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I started a new fan fic, even though I am not done with the other one.  But it's a good thing I am multi taskable..LOL.. Please read and leave many comments.  I hope you enjoy.



In Your Wildest Dreams


Chapter 1

I never really thought about what I wanted to do in life, but I knew I wanted to be something big. I wanted to do something big, I just wasn’t sure what that was yet. Right now, I lived in a small town named Forks, in my senior year of high school. I was quite the popular one, the cheerleader who dated the quarterback type. I was class president, as well as in drama and choir. I loved to sing and I loved to act. Those were my two passions in life. So I kept busy with all that I did, as well as having a personal life. I took care of my dad, because well, honestly, he wouldn’t be able to do it alone. Him and my mom have been divorced since I was little, and when she remarried, Phil, who is her husband now, travels and she likes to travel with him, so it was easier to live with my dad. I have only been here for about six years, but that has given me ample opportunity to make friends and acquire a status of popularity.

I was walking down the hall when I heard a friend call after me.

“Bella, wait up.”

I stopped and turned around to see one of my best friends running towards me, “Alice, what’s up?”

Alice and I have been friends since I moved here. She is the fashion diva of the school, and if anyone has questions, she is your girl. She is also a senior, and she has a brother and a sister. Her brother, Edward, is in the same grade as us, yet they are not twins. He was adopted at a young age. He is very quiet, but looks very dangerous. I hear he is a player, but he has never made a move for me. Her sister is Rosalie. She is a year older, and is dating Emmett. Emmett is also out of high school and living the big life in New York City, working for a large firm. Rosalie is, of course, there with him. Alice is dating Rosalie’s younger brother, Jasper. He is in our grade as well. They are so cute together. I hope one day to find true love. Not a guy who just wants to see if he can score. This is not the woman for the job.

“Bella, I have found the perfect outfit for prom. You have to see it.”

“Alice, prom is not for another six months. Why are you looking already?”

“Because you can never be too prepared. Please?” She put on her best frown, she knew exactly what to do to make me cave in.

I sighed and shrugged my shoulders, “Okay. Where is it at?”

“It’s at my house. Meet me there after school and I will show it to you.” She bounced up and down, clapping her hands. Sometimes I felt like she could be a little childish, but I loved her the same and wouldn’t have her any other way.

“Okay, I will see you there. Bye Alice.”

“Bye Bella.”

I walked towards my locker. I felt someone grab my shoulders and spin me around. Before I could grasp who it was or even say anything, I had warm lips pressed to mine. I felt the hands around my waist, pulling me closer. I naturally pushed back slightly to see who my attack kisser was, and found it was my boyfriend.

“Well, hello there.”

“Hey babe. How are you? Are you ready for tonight?”

“What’s going on tonight? I don’t remember having plans, not with you anyway.”

“Aw Bella, we were supposed to go over to James and hang with the guys to watch football.”

“Ugh, Mike, I don’t want to go over there, not tonight. Plus, I told Alice I would go to her house tonight. She wanted to show me something.”

“Bella, I am tired of you always coming up with excuses for not going anywhere with me.”

“Well, then do something I want to do for once and that wouldn’t be an issue.”

“I thought you liked the guys. What’s wrong with watching football with our friends?”

I let out a deep breath, trying to rid myself of the frustration that built within me. Mike, sometimes could be the sweetest person, but other times, he was too self absorbed. It was very tiresome. I just wanted to get away.

“Mike, we will talk about this later. I have to get going.” I turned to walk away, and he grabbed my arm. Not lightly either. I felt the pain shoot down to my wrist. I looked at him in fear as well as anger. I have never had him touch me in this manner. “Mike, if you want to walk away today, I suggest you let go of me.” I snarled between clenched teeth. Instead of his letting up like I had expected it to, he tightened it. The pain began to course through me and it was hard to concentrate on him and what he was thinking. This was the first time I truly felt fear of my boyfriend.

“I will let you go when I feel I am ready. You do not tell me what to do. And it is about time you act like my girlfriend, and quit blowing me off for your loser friends,” he spoke in a low, demanding voice.

I looked at him, pushing the fear to the back of my mind, pulling the anger to the front, “Well, if you want a girlfriend who will be there at your beckon call, then I suggest you go find one that will, because that is not me. Now, I will say once again, let go of me.”

