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If My life was fiction
By Jenn Jean
*All Twilight Characters are Stephanie Myers. I have made some up, but all credit goes to her*
This is my life (sort of) but with Twilight mixed in, its set 10 years after breaking dawn, and Reneesme and Jacob are married with two kids. *this is me by the way, I was bullied as a kid and through high school, so ya...some of the accounts of bulling did acutally happen and some are made up, so pls let me know what you think:)
I hate my life. There is nothing here for me. I have no idea what to do. Will some one come to my rescue?
Chapter one: This is me.
“Jenny, get up its time for school!’ I hear my mom call.
“Do I have to, I mean I hate high school!”
I hated high school, especially grade 12, all my friends were staying here in Toronto for a victory lap and I was the only one leaving for college. They all were pot heads and drinkers, but somehow escaped that and was a pretty good student and had great friends, from church.
“Yes Jennifer, you need to go, you are half way done and then you have the summer to spend here then you can leave.”
“Okay mom, I’ll be right down, let me get changed first.”
“Okay JJ.”
What the hell am I going to wear? I have nothing that fits; all I have are too tight jeans and t-shirts that I hate. (My style has since improved dramatically). I look in the mirror and all I see is some fat girl staring at me, no one believe me that I am a volleyball and basketball player and that I have danced for about 10 years. I really hate my body. I have the ugliest nose known to man and have the worst hair colour too, I have to remember to die it.
“Hey Chrissie! Can you come here I need to know what to wear!” I yell for my sister Christine.
“Ya Jenn bug?”
“Find me something please.”
“Here, blue top and these jeans.” She said handing me a blue long sleeve t-shirt with a scoop neck and a pair of straight leg jeans.
‘Thanks’ I mutter as she walks out of my room. I better hurry because my mom is leaving to drop my sister off and I want a ride.
I walked in to West Hill CI and saw my English teacher talking with a friend.
“hey Mrs. V,” I say with a fake smile, “What’s happening?”
“Oh nothing, we are getting some new students in and I was hopping you and Tara could show them around.”
“Sure, anything.” Why me? I know I am a nerd and a goodie-goodie but I still hate do do this stuff. “So how many people?”
“10 I think. I don’t remember. But I will let the VP know what you two are doing so that you can miss parts of class for the next few days.”
“Okay, thank-you. Bye see you in class.”
Tara and I walk away, and start talking.
“Oh my God Jenn, 10 new kids, I hope some of the are hot guys!” She said with a big smile on her face.
‘You forgot to say ‘single hot guys’ T.”
“Your right.”
The music starts to play so we start to walk to class- which happens to be English so that means our touring duty begins now.
“Hurry up T, we will be late for our tour, you have to remember, I run to classes.”
“I know but-“ she stops mid-sentence and stares at the door.
‘T, what is it?”I follow her eyes and the gasps of the class and look to the door. I saw 6 stunningly beautiful pale people walk in, then following, another girl but not so pale as the others, holding hands with a huge brown boy, and following fraternal twins it appeared, the same colour as the boy.
“Hello, everyone these are the; Cullen’s, Hale’s and Black’s.” Mrs. V said.
I couldn’t believe it, they were all so beautiful. Great, something else to hate about my self. At that thought I could have sworn I heard one of the pale guys, he had bronze hair, snarl in my direction. Ugg, and I need to show them around WHCI (West Hill CI)?
‘Jennifer and Tara, can you please come here.”
“Yes, Mrs V.” I said.
“Can you show our new students around and make them feel comfortable, I have arranged for you to miss one class a day, for the next week and you may go off campus to show them around the neighbourhood.”
“Follow me.” I heard Tara say. Apparently my voice was M.I.A. so I had to wait to find it. We all started walking.
“So, who is who?” The big guy answered, he had brown curly hair and he was pale too.”
“Well I'm Tara and this is Jennifer, but call her Jenn.”
“Hello, Jenn. I'm Ryan.” He held out his hand, for me to take it. Why was he being so nice? I have never ever been treated like this by someone who looked like this. He was tall and muscular, he had shoulder length brown hair tied back, he was a beautiful russet colour, and his eyes oh my god his eyes, they were a beautiful brown/green.
“h-hhhi” I stuttered “where would you like to go first?” I whispered
“The cafe.” Said the huge brown boy.
“Okay this is going to confuse the hell out of me but what are everyone’s names?”
“Edward Cullen, Alice Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Reneesme Cullen, Jasper Hale, Rosalie Hale, Jacob Black, Bella Black, Ryan and Ellie Black.” Edward said
“Okay thank-you. You know us, so let’s get on with the tour.” It was weird, I don’t know how but I was feeling very confident all of a sudden, as if someone had put a spell on me. we walked down the stairs and into the cafe.
