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if bella chose jacob instead of edward,what do you think would happen to edward right now?

Just curios if Bella would still bein the life she has right now.

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Unless Meyer rewrites all of the story, then it will mean Bella, the wolves and all the Cullen's will die.
In keeping with what is written in the story:
Bella realizes she is in love with Jacob in eclipse after she kisses him; thus, it is the fairest point in the story to say she would make the choice for Edward or Jacob.  This is just before Edward will be fighting for her life, but in how I read Edward's character, who she chose would not stop Edward from protecting her; and so he would fight Victoria all the same to save her life.  Edward's is love for Bella is not contingent on hers for him.  Edward would then kill Victoria and nevertheless her not wanting him.... rush her to be with Jacob, who of course would be injured at this point, and the decision must be made immediately to tell Jacob and the pack the truth about the FACTUAL MANDATED STATUS:  Bella has no choice but to either become a vampire or face yet another greater fight.  This must be done in this moment because members of the Volturi are minutes away from arriving at this moment and would expect to know what of her transformation. 
In the story as written, the wolves all leave before Jane's party arrives because they are not to be seen.  So the Cullen's would have to explain why Bella is not there if she leaves with them.  Jane would report that she was not there/a vampire to her Masters.  That path would lead to seeking out Bella and the Cullen's for death ( the promise was implied by Alice to the Volturi).  
If the pack did stay and the truth told that Bella had changed her mind, it would possibly be a matter of a new fight between the wolf pack and possibly the Cullen's on one side against Jane's party.  Jane's gift works on the Cullen's and wolves so the fight would be over before it began with all the good guys present being killed.  This would include Bella.  Or...the pack would leave (as they do in the story now) and Bella would stay and pretend to still be planning to change in order to save all of their lives.  However, this can only be a short term solution as it is still expected that she will become a vampire sooner rather than later by the Volturi. Thus. it will not prevent their inevitable demise.  
I do not see Bella as a character who would allow the man she loves and who she had just dumped (Edward)  to go through all of that after just fighting Victoria to save her to now stand to now once more to fight for her putting him and all the Cullen's (who she also loves) in order to protect her, again in this round...from Jane!   Bella reads too caring for that.  So her allowing Cullen's to make a promise to change her (Alice), to vote her into the family (Cullen's) and to take back her promise to marry Edward to now watch the pack and vampires all suffer for her change in mind, reads unrealistic to how Meyer presented Bella thus far.  Still if  that did happen, I would expect that it would change nothing as Irina is still out there angry over the wolves anyway.  Even if the story line does not form on her going to the Volturi, (of course with some other info as she would not have a vampire baby issue), eventually the Volturi are going to check once more and again it will be the wolf pack versus the Volturi. No matter if the Cullen's join to help, it would mean their deaths. Why? Because Bella would not have her gift.  If you recall at the end of breaking dawn it is only Bella's gift the stops the Volturi's attack, thus be it the Cullen's join in or not?  Everyone dies.  Jane's and Alec's gifts would incapacitate wolves and vampires and the human girl, and the Volturi would kill them all.
If Bella chooses Jacob in new moon, she would need to do so and never go to Italy.  In that scenario, Edward is dead.  She will possibly never know or live out her life with the knowledge Jacob's answering her phone l caused Edward's death.  And yes, I can see Alice or Rose making sure she knew.
If she does this after going to Italy...then we go back to fighting and again without her gift...they all die.
I will add that Meyer's reverse of when Bella falls in love with Jacob already puts into play the fail of the epic love story line because she has Bella fall in love with Jacob AFTER being in love with Edward and if their love can be penetrated, then it is not as strong as Sam's for Emily whose bonds can not be broken even by the idea of another love (based on how it is written).  Leah happens BEFORE Emily so that once with Emily, no one can touch them.  Meyer does not give Bella that ability as she writes her able to have another love AFTER Edward.  So she has weakened her own love story in HOW she has Bella be in love with Jacob.  I do find that much of the story write saddening as her main story is lost.  Now to have her actually choose him as you suggest?   Then the story as a whole really becomes worthless in terms of finding a magical love unless the book is no longer about vampires and humans but about wolves and humans.   imho


"In the story as written, the wolves all leave before Jane's party arrives because they are not to be seen.  So the Cullen's would have to explain why Bella is not there if she leaves with them. "

What if they told Jane that Bella had been changed but was destroyed by the new born army and therefore a pile of ash?

 There were already several piles of ash that probably could not be identified.  It would be very rude of Aro to require a Cullen to come to him so that he can personally touch them.  As long as the Cullens avoided Aro for the remainder of Bella's human life then I do not see how Aro would find out that Bella is actually alive.  The Cullen could say that they are in mourning for the loss of Edward's mate (which wouldn't really be false because Edward would be very sad and miserable).  It was time for the Cullens to leave Forks anyway and as long as they lay low for the next 70 years I don't see how Aro would find out about Bella really being alive.     

By the way I agree that this option would completely destroy the love story that Ms. Meyers created, but thought that an alternative could be possible other than everyone being killed. 

"How can you kill a vampire?"

He glanced at me with unreadable eyes and his voice was suddenly harsh. "The only way
to be sure is to tear him to shreds, and then burn the pieces."

So the Cullen's would burn Bella instead of putting her back together?

She could have been burned by one of the newborns towards the beginning of the battle.  Who says that the Cullens started all of the fires?  

It makes sense that Victoria could have told her army to immediately burn any of the Cullens who they dismembered to prevent them from being able to be put back together. 

“They are different from you?” Edward asked for Sam.

