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If you had been Carlisle: What would your advice have been on the: “Werewolves are off limits,” debate?

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If you had been Carlisle: What would your advice have been on the: “Werewolves are off limits,” debate?

In the novel “Eclipse” Edward Cullen and Bella Swan reach an impasse as to whether Bella should be able to freely visit the werewolf (shifter) Jacob Black.

Hypothetical question: If you had been Carlisle: What would your advice have been on the: “Werewolves are off limits” debate?

Hypothetical premise: You are Doctor Cullen. And you are sitting in your home office, when Bella and Edward come in.

Edward says, “Carlisle, Bella would like to frequently go to La Push, so she can visit her friend Jacob. And I understand her desire, but as you know, by their nature werewolves are unstable. Especially young ones. You are well aware of the Emily Uley case. And Emilie’s injuries were caused by her husband Sam. Sam, who has always been the most mature young man at La Push. Sam who was deeply in love with Emily when he mutilated her. Not only that but Paul almost killed Bella over a simple misunderstanding. Bella thinks that she can manage Jacob but he has repeatedly broken into a shimmer and almost converted right in front of her on multiple occasions!

Then Bella says: Carlisle I am aware of the inherent danger, but as we all know I am at risk, just by being in here in your home. Which is one of my favorite places on earth.

Jacob is my very best friend. I really don’t know what I would have done without him last year. And now he says that he needs me. And I want to go see him as often as I like.

Then they both say: “We both love you, and respect your opinion. What “Werewolf Policy” would you advise ?”
Hypothetical Question: What would your answer to them have been ?

As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinion, to help us both better understand, and enjoy more fully the "Twilight Saga."

Most sincerely,
Doc B,
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If I were Carlisle, I will definitely agree to it. Carlisle is a 'man' full of compassion and he couldn't stand to see other people in pain. I think he could understand the situation where Jacob helped Bella pull through the darkest time of her life and therefore both of them had formed a kind of bond, a strong relationship. He felt as if he owed Jacob much and now he would like to repay him by allowing Bella to continue seeing Jacob...
I can see that Carlisle's opinion is the most valualble, so, by agreeing to this, I think he had made a wise decision...

great comment, i am in agreement with you hewas thre for her she should return it and be there for him


If i was Carlise what would i say, well i would consider the fact that i am an outsider of this debate o i have a clearer view than both, Edward is slightly blinded by jealous as well as being complete concerned for Bella's safety, even though i would be too, I can also see from Bella's point of view, Jacob nees her he was her rock throughtout the month when Edward had left and he remains to be a true friend to her. I would concider what i know about Sam and Emily, but also consider what i know about the wolves overall. I would use what Bella says that she is in no more danger with the pack as she is with our family, both are dangerous to be around, but i would agree with Bella, for the reason that she does control Jacob's temper and can calm him down like no other and he woud never let anything happen to her, with his brother'd she has a right to see them, they supported her when she needed them the most, they have protected her from Victoria, even though this was not the lone reason, they hunted her it added to the reason all the same and they saved her from Laurent when they could of assumed he really was a friend and left her to death, Jacob deserves to see Bela(god how I hate saying that) and Edward is wrong for trying to stop Bella seeing them
I know he just fears for her safety but I think that i would agree with Bella and say she is jut as safe with them and let her see them, I probably would suggest some limits or compromise, I knw it is like treating Bella like a child but i agree with Edward when he takes her to line and drops her off with a phone, so they are always in contact.


G x
It's nice to see we think alike again. And yes I hated saying that Bella needed to see Jacob as well. As always great post.
Totally right...

My friend is reading Eclipse and i keep asking her where she is in it, and i said i hated Jacob in that book(except for a minute at the end in his bedroom) she said aww but i like Jacob, then 10 minutes later after she read he kissed her and she punched him, she said ok maybe i don't lol

But, Jacob id her friend and they deserve a chance to have that driendship regardless o him being a dog lol

G x
Now I didn't really hate jacob in Eclipse but I had a seriously hard to reading New Moon. Yes Jacob was a bit arrogant in Eclispe (to me anyways) But I didn't like the fact that she needed Jacob as much as she did in New Moon. I just wanted her to be with Edward so bad...Anyways Jacob was just as new to the relationship thing as was Bella and Edward, so it was interesting how things started to fall in place. How Bella was just so torn between in the end 2 very good people. As much as I hate to say it, Jacob played a very vital role, if he was not in these books and was not being (himself) their really wouldn't have been a story.
P.S. I just got my best friend to finally start reading Twilight after 4 chapters she is hooked. LOL
I totally agree without Jacob the series would work... I just disliked that arrogance, it got on my nerves and her need for him drove me crazy too, i just wanted Bella and edward togther too

G x

you right it's her choice really and you can't force her but maybe some compromise could work?

G xx
Hi Doc,
Hypothetical question: If you had been Carlisle: What would your advice have been on the: “Werewolves are off limits” debate?

My advice would be that it is Bella's choice, it always has been. She has free will to do what she wants, We should not take that away from her. I would advise her on the dangers like any good father would to his daughter, but I would also agree with Edward on the compromise of him dropping her off and picking her back up. She should not ever be left alone. Jacob has already proven himself worthy of her safety. If Bella believes that Jacob will not harm her then we have to accept it no matter what our feelings are on the subject. Bella is fully aware of just how things can go bad and fast, she has see what has happened to Emily. She is not doing this blind. We need to trust her because we love her. And we need to also have trust in Jacob to keep her safe from any harm including himself.

But these are just my thoughts, looking forward to everybody else's.

I think that Edward was just so concerned by the fact that Bella would get hurt by one of them

G x
I think that just because the Vampires and Werewolves dont get along is not Bellas fault. Edward was the one who left her, so he should deal with it. What did he think she should've doune just sit and go crazy!
Tri carzy

I think Edward didn't know how she was going to react and he knows and is greatful that Jacob was there for bella, I think he is alittle jealous and prejudice and generally worried about Bella getting hurt you know, what do you think?

I do think he was a liitle over protective but he lives her so much her doesn't want her hurt

g x


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