“Here is the cafe in all its glory, personally I wouldn’t get anything from here, I would walk up to the Pizza Pizza and grab a slice.” I felt a wave of nerves hit as I said this. I always have, whenever I said walk, cause it looks like I don’t walk at all.
The girls all walked together and so did the boys, were as Tara and I walked in the middle acting as a fence between the two sides.
“Why don’t we take a seat somewhere and get to know each other better.” Alice suggested. She was so cute; she was short with black spiky hair, almost pixie like.
“Okay.” We found a table and started talking. I was so nervous that I was just sitting there not saying anything at all. I looked up from fiddling with my hands and noticed that Tara wasn’t here.
“Um, guys where did Tara go?”
“She left about a have an hour ago, she had to go to the office about something, said that once you snap out of whatever you were doing she would talk to you.” Rosalie said.
“I don’t know what happened, she suddenly became mean, and left.” Bella was sayimg, she glared at Rosalie
“Oh, I'm sorry, she gets like that sometimes. I should leave so you don’t um, um...I should just leave.” I was getting up when all of a sudden; I felt a warm hand on my hand.
“Jennifer, you don’t have to leave. Stay we haven’t got to hear your life yet.”
“Ryan, I'm not very interesting really, I should be going now. I want to get home and start my homework, I have a spare next period and I want to get home.” Why was he being so nice, it was weird, I'm not used to it. Ever I was made fun of in elementary school for everything under the sun, so I can honestly say no guy has ever liked me in a romantic kind of way, and with Ryan showing me this side was weird, he truly wanted me to stay.
“Okay, but can I at least take you home. I don’t think I saw you with car keys, so that would mean either you walk or take bus.”
“I take the bus.”
“Okay, so let me take you home.”
“Okay.” I sheepishly said. As I turned 50 different shades of pink.
I wonder if this is going to be like last time where a guy was being nice to me and doing things like this because of a dare. Oh god I hope not. My mother and father couldn’t deal with my last episode when that happened.
“Hey Jennifer. How are you?” Kyle asked me.
“I’m fine, you?” I always tried to be polite even with this creep/
“Good. You know, you are very pretty.”
“Really?” I blushed.
“Ya, so I was wondering if you wanted to hang out with me this weekend?”
“um, okay, sure.”
“Cool, I’ll meet you in the mall by the Timmies.”
“Cool.” And with that he walked off. I walked in the other direction. But I forgot something in my locker, which is where we were standing earlier and I heard;
“Yo, dude did you ask the fat female dog out yet?” his friend said
“Ya, of course, she fell for it, hook line and sinker.” Kyle replied
“’That was the best dare ever, that I came up with.”
I couldn’t believe what was happening, I was asked out on a dare. I felt tears welling up inside, but I didn’t want anyone to see them so I called my mom to come pick me up from school because I wasn’t feeling well. Once I got home I ran to my room and barricaded the door with a crutch and cried for hours. I didn’t go to school for the next two days. It was Friday night which means Youth Group. But I was in no condition to go, so I decided to run down stairs and take 5 sleeping pills, which my mom had, and see if that would work. I left a note on my pillow and took them in one big gulp, and within minutes I started to fall asleep. I was so happy-or as happy as I could get.
I faintly remember my sister coming in, to see me and someone started to shake me but I wouldn’t budge. The next think I knew I was in a hospital bed with tubes hooked up everywhere and my close friends crying.
My parents had no idea what to do so they wanted me to see someone, I did and I got a little better, but now anytime a guy trys to come close to me I naturally back away. Even for the guys from church, who are like my brothers, they wanted to kill this guy for what he did to me, and they watched out for me.
*End of flashback*
I don’t know what to think with this guy. Maybe I should let him drive me home.
~Hey all, pls comment and tell me what you think, thanks

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When you started listing names Bella's last name was Black. How is that if Jacob and Nessie are Married. Edward and Bella are her parents, Making Bella a Cullen.
OMG that was really good it is very different to my story... which i am in the middle of writing!
please read it
ya...maybe i should have metioned that...its a
Jenn you're off to a good start. Looking forward to more!
Chapter 2:
If My life was Fiction
Jenn POV:
Maybe, I'm not sure. I'm still so worried about this guy, he looks as if he is the only guy here without a girlfriend.
“Jenn, so do you want a ride?” Ryan asked.
“Umm, okay, sure.” I had a little nervous smile. Jacob had the biggest smile on his face and the same with Reneesme. I don’t know why.