I didn’t realize everyone in the school had stopped to watch our confrontation. I felt my face flush. Mike realized it as well, because he let go. As he walked by me, he leaned close to my ear, “This is not over yet, Bella. We will finish this conversation some other time. You can count on that.” he walked away.

I felt my heart sink, the knot in my stomach grow. I knew he was right, he never backed down from a fight, and well, I just jumped to the top of his list for one. I rubbed my arm where he had grabbed it and rubbed it. It was definitely sore and I was sure there would be a mark later. I finished grabbing my things and left the building. I went to my car and drove away. Instead of going to my house first, I went to Alice’s. I called Charlie from my cell and told him what I was doing tonight. He was okay with that. I pulled into Alice’s driveway, trying to hide my days events form my eyes. I had been holding back the tears this long, I did not want them to spill now. I rang the doorbell and Carlisle answered. He was Alice’s father, and the town doctor. A very nice, and not too hard on the eyes, man.

“Hello Bella, so nice to see you again.”

“Thank you Carlisle. Is Alice here?”

“She is up in her room. Go ahead and go on up.”

“Thank you.” I nodded at him and walked up the stairs. The Cullen’s had a magnificent house. And it was secluded in the woods, which made it even nicer. I knocked on Alice’s door and she answered for me to come in.

“Hey Alice.”

“Oh Bella, I wasn’t expecting you this soon. But I am glad you came.” She looked at me suspiciously, knowing something was wrong. “Bella? What’s wrong? What happened?”

I could no longer hold back the tears, they flowed freely. I told her about my confrontation with Mike and how I basically broke up with him this afternoon, and about his threat.

She touched my shoulder, “Oh Bella, I am so sorry. I wish I would have been there to help you. Are you okay?”

I stifled back the last tears, “Yea, I think I will be okay. I didn’t mean to put all this on you. But I know Mike, when he makes a threat, he usually follows through on it. I don’t know what to do. He hurt me today, and didn’t even blink about it.”

“Aw, honey. It will be okay. I won’t let anything happen. I will talk to Edward and see if he will maybe keep an eye out for Mike.”

I shook my head, “No, Alice. I will be okay. I can handle Mike. I have for two years now. I just guess I never thought he would turn violent.” I shuddered at the thought of Mike possibly hurting me, on purpose.

Alice and I finished our evening. I felt better by the time I went home. They had me over for dinner, Esme was a really good cook. Alice showed me the dress she picked out for prom. It was beautiful. It suited her perfectly. Alice continued to reassure me about Mike. I wanted to believe her, but my gut feeling told me otherwise. I pulled into my driveway and found Mike’s car parked outside. I sighed, and felt the wave of fear course through my body for a second time again today.

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love it
Thanks,, glad you like it. I loved writing it.
I absolutely love this!
Thanks so much.
omg!!! that was amazing!!! they are so in love!!!♥
Yea, they are. Thanks for reading.
one word to describe it WOW
Here is Chapter 6 A definite twist was taken here. Hope you enjoy, please comment.

Chapter 6


I felt a drop land on my cheek. I woke up in a daze, not remembering where I was. I looked at my surroundings, then realizing that I was in the meadow. Mine and Bella’s meadow, with Bella. She laid next to me, on the ground, cuddled into the crook of my arm. She looked so peaceful, and I couldn’t help but fall even more in love with her. I was in a state of awe that she allowed us to take our relationship to the next level. Making love to her last night was the epitome of a perfect world. I felt another drop on my face. I looked up and the clouds threatened us with rain. I decided I had better wake Bella so that we can go home.

“Bella! My love, you need to wake up.” I tapped her shoulder lightly.

She moved slightly, then her eyes flickered before they opened. She looked at me with a daze in her face. “Hmm?”

“Bella, honey. It’s going to rain. We need to get going.”

She sat up slowly and looked around. The blanket pulled up above her chest. Even after sleeping on a hard ground, she looked beautiful. I stood up and pulled my clothes on. I looked down at her for a moment, a blush across her face. Surely she wouldn’t be blushing from watching me dress.

“What time is it?” She asked, groggily.

“I’m not sure. But I have already felt a few raindrops, so I know we need to get going.”

“Okay. Can you hand me my dress?”

“Sure,” I reached over and grabbed her dress. I leaned down on my knees in front of her before I handed it to her. I leaned over and kissed her, hoping that she had no regrets about last night. “I love you.”

