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So, i know we've all got at least a crush or two... so if you could, what ONE anime character would you like to pair yourself with of all time? Their name, their fandom, why, and a pic if you'd like!  have fun!

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Kaoru Hitachiin-Ouran High School Host Club <3 <3 <3


Well to me, he seems sweeter than his twin brother Hikaru, but at the same time he can be devious like his brother, which I like. He is funny and smart, which I REALLY like! Funny and smart are my two bigs things, and he carries them both. And personally, I find him cuter than Hikaru, even though they look the same. In the manga/episode when him and his brother have a "fight" some of the points were true and I understand him, I don't have a twin, but being compared to a sibling is almost the same thing. I feel I can relate to Kaoru, if he were real, I would marry him in a heartbeat, well, we would have to meet first, then fall in love and so and so forth.

Lol ironic because i find Hikaru cuter than Kaoru. Haha but i respect your choice both twins are amazing (eventhoughhikarushottemperisadoreable) Ouran FTW!!!!!

D'awww. I find Kaoru CUTER, however, I think Hikaru and I would be closer.

Funny thing with the Hitachiin's: My best friend and I met from me wearing my shirt with Usa-chan on it and her approaching me at lunch. She then gesutred to her chest asking me "Which one's Hikaru and which one's Kaoru?" Evidently, she named her breasts xD.

Aaaaaanyway, Kao-chan is an excellent choice. Provided Hikaru let's you steal his darling brother away from him :)



@Venomania USA-CHAN!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 lol xD
(I hope Hikaru will let me take him!)

hahaha just steal him veeeery quietly





Okay so ..... lalala


All's Fair in Love and War ^^


... WHAT? Its ture... XP

Well, true... I was merely amused.


But in all reality. Nekozawa takes da cake

Haha amusement is the reason we all survive?


Well yeaaaah. Ouran proves it.

Ask Hunny-sempai

hahaha no DUHHH



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