“Do you need anything from your locker?”
“Ya, my jacket and my French book.”
“Your in French?”
“Ya, I'm not very good, actually I'm practically failing that class. I took it just so I would have an extra course on my transcript.”
“If you ever need help, Edward can help. He knows several languages.” Bella interrupted. She too had a huge smile on her face.
“Possibly, well we better get going so you don’t miss the rest of the day.”
“Don’t worry, I have the afternoon off.”
“Okay, let’s go, my locker is by the pool.”
“That's funny, so is mine.” He laughed.
Oh god, please don’t tell me this, his cant be near mine, I would never go to it.
“Ryan, can you hold on for a minute I have to go to the bathroom.”
“Sure, I’ll be here.”
I wasn’t going to the bathroom; I was going to the bus stop. I couldn’t bear to look where his locker was. It would be all to similar. And plus one of my best guy friends was away today, Evan he always texted me when he got to school, to make sure I was alright and to see if anyone was bothering me. It was a condition my church put one me, to have me stay in the dance group. He can spot a fake a 1000 km’s away.
“Yo, Jenn!” Oh crap here she comes again I wonder what I did to deserve this, this time? It was Trish, apparently Kyle was her boyfriend when he ‘asked me out’ and she has been pissed ever since.
“What do you want Trish, I'm not in the mood.” I said rolling my eyes.
“You, on your knees begging for forgiveness, while I punch the living days out of you.” My heart started to beat very fast. Of course I was in a corridor where there were no cameras and so if I was beaten to a pulp I would be found hours from now.
“I don’t believe you.” I started to walk away, but she grabbed a hold of my hair and pulled me down. She reached up and took a swing at my face. Ah who cares, I needed a change. She came at me again, with another punch, but this one was on the other side. She punched me like 20000 times then by the time I was in a ball, she started to invite her friends to the ‘party’, I was kicked all over, some one thought it would be fun if they kicked my face, I was starting to drift, to where all I saw was black, but something pulled me out of it, someone or someone’s were breaking up the fight, I don’t know who it was, I just knew it was ending,, finally. I drifted off into the dark stages of unconsciousness.
Ryan’s POV:
‘She’s pretty, right?’ I thought to my twin sister, Ellie.
‘Sure, but she is deep thought, I would ask grandpa what she is thinking about. Her past is all very fuzzy to me Ry. I don’t know what to think here.’
My sister and I are twins and we can communicate through thought, all though grandpa can hear what we are ‘saying’ he doesn’t say it out loud. Ellie has a gift-she can see peoples pasts, where as I can, well I'm not sure yet. I don’t even know if I have a gift.
“...and now I come here and I am in grade 12...Jenn are you listening to me, I know our new friends are, but are you?! Oh my God Jenn, snap out of it.” Tara snapped her fingers in her face, “fine if you aren’t going to respond I will go somewhere where I'm needed. Bye.” With that she left. Thank god, I was going to explode and phase right there if she didn’t shut up!
“Um, guys where did Tara go?”
“She left about a half an hour ago, she had to go to the office about something, said that once you snap out of whatever you were doing she would talk to you.” Rosalie said.
“I don’t know what happened, she suddenly became mean, and left.” Bella was sayimg, she glared at Rosalie
“Oh, I'm sorry, she gets like that sometimes. I should leave so you don’t um, um...I should just leave.” She was getting I didn’t want her to leave so I put my hand on heres and her breath hitched.
“Jennifer, you don’t have to leave. Stay we haven’t got to hear your life yet.”
“Ryan, I'm not very interesting really, I should be going now. I want to get home and start my homework, I have a spare next period and I want to get home.”
Okay, but can I at least take you home. I don’t think I saw you with car keys, so that would mean either you walk or take bus.”
“I take the bus.”
“Okay, so let me take you home.”
Just then she got a far away look in her eyes and she was think of something, I would have to remember what she was thinking of.
“Alice what do you see?” Jasper asked
“It’s Jenn, she is going to take the bus, but she is going to get into a fight, but I cant tell where.”
‘Oh no. She can’t. Where is she?’ I think to grandpa.
“I don’t know, we will have to wait and see where the noise is coming from. Then we will find her.”
“I don’t like it.” I said and I stormed off, hoping to hear something. I was walking for 3 minutes and I heard, someone kicking someone else. Please don’t let that be Jenn on the floor. I called for my sister though my mind and I heard my family coming to the rescue.
