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My name is Stormi, I just moved to Forks Washington from Manhattan, New York. I'm going to miss Shannon, my friend back in Manhattan. We weren't the most popular people there. Probably the least popular.
Anyways, three years ago my mom died in a car accident here in Forks,so my dad wanted to move back to his hometown where she died. Its kind of confusing, but thats my dad for you. They were separated about six years ago. But my dad never stopped loving her.
We moved to Manhattan and lived with my grandmother after the separation. When dad heard about moms death, he was heartbroken. It took him three years to get the money to move to Forks. 
My grandmother didn't want us to go, but something in Forks was pulling dad to the small town.
So i packed up all my rain gear and we set off.
"Stormi! Hey Storms! Wake up its you first day of school!" Dad was calling from downstairs.
"No...Five more minutes!" I shouted back.
"Nope i got to get to the hospital so you need to rush honey! And your breakfast is getting cold."
Dad works at the hospital.His friend Carlisle works there too. Dad makes jokes that he doesn't age. He's been looking like he's 20 for a couple years now.
I really have to get ready, my dad goes to work when I get to school.
I really cant wait to go in my back to school outfit. Its my favorite color.
I hope I don't stand out.
Then I went downstairs where dad made, scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and pancakes.
After i ate it was time to go. We hopped in his Ford Fusion, and took off.
When I got to school, it was crazy! Kids running, jumping on top of trucks!
This is gonna be some year.
"Hi!" I heard a voice behind me.
I turned around to see this beautiful girl standing in front of the stairs, right near where I was( sitting on the railing of a stairs)
She had Darkish brown hair, deep brown eyes, and pale skin.
She was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. I feel bad for the other girls here.
"Oh, hi." I said.
"Crazy here, huh? Oh, let me introduce myself. I'm Renesmee. Your the new girl, Star right?"
"Stormi, actually." I said
"Oh, I like that name! So where did you come from?"
"Manhattan, New York." I said.
"Cool!" She said as she pulled a purple cashmere scarf out of her bag, which matched perfectly with her white shirt with a purple peace sign design on it, her denim skinny jeans, and her black Converse.
"Getting chilly, lets go inside."
"Sure." I said.
When we got inside another girl came beside Renesmee.
"Ness! Oh my god! You'll never BELIEVE what happened!" She shrieked.
"What, Jacks?"
"JORDAN ASKED ME OUT!...Who's this?" She said and pointed over to me.
"Thats awesome! Oh, this is Stormi. She just moved to Forks from New York.
Stormi this is Jackie." 
"Hi, Jackie." I said
"Hi." She said
I have a feeling she doesn't like me.
"Do you need some help with your schedule Storms? Is it okay if I call you Storms?" Renesmee said.
"No I think I got it. The room numbers on the card."
"Okay, I gotta head to Spanish. Adios!"
Her and Jackie went off to their classed while I stammered about trying to get to mine. 215. I can find it. I can find it. 178...180?
Oh no, I'm on the first floor! My class is on the third!
Oh no the bell rang!
I'm so dead.

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just updated!

When the torture of finding my room ended, I found Mr.Tylers room. It was Math.
My worst subject. I got a C+ last year. I usually get A's and B's.
I could tell Mr. Tyler didn't like me right when I got in.
"You're late. Sit down. Don't let it happen again." he said.
He's pretty big, dark skinned, and bald. He wore a plaid sweater vest and looked very geeky.
He made me feel like such an idiot. All of the students eye's were on me.
As I made my way to my seat in the back of the room, I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks, and my palms were sweating.
Why me?
I couldn't pay attention to our lesson. I was thinking about how school will be this year. I've already made friends....well only two. I cant find any of my classes, and I already look stupid in front of a bunch of students. I just wish I could...
"Stormi?" I heard Mr. Tyler interrupting my daydreaming.
"Huh? What?" I said.
"Do you have the answer to our equation?"
"PAY ATTENTION!" He yelled.
"Okay Mr. Tyler. Sorry Mr.Tyler."
Gosh I hate this! When does school end?
At lunch Jackie, Renesmee, and I sat together.
It was so unconfortable. All of the boys were looking at Ness. Not Jackie, not me. But Ness.
It's not that I'm suprised or anything. I mean, she's BEAUTIFUL. It's just, when I moved in I thought I'd get at least a little bit of attention.
"So what are you doing after school?" Jackie said to Renesmee.
"Hangin' with Jake."
"Oh, Wanna come over tomorrow?"
"Acctually...can I go over you house? I've never been there and we've been friends forever." she wined.
"You KNOW my dad doesn't like people over. He's very...sensitive."
"Just asking."
I just kept my mouth shut about the whole thing.
