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What does your ian look like? i am really curious on what the person inside ya'lls head looks like. and it doesnt need to be an actor....


Update: A lot of yall have been describing in words what ian looks like to you. I know how SM describes him, but what I meant to say was to show me a picture of what he looks like. dont worry about wether or not the person can act the part, just post your perfect Ian :)



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oh and when we write and read in Arabic we write an read from right to left while in English you write and read from left to right !! hahaha weird eehh??
That I already knew. It's interesting, so different. I love all those differences that make language unique.
i like that part too!!!
hahaha let me guess you didnt know how to pronounce it ??
i wouldnt even know how to pronounce it if i didnt know arabic :P
neither did i Rina i definetly dont see Ian S. as Ian O'Shea
thanks for all of the replys. oh and i do like the suggestion of chris hemsworth. he played in a perfect getaway if you wanted to see him act... i agree w/ y'all when you said we'll just have to see. i think i will love ian no matter who plays him :) and i think its so cool that there are people from all around the world on here. do most of y'all know english or what? (oh and sorry about the y'all- its a southern thing :)
Yup, we'll all love Ian no matter who's gonna play him. And that's because we love the character. It really doesn't matter how he's going to look like on the screen. :)

I think those ppl who are here must know English - they wouldn't be able to "talk" to the rest if they didn't. :)
they could always translate it...
Your welcome Stephanie!
and yes i too agree that if we love Ian soo much then it shouldnt really matter how he looks like, (probably through the whole movie i'd be picturing my Ian ! hahaaha)

I wonder how many people from different countries are here !
I wonder if it's possible to count. ;)
Hahaha i was wondering that too Agi!
What if we made a group to see :P
A group? Hmm. That's a thought!
I think that's a good idea. I'm from Puerto Rico.


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