Jasper, calmed everyone down, Emmett pulled off the girls who were scratching her face, Edward pulled off the girls who where punching her and my dad Jacob held on to me so I wouldn’t phase or worse kill the girl who started this. Rose took the girl, who I assumed to be Trish-the ring leader and pinned her against the wall with, grandma, mom, Ellie, and Alice. They were talking to her but I wasn’t paying attention, I was let go and ran to Jenn’s side to see of she was okay.
“Edward, we have to get her to Carlisle and fast, she has been badly injured.” Jasper said, I couldn’t form complete sentences while I was her like this. I picked her up and ran to the car.
‘Ellie, what are you doing?’
‘Nothing, I want this idiot to pay for what she did.’
‘We just moved here, please don’t let anyone kill her.’
‘Don’t worry bro, we are going to tell the VP and get her butt expelled.’
‘Good. Meet you at home.’
A/N If anyone wanted to, I would love a banner...this bullying incedinet didnt happen
please dont say the dare insident happened Jenn, that was the meanest ever!!
thank god the bullying incident didnt happen!!
It's awesome, obvoiusly Ryan imprinted??
Thats great
maybe....u'll find out:) thanks for reading everyone:)
maybe tommrow...hopefully:) thanks for reading:)
Chapter 3:
If My Life Was Fiction:

Ryan’s POV:
I can’t believe it. I am in the back of grandpa’s car driving, really fast to our house, which was close to the zoo, where all the larger houses are in Scarborough. Jenn’s head is resting on my lap. She is still unconscious, which worries me to no end. Why do I feel this way? I want her to be okay, she is beautiful, I wish I had a gift like my mother’s or my grandfather’s so I could either show her what I see or hear what she is thinking.
Finally after what seemed like hours, we were home.
“Carlisle, you need to come here now!” My dad yelled.
“What is i-“he looked in my arms and saw Jenn lying there, unconscious with dried blood on her, everywhere. “Bring her inside now!”
“Ryan I want you to leave.” Grandpa said.
“Why I don’t want to go, I want to stay with Jenn.”
“I know Ryan, but you have to. We will have to see the damage that this incident caused and I don’t want you here for it. Please go. We will explain to you what’s wrong and what we need to fix but as of right now you are only allowed in your room!” Dad said
I couldn’t believe it, I was being forced from seeing what was happening, I wonder why? I guess I should go now, I have homework to do.
Jenn’s POV
Ugg, I feel horrible. What the hell, where am I? What’s in my arm? Who is this man standing over me, and why are the new kids here?
“Hi Jennifer, I am Dr. Cullen, but call me Carlisle.”
“Hi?” I don’t know what I was doing here or why I so nervous. “Where am I?”
“You were beat up today and my children found you and brought you to me because you were badly injured.”
“Oh okay, I can go home now, so just take out the IV and everything will be cool.”
“Jennifer, you don’t understand, you were really badly injured on the verge of a coma.”
“Ya so?” This was a regular occurrence in my life, I would go home and cry my eyes out, binge on something then, watch TV until I fell asleep, which would be the next morning. “Can you let me go home now?”
“No Jennifer, I want to ask you some questions.”
Oh crap, he might have found out my secret. I might be a goodie-goodie but if anyone took a good look at me they would know that I had ‘binge eating disorder’ (BED) and I was a cutter. My parents, sisters, friends didn’t know about this. And it was something I didn’t want them to know about. It was embarrassing.
“Um, okay shoot. But on one condition, you remove all the needles, tubes and anything else you have put in me before I answer anything. Deal?”
“Okay.” He removed everything, but the IV. I hated these things, I have had enough of them in my life I didn’t want it in me.
“The IV Carlisle!” he took it out, I winced.
“Okay Jennifer, here is my main question, how long have you been bullied?”
“Are you seriously asking that, my whole life, it’s gotten worse as time moves on.”
“Okay, does anyone know about it?”
“How do you feel?”
“How the hell do you think I feel, I have been self-mutilating myself for the past 2 years and I have had BED for 4 years! Does that answer your stupid questions?”
“Yes it does. You can go home, but I would like you to stop by my office latter this week, Ryan can take –“
I cut him off. “No! He can’t take me, ask any of the anyone else, someone whose in a relationship, just not Ryan.” The memories of the whole dare came flooding back. I didn’t want to get worried again and see it in his eyes. I mean what is it, his dad trying to dare his own son, to take me out to see him, like what the hell, he just wants a laugh, to see how long it will take for me to try again. It was just last week when I tried, again the sleeping pills. I should do something more, maybe find a crazed murder and ask him to kill me, but make it look like I did it myself. I started to break down, I haven’t even know this people, beautiful radiant people for a whole day yet but, somehow I was starting to trust them. “I am going to go home now, sorry for being rude.” I saw Jacob and Edward leave suddenly.
