suggestions. 

I don't like Channing Tatum being Ian. Don't like the way he acts. Checked Christ Hemsworth. Doesn't he play in Thor? I think I saw his face in the trailer. Not my Ian either, although he has amazingly blue eyes that are v. Ian-ish. Jensen Ackles for me would be great Kyle, not Ian.

Hard to chose. Cannot wait for official cast, dang, it lasts so long... :(

Try Liam Hemsworth (Chris's younger brother). He was in Last Song but don't hold that against him! 2012 seem eons away but I suppose there are a lot of filming issues to sort out as almost the entire story takes place underground with just solar lights and torches.
he does look like him!!! omgggg!!!!
Glad you like him. Check out "last song" to see him act but bare in mind he is still really young and facing off to Miley Cirus.
hahah I know...but it's okay Hollywood can make people look older than what they are. I have seen the last song but I didn't really pay any attention to the people in it because come on it's a miley cirus movie...and well I don't really like her..if you know what I mean.
I have just been onto the IMDb site and the new posters for Thor are on show. Check out the blue eyes of Chris Hemsworth!! He has a lot of facial hair and is too blond but he is almost my perfect Ian. Imagine black hair and 3 days stubble and that's him for me. Just going to get the book out again and dream.....


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