"Who's...Jake?" I said. WHY DID I SAY THAT?!
"Thats Ness's love of her life." Jackie giggled.
"Is not!...Okay yes he is!" Ness laughed.
"Ha! Just like me and Jordan."
"So who's your bo?" Ness said to me.
"Uhhh...well...I don't have one."
The both gasped as if I just grew another head.
"Your in highschool girl! You need one! Have you one?" Jackie said.
"We need to go guy shopping." Jackie said.
"Guy shoppping?"
"You know. Go to the mall and check out guys!"
Oh my god! No! I hate the mall!
At the end of the day, we all walked out in the rain without any rain gear, considering we didn't have any. Kids were running to their car screaming as they got drenched.
Then a total hottie can rolling down on a motercycle holding a pink helmet in his hand.
He was the hottest guy I've ever seen! Just lookingat him made my mouth water! But he's not my type.
The Ness yelled to him, "My dad's going to kill you!"
"Well it's a risk I'm willing to take."
"Aw! Bye guys! See you tommorrow! Coming Jake!"
She hopped on the bike and put the pink helmet on,drenched. And they drove off.
Then my dad pulled up in front of the building.
"Hop in!" he said.
So I did, and waved goodbye to Jackie.
Only, she had a nasty look on her face.
"You think you can steal her from me?!" Jackie screamed at me, this was a week later, in P.E.
"What are you talking about?" I said as we were running around the track, outdoors. It was a pretty sunny day out.
For Forks I mean.
"You know what I'm talking about." She said as we came to a stop.
"No, I-"
"Stay away from Renesmee,Okay?"
"You heard me. She was my friend first. Just because your the innocent little new girl doesnt mean you can go around stealing peoples best friends. Renesmee doesn't even like you. I was, like, talking to her yesterday and she totally told me that she, like, hates you." She said with a sneer.
Okay, just when I thought high school was going great. Now I find out that both people I thought were my friends hate me.
I just walked away then.Then I heard sniffling. I looked around to see who was crying, and realized it was me. tears were streaming down my face and my nose was sniffling.
I mean, wouldn't you be mad if people you thought were your friends betrayed you?
I felt all of the eyes of my gym class glue on me.
This is it. I hate my new life. HATE it.
When gym was over, Renesmee flew next to me in the hallway.
"Hey! So I was thinking, you know about the school dance next week you could help me on the commit-" she said, but I cut her off.
"Just go back to Jackie. Okay? She told me what you said." I said.
Then I looked at her and her face looked like someone had just insulted her.
"Have you been crying? You look a little puffy. and I have no idea what your talking about."
ThenI just fast walked away from her to my English class, thankfully she got caught up in the croud.
Only one more period left. One more. You can make it Stormi.
"No dad, I don't want to go." I said to dad, referring to the La Push fieldtrip permission slip.
"Oh,comon Storms. Just go. It'll be fun."
We were in the kitchen eating dinner (Pasta).
"I'm gonna do upstars to my room. We'll talk about this tomorrow."
Then I hopped upstairs to my room and stared out of the window.
What I saw was rain puddles, dark green tree's, moss, and...
Wait whats that?
It looks like a giant bear or an oversized wolf, but it was running too fast to see...faster than anything I'd ever seen.
"What? What?!" He yelled.
"I just... saw something." I said, I didn't want him to think I've gone crazy or something.
"Oh- Kay..."
Too late.
Maybe I should go to La Push. I mean, I don't need to have friends to go. I can still surf...never mind. I can people surf.
Yeah. Thats what I'll do for the whole school day.
Maybe I just won't go to school.
Ughh, its TOMMOROW. I need to decide before then.
Oh god...I'll just go...It'll be fun.
I think.
"Hey, tell me whats going on, What did Jackie say to you?" Ness said.
"She said, and I quote,'She was my friend first. Just because your the innocent little new girl doesnt mean you can go around stealing peoples best friends. Renesmee doesn't even like you. I was, like, talking to her yesterday and she totally told me that she, like, hates you.' unquote." I have an awesome memory, too bad it doesn't work on tests.
"She WHAT?! Oh that just makes me so...MAD!" Her skin got whiter and her eyes got darker as she spoke.
"Hey relax-"
"Its not true! I'm sorry she said that to you! Please take me back as a friend!"
"Ness,its okay. Dont strain yourself."
"Okay, good. I don't hate you."
We were sitting on a log around a campfire, when a group of buff guys with out any shirts on came by. I reconized one. Jake.
"Jake!" Renesmee said. Then she ran toward him and hugged him.
His friends were good looking too.
Especially...Ohh,,what what HIS name?
