The Twilight Saga

My name is Stormi, I just moved to Forks Washington from Manhattan, New York. I'm going to miss Shannon, my friend back in Manhattan. We weren't the most popular people there. Probably the least popular.
Anyways, three years ago my mom died in a car accident here in Forks,so my dad wanted to move back to his hometown where she died. Its kind of confusing, but thats my dad for you. They were separated about six years ago. But my dad never stopped loving her.
We moved to Manhattan and lived with my grandmother after the separation. When dad heard about moms death, he was heartbroken. It took him three years to get the money to move to Forks. 
My grandmother didn't want us to go, but something in Forks was pulling dad to the small town.
So i packed up all my rain gear and we set off.
"Stormi! Hey Storms! Wake up its you first day of school!" Dad was calling from downstairs.
"No...Five more minutes!" I shouted back.
"Nope i got to get to the hospital so you need to rush honey! And your breakfast is getting cold."
Dad works at the hospital.His friend Carlisle works there too. Dad makes jokes that he doesn't age. He's been looking like he's 20 for a couple years now.
I really have to get ready, my dad goes to work when I get to school.
I really cant wait to go in my back to school outfit. Its my favorite color.
I hope I don't stand out.
Then I went downstairs where dad made, scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and pancakes.
After i ate it was time to go. We hopped in his Ford Fusion, and took off.
When I got to school, it was crazy! Kids running, jumping on top of trucks!
This is gonna be some year.
"Hi!" I heard a voice behind me.
I turned around to see this beautiful girl standing in front of the stairs, right near where I was( sitting on the railing of a stairs)
She had Darkish brown hair, deep brown eyes, and pale skin.
She was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. I feel bad for the other girls here.
"Oh, hi." I said.
"Crazy here, huh? Oh, let me introduce myself. I'm Renesmee. Your the new girl, Star right?"
"Stormi, actually." I said
"Oh, I like that name! So where did you come from?"
"Manhattan, New York." I said.
"Cool!" She said as she pulled a purple cashmere scarf out of her bag, which matched perfectly with her white shirt with a purple peace sign design on it, her denim skinny jeans, and her black Converse.
"Getting chilly, lets go inside."
"Sure." I said.
When we got inside another girl came beside Renesmee.
"Ness! Oh my god! You'll never BELIEVE what happened!" She shrieked.
"What, Jacks?"
"JORDAN ASKED ME OUT!...Who's this?" She said and pointed over to me.
"Thats awesome! Oh, this is Stormi. She just moved to Forks from New York.
Stormi this is Jackie." 
"Hi, Jackie." I said
"Hi." She said
I have a feeling she doesn't like me.
"Do you need some help with your schedule Storms? Is it okay if I call you Storms?" Renesmee said.
"No I think I got it. The room numbers on the card."
"Okay, I gotta head to Spanish. Adios!"
Her and Jackie went off to their classed while I stammered about trying to get to mine. 215. I can find it. I can find it. 178...180?
Oh no, I'm on the first floor! My class is on the third!
Oh no the bell rang!
I'm so dead.

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Thank you so much!
"Tell me about yourself." Seth said to me.
"What do you want to know?" I said as I looked up at the stars.
"Where are you from?"
"Manhattan, in New York."
"What was it like there?"
"Boring...well most of the time. How about you?"
"Tell me about yourself."
"And what would you like to know, Lutka?"
"Its a tribe nickname." He said with soft eyes, that made my stomach flip over.
"Oh...where were we?" I said.
"You wanted to know about me."
"Oh, right. So whats you family like?"
"Kindof crazy. I consider Jake and them, part of my family. They come over a lot, Leah-my sister- hates in. She's not a...people person. She always asks mom to kick them out, but she refuses." He said with a chuckle.
"What about your dad? Whats he like?" I asked.
" away a few years ago."
"Oh my god. I'm so sorry." I said, and my heart sank. I couldn't imagine losing my dad. I felt awful.
"It's okay. It was his time to go."
It was silent for a minute. Then the guy with an English accent brought salad and bread-sticks.
We started eating and looked down.
"There's La Push!" He said and pointed to a beach.
"Oh yeah! There's the high school." I said and pointed to it. "You know, I haven't seen you around there."
"I don't go there. I go to school at the reservation."
"Oh, thats neat."
