The Twilight Saga

If u became a vampire do u think u would have a power? If so what would it b?

Some vampire have powers such as Edward, Alice, and Jasper. Many times i've wondered what my power mite b if i were a vampire or if i would have a power at all. If u think u would have a power what do u think it would b?

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yes, invisibility
I don't know!!!!!! I'd like to have many powers!!
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I'd have future sight like Alice. Because I am human, my future sight now comes like Bella's in dreams.

When I was about 5 or 6 years old I dreamt of reading a book and a page I turned had a very vivid picture on it that didn't make any sense to me then. I didn't read that book and turn that page to see that picture in real life until I was in 5th grade. Talk about dejavu . . .

When I was older--in my early to mid-20's, I dreamed on 3 different occasions about children being born as if I were the pregnant one (however, I never had children of my own). All the children were born to close friends of mine. One involved twins and the others were single births--one gal had moved away as her husband was military and I hadn't seen her in 2 years. She had never discussed the pregnancy, just her upcoming visit home that turned into an impromptu baby shower for her new son. The twins were born to my BF and the other to another friend I met later in college out of state. She also lived out of state of where we attended school. This was long before we had ultrasound. All of those babies have grown and now have babies of their own. I could never tell the sex of the baby but I was able to describe them--length, weight, hair, no hair, etc. All matched my descriptions. My BF's twins were dreamt about 1 year before she met her husband and 2 more years before the pregnancy. She had laughed at me when I had told her about twins. Even her dr was surprised because they had syncronized heartbeats.

When I was about 35, I dreamt several times a year for a couple years about me falling down a flight of stairs and getting injured. It scared me and I was always careful. Five years ago, at the age of 54, I fell down 2 lousy little stairs and broke my leg.

There have been a few other things over the years, simple stuff like getting a "new to me" car of a particular color years before I was ready to buy that next car, or seeing myself wearing a particular piece of clothing that wasn't even in style at the time, or working in a particular office. etc. One such dream told me I would never work in the new building my company was building. We were supposed to be moved in by a certain date and there were delays. I never did work in that building because I ended up leaving that job for another one I wasn't even looking for--6 months before they actually got to move.

I always pay attention to my dreams . . .
Feeling when something bad is about to happen. Ang Mind control. I can get people to do what I want to do all the time.
kinda like bejamens powers from breaking dawn
I would mind read and see the future. I would control minds to calm people down and when I'm lazy.
Mind reading would be cool. Controling the elements would be pretty awesome. But, I would like to have a power like Eleazer's. I would like to be able to know what the powers of my enemies are. I would also like to have Chelsea's power - breaking or strengthening bindings. However, I'll probably get stuck with shooting flames or daggers out of my eyes, since I do it so well now.
Maybe, healing people, telling the future, or getting people to do what i want/persuasion ;)
I think id have the power to mute peoples speach cos am quite quiet.
i would be able to hurt people without touching them!
Uhmmm...Mind reading, strength, resistance to the thirst....


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