Carlisle nodded. “They are all very new — only months old to this life. Children, in a way. They will have no skill or strategy, only brute strength. Tonight their numbers stand at twenty. Ten for us, ten for you — it shouldn’t be difficult. The numbers may go down. The new ones fight amongst themselves.”

“All brand-new,” Carlisle said dismissively. “They were unskilled.”

“And this Victoria — did she create you?”

I don’t know,” she said, flinching again. “Riley never said her name. I didn’t see that night . . . it was so dark, and it hurt. . . .” Bree shuddered. “He didn’t want us to be able to think of her. He said that our thoughts weren’t safe. . . .”

Exactly! :D 

Bella would have been even more of a "newborn" than the newborns and so therefore even more unskilled.  So them being able to overtake her makes sense.  

One of the Cullens told Jane (I think it was Edward) that he personally destroyed Victoria and that SHE created the other newborns.  So the Volturi didn't need Bree's testimony but based on the text believed Edward.  So it seems likely that Jane would have believed what Edward or Carlisle had told her, and take them at their word without needing additional proof (from Aro personally) that Victoria had been destroyed.  The same could be true of Bella being "destroyed". 

Thanks! :) 

I would still have problems with your scenario as there would be no cataylist for being there.  The scent they were to follow was human and not vampire.  If there was no human scent from her clothing to follow, the Volturi would had known that much beforehand.  In addition, Bree would have said this.   The fight to have was over who got to have the human girl. There is no need to follow this path without her human scent being present or a need for the newborns to be there at all.  There would be no reason for the Cullens to want to meet up to fight them.  Alice would know their goal.

Personally, the fact that Edward is alive would be all Jane would need to know it was a lie.  She has first hand knowledge of how Edward would respond to the death of Bella.

And yes, based on Edward's reluctance, Ciaus would question this and Aro would read the Cullens to learn the truth.  

I stand by what I initially wrote...they would all die.

Thank you.  I enjoyed thinking it out with you!

I have enjoyed it as well. 

As you point out, there would be plenty of Bella's human scent left in her closet that the newborns could be following.  Bree didn't know the identity of who they were following only her scent.  Bella's blood was for added affect, but was far from necessary. 

You bring up another excellent point about Edward being alive.  The Cullen family ALSO have first hand information of Edward's intentions to end his life and if Jane came upon a scene of Edward begging his family to kill him, but them refusing, it would seem quite believable.  Edward claims to be a skillful liar therefore I don't see why he couldn't give them a wonderful performance, which would be half true since he did lose Bella. 

My understanding is that human and vampire scents differ so if Bella is a vampire, she would not have her human scent.

“There’s not enough time to make you helpful, Bella,” she disagreed coolly. “Do you remember how Jasper described the young ones? You’d be no good in a fight. You wouldn’t be able to control your instincts, and that would make you an easy target. And then Edward would get hurt trying to protect you.” She folded her arms across her chest, pleased with her unassailable logic.

This for me supports why newborns must be trained and it takes a lot of time to my understanding.  The Cullens would not risk Bella that way and Aro would know that.

Edward fought Victoria and Riley alone and also away from the family. Again we would need to know what brought these more mature vampires to seek the Cullens out without a human scent to follow to Edward and if Bella was there fighting as a new born (which I believe no mature vampire would believe the Cullen's let alone Edward would allow), Edward would not allow her to be with his family as oppose to by his side and again that leads me back to his being wherever she was burning and not with his family.

That said, had Riley or Vikki managed to kill Bella, Edward would have allowed them to kill him too no matter who she chose.  

Yes vampire scent and human scent are different, but Bella would have a whole closet of her human scent even if she were currently a vampire.  And considering in this scenario Bella is actually still human, so her human trail would be easy to follow and easy to explain due to her closet full of clothing. 

Based on this scenario the Cullens changed Bella but due to her lack of skill tried to keep her away from the battle which is why Edward and Bella were not with the other Cullens.  As for Riley and Victoria killing Edward after they killed Bella, Edward was never the target, but Bella was.  Victoria would have refused to kill Edward because she wanted him to spend the rest of his existence without his mate the way Victoria had to.  After Riley and Victoria burned Bella in front of Edward, filled with rage Edward killed Riley and Victoria, but was helpless to put Bella back together.  

As stated before, Jane arrives on the scene with Edward asking his family to kill him which of course they refuse but sets the stage perfectly for Jane to believe that Bella has been destroyed among the other ashes.  

No still say they all die.  Vampire senses read far more acute than what you present.  Jane would know Bella was still human and even the direction and how long she left upon her arrival.  This would happen because Jane would want to catch the Cullens in a lie to have a reason to punish them.  She would follow that scent all the way back to LaPush where an ill Jacob can do her no good.

Actually Bella would have left with the wolves so their scent would have covered over Bella's human scent.  If Jane was going to be that particular about smells then she should have noticed the wolf stench in Eclipse and she did not.  Again she took the Cullens at their word with very little research.  She asked questions of Bree, but she was worthless as a witness. 

I never had the impression that Jane disliked the Cullens as a whole.  Aro on the other hand seemed to be envious of them or considered the Cullens a threat. Jane did however have animosity towards Bella.  She did not like the idea of Aro getting a new "favorite".  So I think Jane would like that Bella had been destroyed and happily passed on that information to Aro.  Aro would be disappointed that he wasn't able to experience Bella in her vampire form, but nothing he can do about that disappointment.  

I'm not trying to get you to change your answer, but so far none of your rebuttals have been substantial for me to change my answer.  I also do not discredit your answer as a possibility.  However you have consistently challenged mine as a possibility.  Many of your challenges have been thought provoking and resulted in added details to my scenario but none of your objections have been impossible to overcome.  

I do not see why we can not both acknowledge the others idea as a possibility. 


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