She smiled up at me, “I love you too.” Before I knew what was happening, she pulled me down to her, placing her lips to mine. She kissed me with eagerness, tenderness, and love. I felt the tingling sensation rise in me, the wanting increasing. I knew I wanted her, right here and right now. Apparently, she wanted the same. She had already started to unbutton my shirt.

“Bella, are you sure? It is going to rain.”

“Edward, are you afraid of a little rain? I don’t care if you don’t.” She spoke with a seductive tone in her voice. With that, it was over. I couldn’t resist her, especially when she talked like that.

I leaned into her and kissed her. After making love for a second time, we both stood up and dressed. She looked flushed, but it brought out her beauty. We walked back to the car, rain starting to come down as we arrived to it. I opened her door for her and she climbed in, I ran around to the other side, trying not to get to wet. I sat in the driver seat for a moment, turned the car on and turned on the heat, so that Bella wouldn’t catch a chill. I looked over at her and she smiled at me.

“Edward, I had a wonderful time last night, and well this morning as well.” I saw the blush creep into her cheeks.

I took her hand in mine, kissed the top and said, “I did too, love. You make me the happiest man alive.”

She smiled at me, and I drove her home. Luckily Charlie wasn’t there yet. I didn’t want her to get in trouble. After all, she did spend the night with me. I smiled to myself. I walked her to her door.

“Thanks Edward. Will I see you later today?” She played with the buttons on my shirt.

I touched her shoulders, “You can see me anytime you want to. I’m just going to go home and take a shower. I will see you this evening.”

“Okay. I love you.”

“I love you too.” I leaned down and kissed her before walking to my car. I watched her walk inside before pulling away.


I leaned up against the door after I shut it behind me. Edward and I took our relationship to the next level, and I was happy. Happy in love. I ran upstairs so that I could take a shower. I let the heat wash over my body, loosen some of the knots from sleeping on the hard ground. Not that I minded, since I was with Edward. After I was finished, I turned the water off, wrapped a towel around my hair and ran to my bedroom. I dressed in a pair of shorts and a tank top. I ran downstairs to eat something. I was starving. I made some eggs and toast for myself and sat down to eat them. After I was finished, I washed my dishes and decided to watch some television for a little while. I was actually kind of tired. I felt myself begin to doze off when I heard a knock at the door. I stood and answered it.

I looked at my visitor, surprised by his presence, “What do you want?”

“I wanted to talk to you.”

“There is nothing to say. You aren’t even supposed to be here. I suggest you leave.” I tried to shut the door, but he shoved it open.

“I’m not leaving until we can talk.”

“Mike, leave, NOW. I don’t want to talk.” I walked towards the kitchen. “I am going to call my dad. He will make you leave.”

I grabbed the phone off the wall, he took it from me, “You will not call anyone. Right now, it is you and me.” He yanked the phone out of its jack. I stepped back.

“Mike, what do you want?”

He stepped towards me, “I want you Bella. And I know you want me. I am sure I would be so much better than that loser, Edward.”

I snickered, “You couldn’t come close to what Edward is. He is a gentleman, and he is romantic. You, you are nothing but a jerk. You think all these women are going to fall head over heels for you just because you are on the football team, but in reality, no one can stand you because you are a selfish, inconsiderate ass.”

I never saw what was coming because it came quicker than I thought. His fist made contact with my cheek. I fell backwards into the wall.

My hand clutched to my cheek, I seethed, “Does it make you feel like a man to hit women? Is that the only way you can feel like a man? Because you sure as hell aren’t one otherwise.”

He came after me again, this time with me running around the couch. “Don’t touch me, Mike. It will be the last thing you do.”

“Oh Bella, you naïve little girl. You don’t even want to know what the last thing is that I am going to do you.”

“Stay away from me.” He caught up to me around the couch, picked me up and threw me against the wall. My head hitting the edge of the fireplace. I felt the pain course thru me. I touched the back of my head and felt the moisture seeping. I stood up, the room hazy. “Mike, please stop. Leave me alone. I don’t love you.”

“I don’t care if you love me or not, I will have you at least once. You are mine.” He came at me, lunging forward. I moved out of the way, and he hit the wall. He came back with fury across his face. “You witch. You will pay for that.” He came at me, hand balled up in a fist, and collided with my cheek, again. I fell backwards, and everything went black. I laid limply on the floor. I thought I heard the door, but I wasn’t for sure.


