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What does your ian look like? i am really curious on what the person inside ya'lls head looks like. and it doesnt need to be an actor....


Update: A lot of yall have been describing in words what ian looks like to you. I know how SM describes him, but what I meant to say was to show me a picture of what he looks like. dont worry about wether or not the person can act the part, just post your perfect Ian :)



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My Ian looks like this.

idk i sort of see ur point. but i just cant see ian looking like him. idk who shud play ian.
I see him with the blue eyes that can mesmerize you, where they are all but light blue in color .
He's tall and toned but not tooo musclely, he's just perfect.
and like AgiK said he's not HOT!! like I would die to just see him in person and he's not ugly. He's handsome, very beautiful (though you cant really apply that to a guy) but not amazingly hot that would make you hyperventilate. He's reminds me of a handsome best friend though i dont know why.
I see him with white skin but because he lives in the dessert his color has changed to a tan-ish color, not too dark and not too light
He also looks very sweet but also has an edge to him that says dangerous but thats only according to his moods
u totally nailed my picture of Ian! thats exactly wat i think him as! Do have like any choice as for who shud play ian in the movie? idk, but i like that pic above that shows the supernatural brothers.
hahaha thats soo weird
but this is how i can describe him and the best actor i had come across is Matt Dallas.
hes perfect for an Ian like i said tall, blue eyes, a little musclely, and not tooo atractive but perfect.
he might need to spray his skin alittle for a tanish color but other than that hes all good
oh i c. yeah he is the closet actor that looks like ian. And yeah he shud be tanned more.
Oh my gosh, well I think this is the best suggestion for Ian I've heard so. I totally get it. He looks closer to the Ian I pictured in my head. More so than some of the actors who have been mentioned. Thanks for that ;)
I had to google him to know who he is and how does he looks like. Never heard of him (good thing), he looks like a member of a boyband (bad thing).
Nope, he's not my Ian.
Twilightholic: You know I've tried to tell people that Matt is perfect for the description but they were all like no no Ian Somerholder is the best match, but from my opinion i think he does not even look like the ian she described not at all
but theirprobably thinking hes hot and i think Ian is hot so i want Ian S. but they dont even look anything alike.

Graciella: Thank you!! someone who agrees! someone whos not soo addicted to Ian S. haha

AgiK: hey we all have opinions. who do you think is the best Ian??
The trouble is I don't have any actor on my mind when I'm thinking about Ian O'Shea (btw anyone could write me pronunciation of the surname?). I always wanted him to be played by someone unknown or known only a little (like it worked with Robert playing Edward Cullen). I got used to the idea that Ian can be played by Ian Somerhalder. I didn't see him playing this part but since I saw The Vampire Diaries 1.19 (esp. the dance scene) I thought he's not bad choice. He can easily play someone who's in love with a woman who doesn't want him (like Ian being in love with Wanda, who wanted Jared).
It's so lame, I know, to just say "not this guy" or "no, he def. doesn't look like Ian from my mind" but it's just... I really have no idea who would match my perfect Ian.
But I just realized how my words could be taken by those who aren't in my head. It's not that I'm mean (I can be but not this time ;-)) or smth, it's just my English which is v. limited and sometimes I find it v. difficult to express myself properly in this language. When I'm sayin'/writin' that someone looks like a member of some boyband I mean something like that: he looks cute and sweet like honey and he looks like a boy from a poster a young girl can hang on a wall in her room. I've never liked such type, I've never liked cute boys. "A member of a boysband" is just... my way to say what I wrote above, just shorter.
Ok tell you this - when we finally find out who's gonna play Ian (and Mel/Wanda, Jared, Jamie, Jeb, Maggie, Sharon, Doc and so on) I def. won't say "noooo hell nooooo for this guy!!!" 'cause I remember there were so many girls hating Robert Pattinson playing Edward Cullen and after they saw the movie they were like "Oh, I'm in love with him". It all depends on how the guy who'll play Ian eventually will act, make up and all that stuff should work. We will all see the result and THEN we'll have a long and lovely discussion whether we like the actor or not, ok? Now we can only guess who'll match the best.
Blah! I'm writing and writing and writing and I still don't know if you get my point. If not... I'll take my faithfull dictionary then and will try again in other words. :D
Take care! :D
yeah i know. ian s. isn't the match.
I have to agree. Ian S. is all hot and all but he doesn't really looks like Ian is suppose to look like. That's just my opinion. And AgiK don't worry about the language, I have the same problem ( it's not really a problem!) but I do get what you're trying to explain and agreed with you.


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