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If you had been Carlisle: What would your advice have been on the: “Werewolves are off limits,” debate?

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If you had been Carlisle: What would your advice have been on the: “Werewolves are off limits,” debate?

In the novel “Eclipse” Edward Cullen and Bella Swan reach an impasse as to whether Bella should be able to freely visit the werewolf (shifter) Jacob Black.

Hypothetical question: If you had been Carlisle: What would your advice have been on the: “Werewolves are off limits” debate?

Hypothetical premise: You are Doctor Cullen. And you are sitting in your home office, when Bella and Edward come in.

Edward says, “Carlisle, Bella would like to frequently go to La Push, so she can visit her friend Jacob. And I understand her desire, but as you know, by their nature werewolves are unstable. Especially young ones. You are well aware of the Emily Uley case. And Emilie’s injuries were caused by her husband Sam. Sam, who has always been the most mature young man at La Push. Sam who was deeply in love with Emily when he mutilated her. Not only that but Paul almost killed Bella over a simple misunderstanding. Bella thinks that she can manage Jacob but he has repeatedly broken into a shimmer and almost converted right in front of her on multiple occasions!

Then Bella says: Carlisle I am aware of the inherent danger, but as we all know I am at risk, just by being in here in your home. Which is one of my favorite places on earth.

Jacob is my very best friend. I really don’t know what I would have done without him last year. And now he says that he needs me. And I want to go see him as often as I like.

Then they both say: “We both love you, and respect your opinion. What “Werewolf Policy” would you advise ?”
Hypothetical Question: What would your answer to them have been ?

As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinion, to help us both better understand, and enjoy more fully the "Twilight Saga."

Most sincerely,
Doc B,
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If i were Carlisle , I would say yes because he's a man of compassion, and understands the way bella feels and sympathises with her. So he would encourage her to be there for Jacob when he needs her
Lover girl

I think your right he would say stand by your friend because that's what he is like

g xx

(Be kind first post is blind)
Dear Reading Bear,

I am afraid I am totally, totally biased on this question. First, during my lifetime I have literally spend days and weeks rebuilding the faces of children attacked by dogs.

You can not imagine what a pit bull can do to the delicate facial tissues of a two or three year old child in about 30 seconds.(Look at Emilie’s picture I have dealt with much, much worse) And the lifetimes of agony the parents have gone through.

But I know it is important to Bella for her to be able to spend time with Jacob.

One time I had the pleasure to spend a day with the delightful Jane Goodall.

She was telling me about some of her exploits with the chimps that she lived among for some 30 years. When she mentioned about the chimps interactions with her children (who had been ages 3 to 6 then) as a facial surgeon my ears really picked up. “Weren’t you afraid that a chimp might injure one of your children,” I asked.

“No not in the least!” She replied:
“I just had a giant, giant cage built.” She said.

“But I thought that all of your work was built around the premise that you studied the chimps in the wild?” I queried.
OH the Chimps didn’t live in the cage MY CHILDREN DID!!! She said.

She then told me multiple stories of Chimps (Very much like Jacob) who had seemed to her to be the gentlest in the pack go totally wild. For no apparent reason and kill young chimps.(Some times they even ate them, she sadly told me)

So she said she had the cage built. Especially since the chimps were always showing up around her house.

So there is a very simple solution. Build a giant cage for Bella to be in when she is with Jacob. That way they could still enjoy the “intimacy” they desire but there would be no risk to Bella. I even have a feeling Edward would delight in the prospect of building a cage and even pushing it up to the border line at La Push. If the cage was big enough the entrance could even be on the vampire side of the boundary line and the rest of the cage on the Werewolves’ reservation.

Problem Solved.
But still something in the back of my head keeps telling me Bella wouldn’t go for the idea.
As Sigmund Freud said “Women what do they really want? Who knows!

You go to all the trouble of building one a really, really nice cage and you run the risk she still wouldn’t like it !
Sincerely, Doc B

what another interesting story and I can totally see you point of view too, really makes you re think the answer or my answer anyway

g xx
my advice would be is we all r humans and we should get along no matter what we r or what r treaty says

I think that is the issue here though is that they aren't all human, Edwards concern is with bella safety in case Jacob or any of the others would lose their temper.. I do think what you say is right the prejudice does cloud the situation though doesn't it?

Great reply
g x
i think if i were carlise i would have said that yes you should go because jake was there for you and that you r right your r in risk being in our house so i would have said yes. but really i would have just stay out of the debate
Bella doesn't need anyone to tell her who she should be friends with or ' hang out' with. Jacob was there for her in her darkest days.Edward left her broken and dead inside. Edward has no right to tell Bella she can not be there for Jacob when he needs his best friend the most. Jacob was the one who kept Bella from becoming a zombie permanently. Yes there is a risk for her to be around the pack but no more of a risk then Bella being with the Cullen's. After all it was being with the Cullens that got James and Victoria after her in the first place. It was her knowing about the Cullens and their wolrd that got the Volturi after her. Who was there to help her? Jacob. Edward has no say in Bella spending time with Jacob at all. At every turn Bella or Edward were asking way too much from Jacob till the very end and Jacob was always there for Bella. No matter the pain it caused him. Bella should be able to see Jacob anytime she wanted with or with out Edward's say so.

good point. It is Bella's choice and she is in just as much danger on either side. You said that the cullens got her in trouble with volturi and James for being round her, but wasn't that her choice? She put herself there when Edward warned her away..

But your right they both did ask alot of him throughout the book I purely think Edwaeds view is protective of the first and only person he has been in love with and also letting you beloved go to another who you know is in love with them too.

I was relieved when there was a compromise though weren't you? :)

Nice thought have me thinking now

g xx
Yes the compromise was good. It was all her choice.It was Bella choice to be near the Cullens and Jacob. It just seems to me that Edward is a drug to Bella and her to him. Sometimes when they talk about the other it scares me a little. It's like an addict with it's dream drug dangling in front of them just out of reach. It is more than love that binds them. Its an obsession for them both. When Edward left it damaged Bella way more than a normal love would. Jacob barely kept Bella from being unrepairable. It was beyond selfish of Edward to ask so much of Jacob. Bella too. For Jacob to keep helping them both was heart breaking to me. All for the love of someone who didn't love him in the same way. If you haven't guessed I'm Team Jacob.


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