I couldn’t wait to get back to my Bella. We had such a wonderful night last night. She gave her everything to me, and that took my breath away. My heart grew each day that I was with her, and I knew I wanted to spend many more with her, as well as the rest of my life. I had taken my shower and was on my way to her house to see her. I wanted to take her to dinner, if she hadn’t already eaten. As I became closer to her house, my stomach dropped. I saw Mike’s car leaving her driveway. I pushed the pedal as far to the floor as it would go and hurried. I was afraid of what Mike had done to her. I skidded to a stop in her driveway, gravel flying behind me. I jumped out of my car, leaving the door open, and ran to the door. I barged in and the sight that I saw had me breaking down. Her body lay crumpled on the floor. Bruising forming in many spots. She had blood pouring down her face, her jaw was swollen, and she had a split to right of her lip, as well as blood coming from her nose. Her shirt was torn and I could see the bruising forming on her ribcage.

The rage enveloped me, but the only keeping me from going after him was Bella. I went to her house phone so that I could call an ambulance, but the phone was ripped form the wall. I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and dialed the ambulance first, then I dialed Carlisle.

“Dad, I need your help. I need you to meet me at the hospital.”

“What’s going on Edward? What happened?” Carlisle asked on the other end of the phone.

I seethed thru my teeth, “Mike is what happened. He got a hold of Bella. She is hurt really bad.” It took a lot for me to not let the quiver show in my voice and to let the tears spill.

“Oh my god. Okay, I will be there. Are you on your way?”

“Not yet. The ambulance should be on it’s way. I need you to come here. I need you to make sure she gets there.”

“But what about you? What are you going to do?”

I took a deep breath to calm my nerves, “I have to go after him dad. He can’t get away with this.”

“Edward, let the police handle this. You don’t need to get in trouble for this.”

“Dad,” I let the shakiness in my voice surface, “I have to do this. I will deal with the consequences myself. Please do this for me. Can you please come. I won’t leave her alone.”

“I’m on my way. Call Charlie. Let him know what is going on.”

“No, call him once you get to the hospital. I don’t want him to get a heads up on Mike. I want to get to him first. I will let you know when it’s okay to send the police.”

“Edward? Please be careful.”

“I know dad.” I hung up with him and waited. I sat next to Bella and held her hand. I didn’t want to move her without knowing her internal injuries. I saw red for the anger that flowed through me. I wanted him, and I wanted him badly. He would pay for he had done.

Within minutes, Carlisle had arrived. At the same time, the ambulance did also. I told Carlisle I would get a hold of him shortly, but that this was something I had to do. I knew I was leaving her in loving hands. Carlisle loved her like she was his own daughter. I hopped in my car and headed towards Mike’s house. Thankfully his car was there. I went and knocked on the door.

He answered the door, “What do you want Edward?”

“Please come out here and talk to me.”

“Because I figure you will want to deal with me outside, rather than ruin everything in your mothers house.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Come out here and find out,” I seethed through my teeth.

He stepped outside, “Do you really think you scare me Cullen?”

I looked at him, pure hatred flowing thru my veins, “I think you better be. I will mess you up for what you did to Bella.”

“Oh yea? Well, she deserved it. She deserved everything she got. And I would gladly do it again if she ever talks to me the way she did earlier.”

With those words, I felt the rage surface. I lunged at him, tackling him to the ground. My fist connected with his stomach and then his chin. He grunted with each time my fist connected. His lip busted open and I was pretty sure I broke his nose. I stood up and stepped back waiting for him to regain some composure before I took him down again. When I had seen he wasn’t moving, I pulled out my phone and dialed Carlisle.

“Okay dad. Send the police. We are at his house.”

“Okay son. Charlie is on his way. Keep him there.”

I sighed, “He isn’t going anywhere.” I watched as he laid on the ground. Within minutes, I saw the lights of Charlie’s car pull up. I walked over to him.

“Edward, are you okay?”

I nodded, “I’m sorry Charlie, but I had to do something myself first. I was angry and saw nothing but red when I found her.”

He put his arms around me, “It’s okay. I hope you got a few hits in for me. Thank you. You get to her and I will take care of him.”

“Okay.” My shoulders slumped, and I felt the wave of exhaustion reach me, but I fought it until I could see my Bella. I drove to the hospital and went to see Carlisle first.

