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I thought about a new story and I liked the idea it’s about edward before he met bella we know that edward is a mind reader so this story is about what he listens in the people mind  it’s like his dairy there might be many different characters  so I hope you like it , if you like the idea please comment and I’ll post the first chapter..



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hope you like it


I've missed you!! nice updated Carlisle and Edward are so cute actinglike litke normal teenage guys. Post more soon.



i'll post very soon


i'm glad that you like it

This made me laugh all night! I can't even sleep and my brother even joined me. Which makes it a lot harder to stop! I love it by the ways.

it was that funny?!

i'm glad that you like it


thanks for your comment

i'm so glad that you love it

thanks for you comment

so is that the end?
no .. it's not

tht's funny

I like it a lot

thanks for your comment

i'm glad that you like it

Chapter 13 – part2 :


I was really enjoying my time with Carlisle  it was good having a father and son’s time .. I have never felt the need to have a time like that but it was so kind of him to stay with me


We didn’t know what to do next so we thought about doing what a human male will do at his free time , and we decided to go to a sport bar..


‘ do you want to play pool ?’ I asked..




The place was big and full with men but there were a few females trying to get some men..


( I should have of those two hotties tonight )a blonde woman thought , she was wearing a very very short black dress which didn’t hide anything ..


(I can’t choose one of them can’t I have both ) I rolled my eyes at that thought ..


‘ why you are rolling your eyes?’  Carlisle asked .


‘ some of the thoughts here are silly”


“really?! Like what?”


‘ nothing important , just a women who thinks about us as the two hotties that she can’t choose between”


‘ Ooh , poor lady’ he faked a sad face ‘ why can’t we make it easier for her?’


‘ because you are married’


‘I know that I’m married , what about you?’


‘aren’t we suppose to play pool?’ I really wanted to change the subject .


‘ don’t change the subject eddie-boo , come on , why don’t you offer to her a set with us?’


‘I don’t want to”


‘please , please , for me’


‘ok , whatever”


I went to the women who froze at her place


‘ do you want to sit with us?’ I hoped that she would say no but I knew she won’t ..


“ya , sure’ then she came with me to our table .


‘I’m Julia , and you are ?” she was asking me and Carlisle .


‘I’m Carlisle and this is Edward’


“ you two have nice names’ ( and bodies) I rolled my eyes again.


‘so how old are you two?... don’t answer I’ll guess….hmmmm…you must be 29’she pointed to Carlisle  “ and you must be 23 .. right?’


‘ yes , you are 100% right… how did you know?’ Carlisle asked ( we are a little older than that .. right edward? ) a little he must be kidding me..


‘ I don’t know.. it was just like that’




‘ so what do you guys work?’


‘I’m a doctor”


“and you?” she asked me


“I’m still at collage’


‘oh that awesome’


“what about you?”


“I don’t work I stay home all the time’


“how do you live I mean how you make money?’


‘I don’t .. my husband does”


‘you are married?!.. so where’s your husband?’


“I don’t know .. he didn’t come with me’


Then Carlisle stood up “ sorry we don’t talk to married women… have a nice weekend”


What didn’t he mean …?! … any way we were out of the place finally we only stayed there for 30 min but I felt like hours ..


hope you like it


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