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In the few short weeks we've been engaged,

I feel like I know Jacob more than I ever have before.

Every day, we grew closer.

Every day, we loved eachother even more than we thought possible.

I made the right choice.

It was what I wanted all along.



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My instinct was to protect my babies. I grabbed for my bulging stomach and found it flat. I sat up straight and leaped out of the bed, immediately feeling a jolt of pain run from head to toes. I wasn't completely recovered yet. I let out a gasp of air and stood up straight, ignoring the fierce pain ripping through me. My only concern now; my kids. I stumbled through the room, to the door. I opened the door and Quil and Embry both reached out to catch me before I fell and hurt myself. I opened my mouth to speak and almost vomited. I snapped my mouth shut and tears flowed from my eyes. I knew something was wrong. Something bad. I could feel the pain deep in my heart.

"Relax, Ness. Everything is going to be okay." Quil whispered, hugging me.

I felt too lifeless and empty to force my arms around him.

He gently lifted me up off my feet and carried me downstairs, setting me on the couch.

"Something happened, Ness. We promised Jake he could explain. He's not here. He's out with the others. He told us to stay here and make sure nothing happens to you." Embry said.

The tears still streamed like a waterfall down my cheeks. "Something happened to one of my babies. I can feel it. Embry. Quil. Tell me what happened." I demanded.

Quil started shaking his head. "We can't. Sorry."

I stood up off the couch, not shaking or fumbling, and stalked across the room and grabbed Quil by his shirt and almost lifted him up off the ground. I laughed without humor. "This is not a game. Something happened to my child and I swear if you don't tell me what happened right now, I'm going to-" I was interrupted by the front door slamming open.

I turned to see who it was and sighed in relief when I saw Jake. His eyes were rimmed with red circles and he looked exhausted and worried.

I let go of Quil and ran into Jake's arms, the sobs breaking through my lips.

He hugged me tightly and he started breathing heavily. He mouthed something to Quil and Embry over my shoulder and they left.

When I was able to control the sobs, I pulled away from Jacob and pulled him to the couch. He sat down and pulled me onto his lap. I nuzzled into his chest and he caressed my head in between his hand and chest. A tear rolled down his cheek and landed on the top of my head.

"What happened?" I asked, with a weakened voice.

Jake pressed his lips to the top of my head and started explaining. "This morning, you gave birth to a beautiful baby girl..."

"Rachel Dawn." I whispered.

"Yes. Rachel was... with Rosalie, while Carlisle, Esme, and myself were all up here with you. The others had gone out hunting. Around the time you had our baby boy, Rosalie had rushed to the kitchen to make a bottle. She had come back to discover Rachel had disappeared. Carlisle was busy with taking care of Aden Alex, and Esme was with him. I, of course, was by your side the whole time."

I was trying to hold back the pain, the sobs, the nausea. But this couldn't have been happening. I hadn't even got to see my baby girl, and now she's gone. I started sobbing again and Jake, soothingly rubbed my back and kissed my forehead. "Then what-t h-happened?"

"Alice came back a few moments later saying she had a vision that... Jane was going to kidnap Rachel, but by the time she got back to the house, Rachel had already disappeared.

I gasped. "I thought y-you said it was A-Aro's scent you found?"

"We thought it was. Apparently, Jane had been wearing one of Aro's cloak, which masked her scent with Aro's, but made the scent smell a little off."

I nodded. "Did you have any luck... When you were out looking for her? And where is Aden?"

"No luck. Aden's with Esme at home." He whispered.

"I want to go home." I said.

Jacob felt the same way. He grabbed me up off the couch and bolted out the door. Instead of taking a car, he ran. It took less time than usual. When we arrived to the front of the little house, Jake slammed the door open and set me on our loveseat, sitting next to me.

Esme ran into the living room. "Shh. You'll wake the baby."

I tried putting on a smile. "I want to see him." I stood up and grabbed Jacob's hand, dragging him to the nursery. Aubrey was asleep in her crib as was little Aden.

I walked up to Aden's crib and stared down at my third little bundle of joy. Third. There was a possibility I would never be able to see my second. My little Rachel Dawn was gone. Jane had taken her and was not returning any time soon. She would either kill Rachel or teach her the Volturi's ways.

Either way would be a torturous journey. I snapped at the thought and went into a break down mode.

My breathing stopped and I fell to the ground, sobbing loudly.

Jake carried me out so I wouldn't wake the kids and carried me to our bed. Esme gave a 'Time for me to go' look at Jake and left.

Jacob tucked me into bed and got under the covers next to me. I was still violently sobbing. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me into his chest.

Almost an hour later, I was still crying. Jake was still next to me, stroking my hair and humming, trying to get me to sleep. I looked up at Jake and his face was tear-streaked, also. I huddled back into his chest and squeezed my eyes shut. Not too much later, I was faced with black unconsciousness.


When I woke up, the sun was blazing in the window, right on my face. Jake was sitting in the chair across the room, waiting for me to wake up. His eyes were red and puffy.

