The Twilight Saga

if you could kiss taylor lautner or Jacob black who would you kiss?
i would kiss jacob!

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Def TAYLOR, first; =D but jacob too. LOL
I'd kiss Jacob.
No, Taylor.
No Jacob. He's a werewolf <3
I choose him
i wud kiss both lmao but 4 taylor i wud want him to b single
AAA....JACOB!!!!...besides Taylor is a minor...that wouldnt be ok lol
lol, for me it's be the other way around cause im younger
definitley JACOB
Jacob definetly
jake cause he's hot (no pun intended) but both if i could
Ummmmm.............. TAYLOR!
Either one!! But I bet if I were kissing Taylor, I'd probably accidentally call him Jacob! lol
It would be Jacob that I would want to kiss, reading the books before the movie, Stephenie describes each character to the tee, looks, feelings, you feel he is alive. Then when the movie came out and Taylor was picked to play him, he was perfect and I would love to kiss him too.


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