NEAT?! Did I have to say "NEAT"?!
We pulled up to my house, and got out of the car.
"That was really fun." He said.
"You know Stormi, I really like you." Seth said, and looked at me with those striking eyes of his.
"I really like you too, Seth." I said.
Then he took my hand and walked me to the doorway.
"Well, bye." I said.
He leaned in closer. And my heart started racing.
"Bye!" I said and turned the doorknob, opened the door and slammed the door in his face. I felt REALLY bad for it after the fact. WHY didn't I let him kiss me? I knew he was going to. I guess I just wasn't ready. I mean, it's my FIRST kiss. I bet I broke his heart.

Maybe she wasn't ready. I just stood there in her doorway, after the door slammed in my face. I probably wrecked the entire thing. I shouldn't of moved too fast. I mean, I IMPRINTED on her. I can't help myself.
It's killing me just to be away from her right now.
I'll just phase and go by her room. You know...just in case a vamp comes. God I sound crazy, but I CAN'T lose her. Even the slightest chance of losing her, I can't let it happen. She is my life now. Just two days. Thats all it took.
I phased, and my clothes went everywhere. Mom won't mind me sleeping out for a night.
I just sat below her window, she was on the top floor, so it's not a good chance, but it could still happen. I just lie down and if I hear a noise,I'll tear them to shreds.
I'll just lay down and sleep for now. I'm a very light sleeper.
(Stormi P.O.V.)
A month later Seth saw me six more times. He was officially my boyfriend. I still haven't kissed him, I think It's just...I don't know what it is. I SHOULD want to kiss him, but I can't. I can tell he wants to kiss me. I'm just not ready for that yet.
He's coming over in a little while, just to hang out. OH! There's the doorbell! I ran over and answered it.
"Hey, beautiful." He said when I opened the door.
"Hi, handsome. Come on in."
We sat ourselves in front of the T.V. on the couch. Since my dad wasn't home, he wouldn't be watching T.V..
"How've you been?" Seth said.
"Pretty good." I said.
I scooted over closer to him and rested my head on his shoulder. He turned to look at me and smiled, with those perfect teeth.
I don't know what came over me then. But I leaned in to his face, until our lips where an inch apart.
"I'm ready now" I said said.
He pressed his lips lightly against mine. His lips where soft and warm.
I gently opened my mouth a little bit, and so did he.
I threw my arms around his neck and pulled him closer,when I did that, I fell to my back pulling him with me, he was on top of me, with his hands on the couch on both sides of me.
The kiss was the best thing I'd ever'd experienced.
When he pulled away, We just smiled at each other.
"THAT was a kiss." I said.
We both sat up again, and went to our original position- my head on his shoulder.
"You just never give up do you? No one cares about you, Stormi! No one. I mean, who would like a girl like you?"
Jackie said. Except she didn't say "girl".
"You know what Jackie? Renesmee is peeved at you because of what you did. You need to SHUT UP before someone around here MAKES you." I said. We stood in the middle of the track in P.E. just like last time we talked.
"Who's gonna make me?"
I don't know whats coming over me the last month,but I did some thing that I would've never thought I would've done.EVER.
"ME!" I said, and punched her in the nose.
Thats right. I punched her. IN THE NOSE. I must've punched pretty hard because the force knocked her to the ground.
I'm not gonna even revise that word for you.
She was MAD. She got up and scratched my cheek with her fake nails, sending blood streaming down my face.
Which made it even,since she had a bloody nose.
"GIRLS! GIRLS!" Our P.E. teacher called. I think you know what happened next.
"I can't believe this. I have to sign out of work, to get you at school because you PUNCHED a girl." dad said.
I felt really bad about it. I mean, Jackie's in the hospital right now because I broke her nose.
My cheek was still bleeding, I was holding a red,wet, face-cloth to it.
love it!
,I was kicked out of school for three days and my dad grounded me for a week.
At night I could hear tapping at my window. I looked out and saw Seth standing there with pebbles in his hand.
"Hey Lutka!" he said
"Hey. I told you I'm grounded. I can't go out tonight."
"Thats why I'm coming up there." With that he climbed up the tree next to my window and climbed in my window.
Dad was sleeping,hopefully he won't wake up.
"Hey! My dad will kill you if he catches you!"
