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Sequel to Love Tells It's Own Story!(;











In the few short weeks we've been engaged,

I feel like I know Jacob more than I ever have before.

Every day, we grew closer.

Every day, we loved eachother even more than we thought possible.

I made the right choice.

It was what I wanted all along.



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really awesome u need to sell this for real
Great as always!! I like it that you leaped up a few yrs!!
The prologue was great! i !*LOVED*! it
Okay imma add chapter 13 now!!
It's in RACHEL'S Point Of View!!!:DDD

(Rachel's Point of View)!

I was sitting on my bed, writing in my journal. All in all, the day had been okay. And it hasn't even started yet.

I wrote:

Dear Diary,

We went hunting this morning; Jane and I. We have become closer over the years, and I even consider her to be my sister, even though we are not blood relatives. My family had died when I was a baby; or so I was told.

That's when the Volturi took me in as one of their own, and taught me their ways. I still felt like something was missing. Like there was a big secret getting ready to arise in my life. To tell the truth, it scared me to death but at the same time, spiked my curiosity.

I signed and dated the journal page, snapped it shut, and set it under my pillow. I pulled on my charcoal black cloak and walked quietly into the hall.

I heard muffled whispering just around the corner that sounded and awful lot like Jane. If she was too distracted by her conversation, I might be able to sneak up and listen. I had a feeling it was something important.

As I got closer, I could clearly hear what was being said.

"Don't you think she has a right to know?" Jane whispered.

I was still unsure of whom she was speaking to.

"We've already told her that her parents had died years ago, sister. What good would it do us if we told her she had family waiting for her back in Washington?" Alec asked, clearly frustrated with Jane.

I almost gasped at the comment. My parents were alive! I did have a family. And they were all eagerly awaiting my return.

I tiptoed away and was half way down the hall when I heard Alec say, "Someone's here."

I walked as fastly and quietly as I could and acted like I had just come out from my room when Alec and Jane bolted around
the corner.

"Good morning." I smiled, trying desperately not to jump with excitement.

Jane smiled back and Alec eyed me suspiciously. I rolled my eyes and we all walked down the hallway. I was sure Aro would be excited to see us this morning.

It was about four in the morning; it was times like these that I wished I could sleep. From the stories I'd heard about my parents, I'd inherited more vampire from my mom's side. My mom had been a half vampire, but I was surely more than half. But I was obviously not full vampire because my skin didn't shimmer as brightly and was a few shades darker than the rest of the Volturi. I also had a very slow heartbeat and only drank blood. But it was possible for me to survive off of human food for a very short period of time.

We entered the room and took our usual places at the abnormally large table.

I sat in between Felix and Jane. They both smiled as I sat down; then Aro began to speak.

"My dear ones, it seems as if our friends, the Cullens and their pack of shape-shifters, have made a scene of themselves. This scene is hardly worth the deservance of death but a punishment will be set in place." This would have been like any other normal meeting, but Aro had been staring at me throughout his speech, a smile rising to his lips. "And I have already planned the perfect punishment." His murderous grin got wider and both Jane and Felix growled.

Aro fixed his glare on Felix, then to Jane, and settled back to me. "And you, my dear, will be accompanying us on our journey."

"Me?" I asked, shocked. I never got to leave. This was the only place I knew; Volterra.

"Yes, my dear Rachel, you." Aro answered.

"Master, I am not so sure risking young Rachel's life is such a good idea." Jane said. Jane and Felix were always defending and protecting me, but this time, I didn't need protection. I could handle things on my own. I may only be thirteen, but I look and act like I'm an adult.

"I would love to come along. It would give me a chance to explore. I've never been out of Volterra, except for when I was a baby. But, of course, they were all stories so I never really have seen much of the world." I said, fending for myself.

"Splendid! We will be leaving in three days. Be prepared by then." Aro stood along with everyone else.

"Yes, master." Everyone whispered. We all exited the room and Jane caught me by the arm before I could start down the hall.

"What were you thinking? Do you know how dangerous it is out there? You be of no use if you were to die!" Jane loudly whispered.

That's when it clicked. When the final puzzle piece came into place. The Volturi didn't just take me in because I needed a home, they wanted me because I had a unique gift.

When I first found out about my gift, Aro had told me I was special and would make a wonderful addition to their 'family'. This was when I was younger, so I had no instinct telling me to fear him. Now that instinct was telling me to run away; to save myself.

My gift was of distraction. I could alter someone's reality. They could be seeing an image in front of them, but I could add specks to what they see and make there worst fears come true. It could also be used for good, but that was rarely the case.

That was all the Volturi wanted; to use my gift against the enemies. In this case, the Cullens.

Jane was still going on about how I was going to get myself killed when I snapped out of my reverie. "Who are the Cullens?" I asked.

Jane immediately stopped what she was saying and shuffled through her mind for an answer. "A very powerful vampire clan."
She said, then stalked off down the hallway without a backwards glance.

I sighed and walked back to my room. I knew the name Cullen had some significance. It felt like it had something to do with me. Something that could, possibly, be one of the most important aspects of my life; and yet, in general, the name meant nothing to me.

Once I got to my room I wrote about the meeting in my journal. After I stuffed the journal back under my pillow, I sat and thought about my family, who were all alive and well, hoping they would get to see their daughter once again. I smiled.

If I ever found a way to Washington, I would, no doubt, go looking for them.


Time passed fast. Days seemed like hours; whereas, hours seemed like minutes.

When it was time for our departure, I stuffed my journal into my cloak pocket and walked out into the main hallways where everyone else waited.

Jane stood by me. "Are you ready?"

"As ready as I'll ever be... By the way, where are we going?" I asked.

Jane froze for a second, as did most of the others. "Forks, Washington."

I mentally gasped. I was going to meet my family! I just hoped that my family wasn't this Cullen clan because, knowing Aro, they probably won't just get a slap on the wrist for breaking the law once again.
So far this is one of my favorite chapter! Hope you like it!(;
Wow, such an interesting turn of events!! This is addictive!! Can't wait for more, but I respect you have 'a life' outside of your wonderful story-telling, so I won't beg!!! Write ON!!
I love it
it's amazing
Thank you! and I cant wait to finish the next chapter! Its going to be awesome! Im just not sure how to word it D:
It's so terrible that they took her Nessie misses her terribly
Awww! Sweet! :D ..Jane is defending Rachel? o_o
Can't wait for then next chapter !! and once again, you really are an amazingly brilliant writer ! (: x


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