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if you could kiss taylor lautner or Jacob black who would you kiss?
i would kiss jacob!

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Jacob (duh,still luv u taylor)
I don't konw maybe Jacob :)
taylor, jacob seems to stuborn in new moon omg
both are really amazing. it's really hard to choose. but if i had to, i'd probally say taylor. just because he's actually a real person and, although it breaks my heart to say this, jacob is just a character in a book and movie. but i wouldn't mind kissing both, multiple times. xDD
cant i kiss them BOTH?
but if i HAVE to choose one (thanks for making the world complicated) it would be...(thinking) this is HARD... um.... preobably... Tay- no! it would be Jake- WAIT um...... uh.
yes thats right
Jacob Black
Ahhhh!!! hard question! i cant pik wow .....
I would kiss Taylor. Jacob is super HOT. Wait...idk know who i would kiss because they're both dating someone if you think about it. I change my mind. I would kiss Jacob. he is sooo HOT. and always shirtless. But they are the same person. so basically, both.
I'd have to say Taylor Lautner....whether he his Taylor or Jacob the shirt can still come off.....
i'd say "both of them"! (if that could really happen...)
totally jacob long hair or short i don't care! but totally jacob


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