He had semi-long strait hair, dark borwn eyes,and was proably the shortest one out of the eight-foot-tall boys.
Maybe 6,4.
All I know is, he was looking at me,even with Renesmee there.
Good thing Jackie wasn't here, because Jordan was sitting on the next log, making out with some blonde.
Back to mystery boy. Wow was he hot! And he had ultra-white teeth. I knew that because he was smiling at me! I decided to smile back.
I guess it was in a flirty kind of way, because he came over to my log.
"Hi." he said in a husky voice. He must've been cold without any shirt on.
"H-h-hi." ACK!! I sounded so dorky! He must think I have speech issues now!
"I'm Seth. You're probably new to forks. I haven't seen you around." My heart just melted. I swear.
"Welcome." He said as he sat down, flashing his white teeth.
"So you know Renesmee?" Oh no, he was asking if she was single...which is strange because he seems to be good friends with Jake.
"Uh, yeah."
"She's cool. I see her alot since she's Jakes girl."
Maybe not.
"I see Jake alot too" I said.
We were both quiet then. I over heard Ness saying "I'm not supposed to be here, I hope you're happy. My dads going to kill me!" I wonder what she means.
"So.. are you doing some thing...this Saturday?" Seth said.
I almost fainted, I swear! Oh god, Oh god!
"NO! I" I said.
He laughed then.
"How about you give me your number, and I'll call you."
My heart was beating franticly.
"Okay!" I said pulling out a pen and paper.
I wrote down my number and gave it to him.
"I gotta go. See you next Saturday." He said with a wink.
"Okay." I breathed.
lovely! this is a great story!
good real good. lol i love seth
Thank you!
When I woke up in the morning, I thought I was dreaming last night. but I wasn't!
When I got to school Renesmee noticed that I was so giddy.
"What happend last night?" She said.
"Oh nothing" I said with a giggle.
"Oh god. I saw you with Seth yesterday! What happend!?"
"HE ASKED ME OUT!" I yelled. The entire hallway quieted down at the sound of my voice,after about three seconds it went back to a loudness that would make everyones ears pop.
"No way! Oh my god that so awesome!"
"I know!!"
Today is Friday, I need to call him!
"Yeah that sounds great." Seth said when I asked if 3:00 was okay to pick me up.
"Okay see you then!"
"Lo-, I mean Bye, Stormi." He said. Then I hung up.
Was he about to say-
No he couldn't have. We've only known eachother for one day! He couldn't have.
"Stormi! Who was that?" My dad yelled from downstairs.
"No one! It was uhh...Ness!"
"That was not!" He chuckled.
I just laughed then.
I can't belive this. Forget Jackie. This year is going great.

Thats what I'm wearing on the date!
"Dad, I'm leaving in a few!" I said as I was putting on my lipstick.
"I can't belive my little girl is going on her first date."
"Dad relax."
"Just remember, be back by eight O' clock."
"Okay, Okay."
Then I heard a knock.
"Thats him!"
Then I ran to the door and opened it in a quick-but not a too desprate- way.
"Hi-Woah." He said
"Hi." I said with a smile.
"You. Look. Amazing"
I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks.
"Thanks. You look nice too." NICE?! He looked like an angel.
God I hope tonight goes well.
A little short, sorry!
"You'll like this place." Seth said. He picked me up in a Ford. HIS CAR!
"I bet I will." I said
When he looked and me, my stomach did a flip.
He was only a year older than me, but he looked five.
He was sixteen, I was fifteen.
We drove up to La Fina.
"Oh my god. This must be the nicest restaurant in Forks!"
"It is."
Wow, he's the perfect boyfriend...why am I saying this? I don't even show if he's my boyfriend yet!
"Follow me." he said, as he escorted me out of the car.
He held my hand into the restaurant and spoke to the guy at the front desk.
"We have table thirteen. I made a reservation. Its under Clearwater."
"Yes,sir." He said with an English accent.
The place was packed! They were all fancy people. I felt under dressed here. And I felt over dressed at my house!
He was dressed in a black pair of dress pants and a white tee shirt with a blue deign on it.
He too me up three flights of stairs until we hit the roof.
"What are we doing here?" I asked.
"Look," he said as he pointed to a little table with two chairs. The only table here. We were the only PEOPLE up here.
He grabbed my hand again, and lead me to the table. We had an amazing view. I could see all of Forks lights, Port Angeles, and when you looked up, all you could see was stars. It was amazing.
"Its...Its..." I said, but I didn't get to finish my sentence, I was so speechless.
"Comon, sit down." He said as he pulled my chair out for me to sit.
"Thank you." I said
This is the best night of my life!
Post more!!!!!! tell me when u update!! this is a REALLY good fan fic! =)


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