"It's a risk I'm willing to take" He said and kissed me.
"Listen, I need to tell you something." Seth said.
"I totally trust you. And I KNOW our relationship will last long. I need to tell you a big secret about me that will make everything so much easier."
"Go ahead."
"The thing is...I can't, but I want you to know SO bad."
"Does it have to do why you leaving early on our dates?" I said sitting on my bed.
"Yes. Exactly.Its KILLING me not being able to tell you. Just come to the reservation tomorrow."
"I can't. Gounded."
"When your not grounded come. Okay?"
Seth was yelling at a big man, about 20, that looked the tallest out of everyone of the friends he was with.
"NO!" Seth yelled.
"Seth, listen. This happed to Jake too." The man said, and Jake nodded.
They were all shirtless, I was happy Seth was.
"Listen I'm NOT giving her up. It's an IMPRINT you can't STOP it!" Seth said.
We were all in a big field, I was at one end and they were at the other, but I could still hear them.
"SETH!" The man said.
Thats his name, Sam.
Sam got mad. Really mad. But Seth was worse.
He punched Sam. All for me, its kind of sweet.
I could see Sams veins popping in his neck. And breathing hard, he clenched his hands into fists and...
Well, it all happened so fast.
Sam transformed into a wolf.
Thats right a wolf, a giant wolf.
Seth formed too. I was so shocked my this ,I collapsed to my knees, and started breathing VERY hard,as if I had asthma.
Sam lunged for Seth and I ended up crying.
"SETH!" I cried.
The other boys where just sheering them on.
I ran towards Seth, and when I was about five feet away from the fight, I got tackled my Sam, which made me cry even more.
"Get off please!" I cried.
I was so freaked out, I blanked out.
"Stormi! Stormi! PLEASE! If you can hear me open your eyes!" Seth said.
I guess I was still laying down on the fields. Wow, I NEVER faint.
"What happened?" I said.
"Oh my god!" He said as he helped me up ,then hugged me.
"I'm so sorry Stormi, I didn't want you to find out like this. Are you okay? I can't believe this happened."
"It's okay." I said
Then it all came back to me. He was a wolf?
"You're an over sized wolf?" I asked
He chuckled.
"I'm a werewolf, Stormi."
I swear this was real. Not a dream. A werewolf? Those are just supposed to be in movies.
"But it's sunny out" I said.
"What?" Seth said.
"It's sunny out. Aren't you just supposed to come out during full moons?" I asked
They all chuckled then.
I'll fill you in Stormi, don't worry."
My boy friend's...a werewolf? is Ness's.
"Your ALL werewolves?" I said
They nodded.
"Ness, did you KNOW Jakes a werewolf?" I asked Renesmee on the phone.
"OH MY GOD! Seth told you?!" She said
"Well, he and Sam went at it. In front of me."
"Oh god. They probably told you about the Cold Ones too!"
"Wait...what?" I said. I had NO idea what she was talking about.
"Nothing."About...the Cold Ones?"
And she hung up.
(Renesmee P.O.V.)
I can't believe I almost told her!
She's my BEST FRIEND.Actually my only friend.
I have to tell her sometime!
"Dad!" I called. He came to me in a nano-second.
"What is it?"
"Remember my friend Stormi, I was telling you about?"
"Seth has been dating her for a while, and...SHE KNOWS."
"About werewolves?"
"Yes and I... kind of...almost...told her about us."
"You have to be more careful!"
"I know, but Seth told her about werewolves,so I said 'He probably told you about the Cold Ones too?' And.. I hung up before we got any further."
"Be more careful." he said.
We were in my bedroom, sitting on my bed.
"I'm kind of hungry, can we go for a hunt?" I asked
(Seth P.O.V)
I'm so stupid. Blinded by love.
Sam just....AH!
She shouldn't know right now. But I had to show her. That I was a werewolf.
Why did I do it? She didn't have to know! We are all sitting at La Push talking about it.
"Listen. Stormi already knows too much. You can't tell her anymore than she already know." Sam said.
"Sam...she knows everything."
"Seth! I know your still immature, because your the youngest, but that was wrong to do."
"Does Emily know everything? Why cant my imprint know EVERTHING?"
"Because, we don't think she's your real impringt. Your way to early to imprint. You might just like her alot."
