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Okay so it's a long shot... but in a world where wishes come true SM decides to finish Midnight Sun- What is everyone ideas for the Cover of the book?

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I love it!! The only thing I would like to see added it maybe a silhouette of Edward!
on which cover?
Personally, I really don't like people on covers of books.

I still think SM should do a cover similar to Twilight's.
I think that the blue one is too.. blue. It sholud be like the others, black, red and white.

The other cover looks better, and it's sort of fun that it was ment to be to the Twilight book, 'cause Midnight Sun is the Twilight book, only in another angle.
Isn´t this the best on`?

hahaha!!! thats a great one!
I think it would be really cool and awesome to do something kind of like the Twilight cover, how the hands are holding the apple, but instead of holding an apple maybe the hands holding the Midnight sun..something like that. Maybe also incorperate the apple in there somewhere in the same cover... idk.

OR... I just had a really good idea..... Maybe like a Close up of Edward's eyes or something, with the midnight sun shining, or glowing, the image into them. I think it would be neat. A real close up, enough to know it's Edward's eyes, but his face hidden in the shadows of the trees. Maybe the cover a black color with the shadowed trees a dark midnight blue or something that looks "dusky". I have a lot if ideas..
hahaha yea I like those ideas! If I could I'd make them into real covers with my photoshop, but I don't have the time. =(
thefeather isbecause edward is her vanpirick angel
oh I like that idea! I think it's the best one yet =)

i like this cover because it has a meaning i mean in midnight sun edward says he feels like he is protecting bella like a guardian angel, and i personaly feel its true so like the forbiden fruit in twilight and the jess queen in breaking dawn the cover doesnt actually have to be about the title of the book it has to have a future meaning and for me the feather with red at the end sibolises edward caring for bella as a guardian angel
tell me what do you think
oh I definitely agree with you. This cover has a great sense of meaning to the book. It's not all about having the title reflect the book cover. I mean if that were the case then we'd have different covers the twilight saga. I like this cover and what it represents.


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