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if bella chose jacob instead of edward,what do you think would happen to edward right now?

Just curios if Bella would still bein the life she has right now.

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I do not agree with that point.

If Meyer was to follow the plotline if Bella picked Jacob-then it would not make sense for her to kill of Bella, the Cullens and the Wolves in the third book.

I do not think Bella would have become a Vampire if she was with Jacob-She became a Vampire in BD because she almost died when Renesmee was born.

Edward would have let Bella go-as he said he would in Eclipse. So I wouldn't think there would be a fight between Edward/Jake about Bella. However he would still protect her from the newborns and Victoria with the wolf pack and they would have won like before.

Is this in response to me?  If so, which part of what I said is not plausible specifically in what you read in my comment?

Yes :) I do not agree with the bit where you said they all will die.

If that happened, it would defeat the purpose of the saga in my eyes and there would be no Breaking Dawn


Choosing Jacob defeats the purpose of the saga, period!  So we must get past that point to fairly access the hypothetical and state what you think would happen.  I wrote out I hope clearly what and why I felt as I did.  Now I am asking which part of the steps in what I presented are not possible in your opinion.  Without that, all you are really saying is that you just did not like my response and that is different from it not being plausible.  So tell me what did I say that could not happen within what we are told in the story about the characters and the timing of events?

Frankly, I would prefer they not die...I just do not see a way around that.  If you lie to the Volturi and get die.  (They do not give second chances.)  Bella was human and so Edward and the Cullen's would have to lie to say she is now a vampire.

As Bella is human and was with Edward, her smell will be on him and thus evidence she is still human!  Again what Jasper said matters!

“As long as you don’t touch anything, Bella, I can’t imagine someone sticking their nose close enough to that trail to catch your scent,” Jasper said, grimacing. “It was almost completely obscured.”

She touched Edward.  So her human scent is strongly available.   Note he said he can't imagine someone sticking their nose that close, but I believe Jane would have one of her minions do just that! Jasper also says it was almost completely obscured...almost.  So her human scent is there!  Thus if she is not present Jane will tell Aro and Caius.   One read of Edward would be all Aro would need.  

I do not see it that way. I just simple do not agree with you! Period!

You have your own views and I have mine. For you, Bella picking Jacob defeats the purpose of the Saga, for me them dying as you said they would, defeats the purpose.

Okay Infinite Love.  That is fine. I understand.  


Actually Bella would have left with the wolves so their scent would have covered over Bella's human scent.  If Jane was going to be that particular about smells then she should have noticed the wolf stench in Eclipse and she did not.  Again she took the Cullens at their word with very little research.  She asked questions of Bree, but she was worthless as a witness. 

I would expect her to be that picky because as you said, and I do agree, she does not like Bella.

I never had the impression that Jane disliked the Cullens as a whole.

Yes we agree.  My impression of Jane is that she enjoys the fight because she enjoys using her gift.  She used it in my opinion just for the fun of it on Bree.

Aro on the other hand seemed to be envious of them or considered the Cullens a threat. Jane did however have animosity towards Bella. She did not like the idea of Aro getting a new "favorite".  

Yes we do agree here.

So I think Jane would like that Bella had been destroyed and happily passed on that information to Aro.  Aro would be disappointed that he wasn't able to experience Bella in her vampire form, but nothing he can do about that disappointment.  

We differ here.  While I do think the idea of Bella being destroyed would have appealed to impression of Jane is that she would not readily believe this because to take back the wrong information would not go over well with her Masters.  She thrives on pleasing Aro.  She would not want to risk a false report on her watch. I an also easily see  Caius and Aro investigating this.  Aro wants Alice Edward and Bella.  I can see it being used as an excuse to 'visit' the Cullens and again Edward would be read.  I just think the relationship as seen by Aro and Caius would make a difference.

I'm not trying to get you to change your answer, but so far none of your rebuttals have been substantial for me to change my answer.

Light...that was NEVER my goal!  However, when you pull out a part of my response to quote when you write your thoughts instead of simply addressing the topic of the thread directly?  Yes, it does seem you are countering me specifically.  I have no problems with that or your ideas!  It just that your views seemed to view the roles of the Italy vampires as far less significnt and detrimental to the scene than I did.  Talking it out was my way of seeing if it could change my views! 

I also do not discredit your answer as a possibility.  However you have consistently challenged mine as a possibility.  Many of your challenges have been thought provoking and resulted in added details to my scenario but none of your objections have been impossible to overcome.  

Light I wrote they all die and you wrote they do not.  I do see that as discrediting mine...but I also think it is fair.  I too found yours thought provoking and like you, none of your views seemed without issues that were possible to overcome.

I do not see why we can not both acknowledge the others idea as a possibility.

Light, it is a hypothetical so any answer can be given.  No one is wrong.  

For me, yours is based on scents and the assumption that because the wolves are there a human scent would not be noticeable if I have the crux of your views correct.  I simply do not see that as a possible.  The wolves scents would indeed be there but it can not remove her human would just be a nasty smell as Jasper said in the test:

“As long as you don’t touch anything, Bella, I can’t imagine someone sticking their nose close enough to that trail to catch your scent,” Jasper said, grimacing. “It was almost completely obscured.”

That leaves me with the impression that if close enough to her smell even with a wolf order nearby, Bella's human scent would be detected.  For me, and I speak only for me, one sniff of Edward by Jane would settle that!

Light, I enjoyed the exchange and I loved how much thought you put into your idea and it is more of a personality trait that I analyze things to death.  In addition, I am so use to defending all I say here so I am sure that too has been an influence.  It was not meant to be a discouragement or rude. I really do not see getting around a human scent when in the presence of a vampire.  The way I read them...the scent is just too strong.  I also really did read Aro and Caius' interest in Bella, Edward and Alice to be more of a desire than you seem to have and that is why I am of the mind that if Jane bought your scenario, she would be far too savvy to buy into Bella was killed based on trust of the Cullen's.  I also believe she would not take lightly returning to Italy with the wrong news for her Masters.  Yes...I believe Jane would be meticulous before committing to report to her Masters a lie.  However, even in death, Caius if not Aro would find a way to use that to connect to them again to know for himself that she died.  Also, Aro still would want Edward and Alice.  I think it would be sooner than later, but any contact ever again with Edward by Aro would reveal the truth.  That is truly just my humble opinion of the relationships and the characters I found the Italy clan to be when I read the series.  Yes, we differ and I completely accept that.

Now having said all that?  I will not as you said challenge you farther. I accept we differ as to how we read the characters and agree that you made EXCELLENT points for your views!


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