I got out of bed and felt my muscles tense. I walked to a mirror and pursed my lips. I thought Jake's eyes looked bad. Mine looked swollen and tomato red. I sighed. I walked into my closet and dressed in a black pair of sweats and a black tank top. I slipped on my black, fuzzy slippers and sat back down on the end of the bed.

I put my head between my knees and closed my eyes, hoping this was all one bad dream.

Unfortunately, when I opened my eyes, everything was the same. Jake stood up and got dressed also. He dressed in his regular pair of cut-off denim shorts and slipped on a black shirt with the sleeves cut off. He smiled weakly and grabbed my hand. "We have to face them sooner or later."

"Later." I said. "Later would be just fine for me." Jake's eyes went wide as he heard my voice. I could barely talk. My words were coming out in a whisper. I sounded like I lost my voice. I sighed and followed him out the door.

We walked slowly to the main house. I was okay with the pace, as was Jacob. We weren't in any mood to pick up speed.

We reached the main house, hand-in-hand and walked through the door. There were a few gasps and before I could say a word, we were being embraced and everyone was apologizing.

I just nodded in acknowledgment and when they were through, I sat on the couch in Jake's lap.

Nobody had thought to confront us. Nobody wanted to be yelled at or not spoken to. They all knew we would be in too much pain to talk, but truth was, I was yearning for a conversation to take my mind off of things. I needed a distraction. A big distraction.
Hope you liked it! This chapter was so sad!:(
first comment !! XD never had the privelage before (:
omg. whats happened to her ? is she going to be killed ? is Aden okaii ? has he got powers ? i never liked jane anyway. cant wait for the next chapter !! XD XD (: xx
all said in one mad rush :L
WHOAH ... D'= *Sob*
this is unbelievable what a twist they need to confront the volturi
Thank you alll!! I just want to say that Rachel Dawn will not die[:
So dont worry:)
The story is going to take a biug skip in the next xhapter so be ready(;
Wow, you really keep me guessing!! How do you think of all these intricate twists and turns?! Love it!! Write ON!!
Thank you! And I wrote early in the morning before school(;
Ill be posting today:DD
(Thirteen years later)
Years went by and we still had no luck finding Rachel. The whole family had gone to Volterra to confront the Volturi, but it was no use. The Volturi had fled and were not returning. That was our last hope of ever finding our daughter. Aubrey was almost fourteen and Aden was thirteen. they looked about a year older than they really were, this helped. Knowing my kids could have a normal childhood. I never intended to tell them about Rachel, and I probably never will.
Just a few years back, we discovered Aden had a gift, it was similar to Kate's gift but had a little bit of Bella's in it. He could shock someone without touching them, but he could also protect someone from pain. Pain like Jane inflicts. I think it's a great skill for defense but I'm hoping as a mother, that he never has to use it.
Seth and Aden are best friends now, along with Aubrey. They've grown close but I think Aubrey sees Seth as more than a friend.
My thought was confirmed when Aubrey ran through the door and shouted "He asked me out! Seth asked me out!" She ran into her room and closed the door behind her.
I laughed when Jake walked through the door behind Aden.
"How was school?" I asked.
"Same old same old," Aden answered, snagging a muffin off the counter.
Aden has the most beautiful green eyes, and bleach blonde hair. I wasn't sure where he had gotten the hair from, but he had Edward's green eyes.
I smiled as Jake sat next to me.
"We need to talk." he whispered in my ear.
I nodded."Aden, make sure your sister doesn't leave the house. We'll be back shortly." we walked out the door and stopped in front of a huge redwood tree.
I turned to face Jake and lifted my eyebrows in confusion.
"He's fourteen, Ness. He's old enough to phase, I just want him to be ready when he does."
My eyes went wide. "Has he shown any symptoms?"
"Yes. He said something about not being able to stop trembling during lunch."
I sucked in a deep breath and slowly let it out."Maybe we should keep him home for a few days..."
"That would be the best thing to do."
We walked back to the house, hand-in-hand, and when we came close, heard Aubrey's high pitched, terrified screams.
Jake ran up to Aden, who was sprawled out on the floor covered in sweat. He was phasing,
"Aubrey, go to your room now!" I demanded.
After a few hours Aden was about to phase and become part of the pack. Jacob had told me to stand back. So I was now in the far corner of the room crying for my son.
Jake was blotting Aden's face with a towel when it happened.
Aden phased into a giant black and white wolf. Luckily Jake shot back before he could get hurt.
"Aden listen to me, you need to stay calm. You need to try and phase back." Jake said. Aden was breathing heavily through his big snout, and he nodded at Jake's words. Aden took in a few deep breaths, and phased back a few minutes later.
"I... heard voices... in my head." Aden said through gasps of air.
"Probably Seth." Jake said.
Aden put some denim cut off shorts on, and matched perfectly next to Jacob. Except Aden's skin was a shade lighter.
If Jake had been a few years younger when he became a wolf, him and Aden could have been twins.
I just laughed as jake patted Aden's back. he was proud of our son. As was I.
A tear slipped from my eyes and Aden rushed across the room and pulled me into a hug. His temperature was alot warmer than either Jake's or mine. "He's a lot warmer than us, Jake."