“Can I take you home Jenn?” I heard someone call, she had a bell like voice. I turned around and it was Ellie, Ryan’s twin.
“Um, okay, by the way where am I, like what intersection?”
“By the zoo.” Dame, really, really did they have to live by the zoo, I mean I live by the zoo when I was a kid I used to walk there.
“It’s okay, I live by here, I can walk.”
“You sure?”
“Ya, its fine.”
“Okay then. Bye.”
Ryan’s POV:
The best part of being a weird hybrid is that I have super senses. So I heard everything that was going on in great-grandpa’s office. How Jenn hates herself, she cuts and binges and she has tried on several occasions to ‘off herself’. I don’t know why but it makes me angry to see how she treats herself, and whoever started this will pay. I thought it would be best if I talked to dad and grandpa about this. I want to know what she is thinking.
“Dad, Grandpa, can you come here for a minute.” I called
“Yes Ryan? What can I do for you son?” My dad said
“Well you obviously know the girl, Jennifer,” they nodded their heads, “well I feel an attachment to her.” They had a big grin on their faces. “I want to know what she was thinking when we were in the cafe and why she suddenly backed off.”
“Well, Ryan congrats are in order, but we will tell you why in a little bit, she was thinking about a boy named Kyle who pretended to have a crush on her and asked her out only to find out he was dared into it.” Grandpa said.
“I can’t believe it, why would someone do that to anyone, especially her?”
“I don’t know, but what I do know is that she tried to kill herself that night and she didn’t succeed, but her family and friends put a whole lot of restrictions on her, as a preventative measure, but it hasn’t got better. This attack was not the first of its kind; she has been injured from a lot of things. When we x-rayed her, it was horrible, there were multiple healed fractures she had scaring on some of her tissue, and not to mention all the visible scars on her body. She had tons around her stomach. I'm surprised no one in her family has seen them.” He continued.
I had tears coming from my eyes. This was horrible. I wanted to meet her family to see what they were like, if they were clueless. I wonder how her friends acted, if she had anyone close she could talk to.
“No she doesn’t, she used to have her sister, but she got a boyfriend and same with her best friend so they have no time, and her parents work all the time so they don’t see what is right in front of them.” Grandpa answered my question.
“Um, how do you know all of this?”
“Well I read her mind and I called around while you were in your room and she was unconscious.”
“Okay, dad I have a question for you, why do I have an attachment to a girl I just met?”
“Because you hab=ve imprinted on her.”
“Excuse me!”
“Yes you have imprinted on Jennifer. That's why you want to protect her, therefore we all will. She is family now, and we protect our family.”
“Jake your beginning to sound like Carlisle.” Grandpa said.
“Okay, so who took her home because I can no longer hear her.”
“Well, no one, Carlisle suggested that you take her home, but then she freaked, so Ellie offered. But apparently she lives close to us so she walked. Rose is following her.”
Jenn’s POV:
Why do I have the weirdest feeling that someone is following me? I keep on looking back but no one is there. I hated telling Dr. Cullen all that. There was a reason why I told no one, I hate talking about myself. I'm unimportant. No one deserves me, I'm worthless. I wish there was some quick and painless way to end all the hurt I cause myself and others. Do you think my parents and my sisters like seeing me like this, no. But what can they do, my sister Christine is dating Rob and my best friend who I consider my sister, Krystal is dating Andrew, so they have no time and my parents are off at work. So I just go home to the empty house bring up something to eat and sit in my room for hours. I think about what I have done to make people angry but I can never think of something, it must be, I don’t know, maybe I smell?
I walked into the bathroom, looked at the medicine cabinet, took out a blade. I lifted my shirt and started to cut again. I don’t care if I get sick or anything, I don’t I want to curl up and die. Oh look, sleeping pills, 5, 6. 7 pills didn’t work so maybe 8 pills.
I started to write a note;
Dear whoever reads this,
It’s me, Jennifer Jean. I have taken my slumber, hopefully it will work this time. I don’t want to be on the earth anymore, I wish I could just never have been born or get blasted into Space. No one likes me, so I should save the pain for everyone, so they don’t need to look at the ugly, fat, horrible, disgusting person who is me.

I know its a horrible place to leave, and yes I am sponsored by the Kleenex makers of Canada. This did NOT happen to me, but to people I have met and lost over the years. If you know someone who is like this character, please tell someone, or call Kids Help Phone, so you don’t lose a friend. I will hopefully post more tomorrow:)
wow, Jenn, that was...intense, I am beyond words, this is way too depressing.


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