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Okay so it's a long shot... but in a world where wishes come true SM decides to finish Midnight Sun- What is everyone ideas for the Cover of the book?

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okay so found this online... What do you guys think?
Just typed it in on google and then that's what I got. lol! check it out for yourself type it in on the image google and it's the first thing that pops up. Although I really don't think it's the real cover, but it could be. I just think it was a fan who edited it. Great picture though.
that's cool actualy i like that idea ive seen this in yahoo image... i hope Stephenie Meyer will continue this book
Wow, I like that, looks pretty cool! Maybe if the color was changed into gold, it would look nice aswell; the writing on the books never was gold until now, wasn't it?
i think if it was gold you wouldn't get the feel that it was night time. I think the blue suites it. but it takes a different direction than the other covers on the books of twilight..
if u havent noticed it the other books have some sort of red thing going on so obviously the cover needs to have some sort of red not blue,
I like the idea of the single images more.

She usually picks single images that represent the forbidden fruit for Twilght, and the weakest to the strongest for Breaking I don't think we could really think of a cover until we read the whole story!!!
true... I really hope she finishes it!!!
me too...i will be a totally despoilment if she doesn't finish it..but..i saw this on-line..and i think it looks like great..

your image is cool but i think this image in better fit for midnight sun even thougth it was first meant for twilght
whatdo you think about it
oh I like it! but it has to have a significance that ties it into the book. Like the apple was meant to signify the forbidden fruit for twilight. What does the feather have to do with Midnight Sun?
I think it isn´t good, coz all the other books are black-white-red..... And there is just one thing on it (eg.: the hands whith the apple, the ribbon, the flower,and the chess) Well ok, it isn´t the same book, because it´s written out of edwards sight. but still.... maybe they should choose other colors, but that would be stupid too, because the red is for blood, and the white/ black for good and bad etc. ..... it would be better if it was in these colors and just one object in the middle.


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