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What does your ian look like? i am really curious on what the person inside ya'lls head looks like. and it doesnt need to be an actor....


Update: A lot of yall have been describing in words what ian looks like to you. I know how SM describes him, but what I meant to say was to show me a picture of what he looks like. dont worry about wether or not the person can act the part, just post your perfect Ian :)



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AgiK: Dont worry we all have problems with different languages. You might be surprised but guess where I live and what language I speak but I go to USA every year because my relatives live there and i also have a house there :P But i guarantee you that you will be surprised. :$

Twilightholic: Thank you :D hahaha

Lizbeth: I agree with you. He is hot but he's not the Ian that i would put!
Like I dont know how to say this but like people keep on saying 'I want Ian S. to play Ian in the host because Ian in the host is hot so we have to pick a hot actor! and they pick their favorite! but thats really not how it goes its supposed to be an actor that knows how to act his role and and actor that looks like him i dont care whether he's hot or not i care that he is the perfect Ian the one that looks like Ian the one who knows how to play his chracter!
i dont know if you understood what i mean but i dont know how else to explain it
I totally understand it and I agree with you. Thank goodness some people think the same way I do ;) But yeah so at least some of us here agree that it shouldn't be Ian S. just because he's hot. We need an actor that has the looks and the acting skills to portray our beloved Ian O'Shea ;)
Like I already said maybe Ian S. could portray him. But untill he proves me wrong, I'm sorry but I'm just not feeling it...

And also as Agi already pointed out we have to realise that we can only know if the right actor was chosen for the job when we see his final performance in the movie or even in a trailer. So I do get that, but untill then speculating about who will play this amazing character is interesting I think. I mean we all have formed an idea how Ian would look like and it's very interesting to see who people think should portray their Ian O'Shea ;)
It's also v. hard to chose an actor that would match imaginary Ian to most ppl. I mean there are probably so many Ians in fans heads it's almost impossible to make so many ppl happy. I keep my fingers crossed for a person responsible for the cast. It's hard work.
Whoever will play Ian I'm going to enjoy the movie as much as possible.
As for Ian Somerhalder... I don't think he's hot. He's handsome, ok, but not my type if you ask me. I know I mentioned before Ian in my head isn't a hottie (yuck! I hate that word!) but I never imagined him with Ian Somerhalder's features.
Still there's this little detail about mr Somerhalder that made me change my mind so I stopped thinking that this actor is a bad choice. The detail I'm talking about (besides his acting skills - I've seen some of his job and he def. can act) are his eyes. They can be so meaningful, it's like... I don't know how to say that (and this time it's not English - I can't even explain it in my own language lol). Sometimes he can show everything just by one look and it's great. My point is - if Ian Somerhalder is playing Ian O'Shea he won't (pardon my french) screw the part. We will have someone who'll play it well, I'm sure of it. :)
i agree with u agiK now that i actually read ur whole paragraph. srry i didn't read it the fist time, but I saw that it was a long paragraph and i didn't read it. also its okay abt the languange im from mexico but i live in the us for like 10 years now and my launguange is still pretty limited so dont worry! :)

and ur welcome Nadine al-Taher
Its nice to know that someone agrees with me or at least has the same point
I mean I thought no one thought the way I do but I guess im wrong :D
And that makes me happy
Thank You
Me Too!!!! I think he has the perfect eyes.
He has the perfect eyes I sooo agree!!
But isnt he a little old for Ian dont you want him a little younger??
Uhm... did Stephenie in The host mentioned how old exactly is Ian? 'Cause Ian Somerhalder is 30-ish (he may be 32 but I'm not sure). I've read the book few times but don't remember Ian's age. Not to mention Ian Somerhalder doesn't look for his age, he looks as if he was 20-something (but after 25).
She didnt mention his age
But I'd like to think of him as not too young and not too old like in his 20 or mid-20
But I'd like to see him as 20 because i dont want an actor to be too old for Ian
I want him just right, just like Matt Dallas but that just for now maybe i will come across someone else :/
Hmm I always thought Ian could be 25-26 BUT! I think Stephenie will talk about every detail with movie makers and I believe she'll say whether the actor who'll play Ian O'Shea is too old or too young. I mean I think she'll tell actors all they need (as it was while making Twilight if I remember correctly - a friend of mine told me that she was talking to director and actors about everything they needed to know). Of course Ian is young, he's not middle aged or an old man but... The word "young" is very... errr... wide (?).
Like I dont mean young like as in teenagers and stuff
Like adult young if you know what i mean
Aghh... I probably used the wrong word. What I meant is the word "young" can be "people until 30" or even more "until they're 40", then again if someone dies at the age... let's say 45, what ppl would say? "Oh my God, he/she was too young to die!"
Of course my Ian isn't 40, still... 30 isn't old. ;)


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