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So, i know we've all got at least a crush or two... so if you could, what ONE anime character would you like to pair yourself with of all time? Their name, their fandom, why, and a pic if you'd like!  have fun!

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hehe, it's hilarious, adorable and smarter than it lets on. Not to mention the TWINS. hahah once you've seen it you'll realize why "The twins" is all I need say.

Guess what!? I just went to the library last night and took out the first book of it! :D It's hilarious! I like Hunny! He's so cute and adorably!

Yes, I realize why "The twins" Is all you need to say. xD

hahaha I know! I have an Usa-chan I got at an anime convention (Albeit I got some odd glances after purchase when Olivier Armstrong (cosplay tehehe_ started carrying an Usa-chan...) Also, Ouran cosplayers are REALLY nice. A Tamaki clled me princess and gave me a fake flower.

My favorites in the series are probably the Twins and Kyouya though. Gotta show the "Shadow King" some love

>_< That's sweet! I will have to meet a Tamaki when I go to my first anime convention in June!

The twins come in second, then Kyouya. Hunny is still my first. :D

Awww. haha have you heard Hunny-senpai's character theme? It's adorable.

Aaaand Tamaki's for the lulz (in English)

Finally the Twins:


Tamaki's suits him!

And :D

hahaha I thought it did, too. The twins' themese gets stuck in my head a lot for some reason.

One? Only one!?!?!?!??! D: Gah...I could give you, like, 50 =.= said
Mine would have to be....

Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto/Naruto Shippuden

It's my first anime, first off, so I've got long history with it. But, that's not really why I love Naruto. I freakin' adore him because he's cute (Important...very important...but every anime has at least one cute guy character!), HILARIOUS (because he's a bit...stupid sometimes), and...because he's stupid. He's random, caring, has guts, and hasn't given up on Sasuke or felt sorry for himself or even contemplated suicide even after all he's been through in his life--through all the hatred, the pain, and the loneliness he's stuck to his guns and stuck to who he is. He's been confident in not only that but his dreams since he was little. Sure, he has a bit of a temper but, in my mind, that makes him even better. (:
Now, who wouldn't want a guy like that? <3<3<3<3<3 (Paws. Off. I'm not even going to consider sharing!)


Ha, love your explanation. I've never even seen a single episode of Naruto, but your explanation makes me want to hug him!

Hehe thanks (:

O.O You'!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! It's the BEST FLIPPING ANIME OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!! (203 episodes in the first season ((Naruto)) so far 242 in the second season ((Naruto Shippuden)) which is currently on going!)

I love it! He's so cute <3 

xD Err... sorry? My taste is generally different than that, I apologize. ^.^

Heh, sorry. I flip out easily sometimes.
To each their own, I suppose ^_^ 


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