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I thought about a new story and I liked the idea it’s about edward before he met bella we know that edward is a mind reader so this story is about what he listens in the people mind  it’s like his dairy there might be many different characters  so I hope you like it , if you like the idea please comment and I’ll post the first chapter..



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Haha thts funny i hope u update soon


i'm glad that you like it


i want him to meet bella too

but i want it in a specail way

> interesting .. ^.^
new reader here.. ^.^
Hi C.O.O.L
Nice job it was too cute!! Lovedit!!

hi sarah

i'm really glad that you loved it

i'll post more soon

have a nice day


it's nice to have you here ..


Chapter 14 :


The weekend I spent with Carlisle was great , it made me feel so happy and I liked having son and father time , I wanted that weekend to be longer because it’s impossible that Carlisle would ever act like a teenage boy in front of Emmett and jasper or Alice and Rosalie anyway… we still have a few hours before they come back


‘ so Eddie boo what should we do next ?’


‘how about we make a race?’


‘by cars?’




‘ok .. let’s go’


We ran to the garage in a second and we took our cars and the race started


‘wooohoooooooo…’ Carlisle shouted and I started to laugh  he looked so free , I don’t know for how long we were racing but we really had fun …


-      Back at home   -

‘ hi guys … you missed us right ?’ Emmett said


‘no’ I said


‘what?!.. why? Eddie you know I love you..’


‘cause you called me Eddie ‘


‘I won’t do it again’




‘so what did you guys do this weekend? ’


‘nothing special ‘ Carlisle said ( it was an amazing weekend I would want to have another one soon )

‘sure thing’ I said


‘I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack” Alice said while dancing to the room ..


‘ you won’t believe which dress I found at one of the stores I w-----‘ I stopped listening to her I just focused on everyone else mind ..   

sorry about this short boring chapter

but i'll post more soon

hope you like it

Sounds great...PLEASE post the 1st chapter! XXXOOO HUGS
Hi C.O.O.L thanks for the update:) I love seeing Caisle act so young and carefree it was really great! I'm sure he'll be back to his normal self now that everyone is home! So I wonder what will happen next?? Please post more soon!


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