The Twilight Saga

If u became a vampire do u think u would have a power? If so what would it b?

Some vampire have powers such as Edward, Alice, and Jasper. Many times i've wondered what my power mite b if i were a vampire or if i would have a power at all. If u think u would have a power what do u think it would b?

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My power would be mind reading and persuasion
me like
I think i would be able to make ANYBODY feel better x3!! I'm kind of really good with that U.u' whenever anyone is sad i really get them x3
I think i would want to have th power of teleportation . Like i can travel to any place just by thinking about it . I think it's gonna be really cool . Plus i can save on transportation fees (:
I think my powers would be the same as Esme's
i have no clue but i would have to say control people (make them do/say what i want them to) or to see peoples disres ( ;
I'm not worthy of a power...
But if I was it would probably be invisibility, including blocking my scent. What can I say, I'm a pro at hide-n-go-seek xD
I would probably have invisibility because I am really shy and I blend into other people.
hey well for me i already can heal people and see the future and can make people fell better so i would guess i would keep them
if i became a vampire i would want to have the power to see the future like alice
maybe seeing the future or invisibility but if i had a choice i would read peoples minds!
My power would be mind reading,LIKE EDWARD


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