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Okay so it's a long shot... but in a world where wishes come true SM decides to finish Midnight Sun- What is everyone ideas for the Cover of the book?

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oooh i love this one!
the forbidden fruit, is edward giving his heart to bella but his heart is the ' forbidden fruit'. like from the bible cause there love isnt supposed to be. its forbidden.

and the breakdawn cover : the red small piece is Bella human and she still has blood. and the while queen chess peicce is the new vampire bella so strong.

so the covers do naturally have to reflect the book,
thanks for the insight. I never thought of those covers that way. I like it =)

i like this cover very muchh .!
it really goes with the book title and everything . even though the other books titles dont have anything to do with the cover and i know the others arent the same as the title but it kinda has meaning in a way. like way its partially faded away a the bottom .
i think it would look better if the cover moon was blue or gold . because its edwards point of view , it shouldnt be red because when its red its bellas point of view . but thats just my opinion . [:
lolol wow I just said something almost to the T haha too funny
mm, like we know what the book will be about,
so we know how de cover should be,
i guees for me, the point of view from edward its mainly from sacrifice, i mean, all the time ( not killing bella, and loving her)
and ocntinuing with the other books´ style (black, red and white), i think it can be something related to some red lips,
like, th mouth is very important, its sonds pretty stupid huh?
but, the mouth is what with he kisses bella, where he can kill her, he talk to her,..
or something with blood, mentioneng baout sacrifice.
I like the idea, but it seems a little bit like the cover of the DVD for true blood, I mean not including the fangs and stuff. But I mean I don't think its a great idea to compare the two covers or the two worlds. So it would be nice idea for the cover, but it'd be sort of like copying. I mean I know the two worlds have nothing alike (well actual besides the main character reading minds and vampires being involved), but its best if midnight sun was original.
Oh, huh, there are 2 topics about this. Whatever. I replied to the other 1, but I'll post it here too.

I was thinking of a moving box with a wine glass on it. The moving box because of when it all begins; when Bella moves to Forks. The wine glass is on a moving box when there is breakable stuff in it. And it has a double meaning, cuz Edward says that he is resisting the wine while appreciating the bouquet regarding Bella and the way she smells to him.
The wine refers to her blood because it is the color of red wine and the bouquet referring to the way she smells to him and that a bouquet is something to be admired.
ooOooo I like the picture, but I still prefer if the cover with the feather.
i imagined it more like this-with a rose which signifies either Bella, or edwards love for her, she's pure, like a white rose, and then with topaz eyes or a topaz eye looking is a a picture that i made using varies sources of how i imagined it would look like.
how about this one


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