Then I phased and ran to Stormi's house, but was stopped on the way.
It ran in circles around me.
A vamp.
I just growled at it. She wasn't faster than me...I hope.
She was blonde and had crimson eyes. She looked a little like Rose, but alot different.
Straight hair, bigger ears.
"Listen you mutt, Don't get my way to prey. I go by my self." She said.
"Ugh, you smell. I'm so hungry. I need to get new prey. Say, where are you headed? I might just follow you. Make it easier, you know?"
Newborn. Definately newborn.
I ran to the Cullens house, I couldn't get her without the rest of the pack.
When I got there I barked like crazy. Renesmee came.
I just barked more, and more so she's leave. Edward came....and read my mind, and told Renesmee to leave.
The Newborn saw Ed, and scrammed.
"Thanks Ed." I thought.
Then I ran to Stormi's house. If the newborn comes there I'll rip her to shreds.
I dreamt of Seth last night.
I was in the field, and it was raining. When I walked I heared the squish of wet dirt beith my feet. I was scared for some reason.
I was soaked and waiting for something. I saw two tiny red eyes in the woods on the other side. A giant wolf came out of the woods. It was Seth. The big gray/ russet tone made it easy to tell t was him.
"Seth!" I called.
It was vey high and it echoed.
Then a creature with very paleskin, crimson eyes, and blonde hair emerged.
I got even more firhgtened then. And colapsed into the mud.
The mud was everywhere, in my hair, on my clothes. I was completely soaked with mud.
The creature ran towars me and scratched my arm. Probably pretty deep, because now I was covered in blood and mud now.
I was could a creature be so strong?
Seth charged for it, I could see rage in his eyes. Before he got to it I gasped-
And woke up.
What was that creature?
Oh, well.
I touched my cheek and found it was totally healed.
Thank god.
It was finally winter break. The thing I've been waiting for!
Seth is coming over later today. And Renesmee. And Jake.
Kind of double date party.
In about an hour they're coming.
"Hey, Clearwater! Hey Stormi!" Jake said on the way in.
"Hi guys!" Ness said.
They walked in my house with big smiles on. Jakes arm was around Renesmee shoulder.
Seth was already at my house.He had his arm around me too. Yay!
"Hey! Welcome to casa de Stormi." Seth said...very spazzy.
"You such a spaz!" I said jokefully.
Everyone was laughing and having a good time.
"Wow Seth, You imprinted early! It took me years!" Jake said. And We all paused. What does that mean?
"I've been hearing that word alot, what does it mean?" I said.
I heard Renesmee whisper in Jakes ear: "She doesn't knwo what imprinting is!"
Seth smacked his forehead as if he did something wrong.
I was totally confused.
"What does it mean?"
Good thing dad wasn't home,he would've made this moment worse.
"What?" I said
"Imprinting is a little complicated," Seth said. "It's when a werewolf, see's a girl for the first time and falls for her. but much stronger than that. It's like...She's the only one in the world that matters."
"And... You imprinted on me?"
They all nodded.
I swear I almost started crying. That is the sweetest thing that I've ever heard.
"Awww!" I said and hugged him.
After I looked at Ness and Jake.
"And Jake, you imprinted on her?" I said.
He nodded.
"It feels so weird that you two are like...unreal." I said
And again we all started laughing.
Then we all went to the living room and sat on the couch.
"So what is it that werewolves to anyway?" I said
Why am I always the one to cause akward scilences?
"Its complicated." Seth said
"So is imprinting but you told me that." I said.
They all exchanged looks. even she knew!
" you know?" I asked her.
"Well...N-...Yes." She said with a sigh.
"Well? What is it? I know they won't tell me."
Seth and Jake went in the other room.
"We'll leave you ladies alone" Jake said with a wink.
"I'm gonna kill you!" Ness said.
We heard them laughing in the other room.
Whats the big deal? Why can't I know?
"Tell me Ness! You can tell me! We're best friends!"
"Okay! Okay! I'll tell you!" She said.
"Well...werewolves...keep vampires from killing people."
I froze at the word "vampire"
"There are VAMPIRES too?!"
"Yeah...And my entire family...are vampires. I'm half vampire."
I froze.
" do you go in the sun? Or...not eat me? Or-" I started, but she interupted me.