Aden let me go and Aubrey poked her head of her bedroom door. "It's over?"
"It's over. Your brother is now a full wolf." Jake said proudly.
Then a thought hit me; a bad thought. Aden was stuck at age thirteen forever. He may have looked a little more like sixteen, but he was still stuck in this form. I just hoped he could find someone to share his forever with. Someone that couldn't die. Someone that could live on with him and the rest of us.
My eyes shot to Jake and I immediately felt a calming sensation.
A moment later, Alice and Jasper waltzed through the door. I should have known.
I smiled and shook my head. Jake gave me a confused glance and I full out laughed and shook my head.
he wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me lightly on the lips.
"Yuck!" Aden shouted as he ran up the stairs toward his room.
"Grow up, Aden!" I joked.
I heard his door close, and I looked back to Jacob, then to Alice and Jasper. "How can we be of assistance?" I asked amusingly.
"Where's Aubrey? There's a dance tomorrow night and Seth asked her to go. She needs a dress and she is coming shopping with me... Aubrey!" Alice shouted and Aubrey came running out of her room, cell phone in hand.
"Bye, mom. Bye, dad." The she ran out to Alice's Porche.
Alice smiled and walked out the door with Jasper.
For the most part, Jake and I had returned to normal after Rachel's disappearance, but there would always be a hole in our hearts that nobody and nothing could replace, except having our little girl back home where she belongs.
Almost three hours went by. Jake was out on patrol and Aubrey had just came darting through the door. "Thanks, Alice!" She yelled, then shut the door.
She had to be carrying at least eight designer bags full of clothes and other products. "Did you have a good time?" I asked, clicking off the tv.
"Yeah. I guess. Alice went a little... overboard. But I had fun." She answered.
"That's good." I smiled.
She started heading toward her room and I stopped her.
"Can I see what you bought?" I asked. She was hiding something. Alice probably bought her a dress that was way too flashy for her age.
She also knew we wouldn't be in the house the night of the dance. We had plans; Jake and I.
"Uh... Sure." She set all her bags on the floor and picked one up, shoveling through the contents.
After she had gone through eight bags and one remained, she stood up, grabbed all the bags and hoped I wouldn't notice that she was hiding something in the last bag.
"Freeze." She stopped in her tracks and tunred to face me.
"What now?"
"Drop the bags." I said. "All of them."
She dropped the bags to the floor and I picked up the one she had neglected to show me the contents of.
"You forgot one." I smiled a wicked smile and took the bag to the couch and dumped the contents onto the floor in front of me. There were hair pins, make-up, and a nice white shawl. Under the shawl was a bright baby blue dress. It was strapless and would barely cover her thighs. I laughed without humor, "I dont think so!"
Jacob walked in a minute later and I heard Aubrey murmur, "Great..."
He walked next to me a saw the dress in my hands. Jake looked up at Aubrey then back down at the dress. He had repeated the pattern almost twenty times before Alice walked in.
"I know you think it's an inappropriate dress, but I was going to add some things. Make it a one of a kind custom dress. Please, Nessie. This is a once in a lifetime chance for Aubrey. She has to be perfect." Alice argued.
"She can only wear the dress if you make it about... a foot longer." Jake said.
I elbowed him. "I don't like it. Not just the length. I don't like the fact that it's strapless."
"You know what? Just forget it! I don't even want to go to the stupid dance. It's fine! I can just blow Seth off. Because you know, it's not like I'm in love with the guy!" Aubrey yelled, then ran into her room.
"Oh no..." I whispered. "I'm not the only one that heard that, right?"
I should have known! Aubrey had fallen in love with Seth over the years. They had been best friends for thirteen years. I knew, sooner or later, that something like this would happen.
"She's in love with Seth. I should have seen it! I should have known! I have to go talk to her." I said. I made it half way to her room before Jacob grabbed my arm and pulled me back.
"You need to let her calm down. She's not in the greatest of moods right now." Obviously!
I sighed and walked back into the living room. Alice and Japser had left. That just left Jake and I. Aden was upstairs eating and Aubrey was crying her eyes out in her room. Such a loving and peaceful household. As a mother, i should go help my daughter, but I need to let her blow off steam. She needs to learn how to overcome these things on her own. If she doesn't learn how to do that, then she will never be able to go out on her own.
I banged my head against the wall. "Why couldn't having kids be easy! I don't regret it but I just can't help but to wonder how our lives would have been if Rachel was still with us." Apparently Aden and Aubrey heard my statement, because they came rushing down the stairs asking questions.
They were standing in front of Jake and I, and I turned to Jake. "I guess it's time we told them about her."
"I guess so." We both sighed and tunred to our kids, who were both eagerly awaiting our story.
Sorry I didn't post yesterday!
I've already written Chapter 13 and I will be posting it sometime tonight!
CHAPTER 13 IS IN RACHEL'S POINT OF VIEW !! So be ready for a whole new perspective!!(;
OMG !!! this is amazing :)


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