"Those are steriotypes. When I'm in the sun, we dont dicinagrate, and our thirst in quenched most of the time. We don't eat people, my family I mean, we hunt."
"What do you hunt?"
"Anything else I should know?"
On the outside I was calm, but on the inside I was freaking out.
"I'm only four years old." She said
I froze..again.
"Well, vampires don't age. I do,but since I'm half vampire I age too much. I stop ageing at 17."
"How are you half vampire?"
"My mother was human, and my dad was a vampire."
"Oh and we have special powers. Now everyone. But most of us. Watch this."
Then she touched my hand.
A picture came before my eyes. It was a bunch of people that looked similar to her.
"Thats my family." she said.
"I can't belive this! My boyfriend's a werewolf, and my best friends a vampire!"
CHAPTER 4 (Renesmee P.O.V)
"You're grounded for a week! I don't care!"
AHHH! He makes me so mad! I HAD to tell Stormi!
She squeezed it out if me!
He ran and left me in my room to sulk.
I hate this!
I'm gonna call her.
(Stormi P.O.V)
"I'm so sorry Ness! I shouldn't of made you tell me!"
"It's okay, It's better you know. My dads just afraid you'll tell. I know you won't."
"I won't. Maybe when you're not grounded, I could come over and prove to them that I won't." I said
"" I said as we stepped in front of a MANSION! But not a usual mansion. It was... so open. So light. Amazing.
"It is lovely isn't it?" Renesmee's mom said. She's the one who drove us here. She told me I could call her Bella.
"It's alright." Ness said.
We all laughed.
When we walked in, I saw everyone in the picture that Renesmee showed me.
A blonde haired man walked up to me.
"I'm Carlisle Cullen. You must be Stormi. We've been waiting for you."
Her family was honestly gorgeous. Each one of them. I don't think her dad likes me. He kindof just glares at me. I sorta felt uncomfortable in a house of vampires. Her uncle Jasper seemed to like me, but his eyes were wide when I shook his hand, like he wanted to...I don't know. Bite me.
It smelled so good, and clean in this house. Not like any other houses. All of the furniture was white. Everything was just amazing.
Then her aunt Alice stopped. Just stopped. And stared at nothing.
Jasper rushed over to her and said "What do you see?" frantically.
This must be the future telling Ness was telling me about.
When Alice stopped, she stared at me.
"Oh my god." Ness's dad said.
"Edward!" Alice looked at him with wide eyes.
"I have t-" he started to say
The room froze, Alice's gaze was sharp on Ness's dad.
"Don't you DARE."
"She going to find out." He said and looked at me. They were talking about something to do with me.
"...Tomorrow." Alice said.
"Is there something I should know about?" I asked.
"No." They both said said at the same time.
Everyone was still frozen in the living room.
"Seth!" I said. We were all alone. Dad went to work.
"Comon! Try it!" He said, referring to the french fries dipped in his chocolate milkshake he got from "Sandy's lil' shack" down the street.
"Fine, give it." I said and held my hand out.
He put a french fry in my hand and I dipped it in the milkshake. Okay, I got to admit, it was good.
"Mmm." I said.
"Told you."
"Shh!" I said and turned the T.V up, the news was on and the huge storm outside caused a car crash.
"The thunder storm caused this woman to skid in the rode and crash into this man, who is still unidentified.Firemen said he died from impact, the woman too." said the news announcer.
"Aww, thats so sad." I said "Hey, that looks like my dads car."
"Eh, a coincidence." Seth said
Then the phone rang, I ran to it but kept my eyes to the T.V. puzzled.
When I picked up the phone I heard Carlisle's voice on the other line.
"Hello, Stormi?" he said.
"Hi, Mr.Cullen!" I said.
"Stormi, I don't know how to tell you, but-" he said. I could still hear the buzz of the T.V.
"The people were identified." the news woman said.
"Your father-"
"Pam Smith"
"And John Heffer" The news reporter said at the same time Carsile said "Passed away"
"Father of Stormi Heffer." the news report continued.
I dropped the phone and my knee's gave out.
I was sobbing. My heart lurched in my chest. this isn't happening
I said to myself over and over again.
My dad. DIED.
Seth came rushing over, and I hugged him so tight.
This is what Alice and Ness's dad was talking about yesterday.
"Stormi, it'll be okay." Seth said calmly.


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