“Hi dad. How is she doing?”

He looked over at me and hugged me. “Are you okay? You look exhausted.”

“I’m okay. How is she.” I became impatient with the wait. I wanted to know how she was.

“Well, she is in critical condition at this time. She has a concussion, two broken ribs, and some bleeding in her brain. If we can get the swelling to minimize, she will be okay. But until then, she is in ICU. I’m sorry son.”

I felt the tears slide down my cheeks. I couldn’t hold back the emotion that over took me at that moment when he told me her condition. I wanted Mike dead. He deserved to die for thinking he could get away with hurting Bella.

“Can I see her, please.”
“Sure. She isn’t supposed to have anyone in there, since she is in ICU, but I will make the exception for you. Talk to her. That might help her wake up.”

“Okay.” I said. Carlisle took me to her room. I walked over to her bed, her fragile body lying there limply. My heart ached, my stomach churned.

“Oh Bella. I am so sorry this happened to you. I should have been there. Mike is, once again, locked up. But not before I managed to get to him. I gave him a beating.” I smiled slightly at the feeling I had with each connection my fist made to his face.

She had wires attached to her chest, iv’s in her arms, and oxygen in its place. Her jaw had started to swell and you could see the bruising start to form. She had stitches in her lip, looked like three maybe. Her left eye began to turn a purplish blue color. The only background noise that could be heard were the beeping of the machines. I pulled a chair up next to her bed and sat there. I held her hand. I laid my head down next to her hand and felt my eyes begin to close. I wasn’t quite asleep yet when I heard the footsteps walk into the room. I sat up and wearily looked at who had entered. It was Charlie.

I stood up, “Charlie, what happened with Mike?”

I could see the red rimming of his eyes, as he must have been crying. “Well, he is locked up. There will be no bail for him. He will most likely be locked up for some time this time. And then a restraining order will be put into effect.”

I let out a deep breath, “Good. I hope they finish him off in prison.”

“Well, he is in a world of trouble this time. There will be several charges brought up against him. Thank you for taking such good care of her Edward.”

I looked down at the floor, “I love her sir. Nothing can change that.”

He looked at me, tiredness forming across his face.

“Charlie, if you don’t mind, I would like to stay with her until she wakes up.”

“I would be more than happy to have you be here for her. I am sure you are the one she would want to wake up to anyways.” With that, he left for the night.

I leaned over and kissed her forehead. I sat back down, took her hand in mine and placed my head down on her bed. I was exhausted. I wanted to sleep, but I would not leave her side. Not until I saw she was okay.

The next several days went by with no real change in her condition. We all became more and more worried that more damage could have been done than what was found. Our friends had come to visit off and on, to talk to her. I never left her side. I hadn’t eaten in what seemed to be days. I showered there in her bathroom. I was completely exhausted, but not willing to leave. What if she woke after I left? That was the main question that stayed in my mind, and the one question that kept me from leaving her side.

It was four days since Mike attacked her. I was asleep next to her bed, my head lying next to her hand. I had to constantly have a hand touching her, to know she was still there. I wanted more than anything for her to wake up, so that I could see her deep brown eyes again. So that I could tell her I love her again. Even though I have told her numerous times a day since she had been here. Instead, I slept restlessly.


I felt the pain in my head, like someone had hit me with a baseball bat. I remembered only vaguely what happened. I know Mike was at the center of all these complications. I slowly opened my eyes, trying to adjust to the light. I noticed when I took deep breaths that it hurt. I wasn’t sure what all was wrong with me, I just knew that I hurt. I moved my hand slightly and felt something on my bed. I lifted my head, ignoring the screaming pain, and saw that Edward was asleep. I reached my hand up and touched his hair. Oh how I have missed his hair. His green eyes, and his soft lips. I saw him stir slightly so I moved my hand away. I didn’t want to disturb him. Too late, he lifted his head and our eyes locked onto each other.

He jumped up, “Oh Bella, you’re awake. Oh my god. Let me get Carlisle. I will be right back.”

He left the room for only a moment before coming back with his father.

Carlisle walked to one side of my bed while Edward was on the other. “Hello Bella. So glad to see you awake dear. How are you feeling?”

I looked at him, “I hurt.” My words came out in a whisper, my voice not strong enough yet to speak.

“Well, honey. You had quite a run in with Mike.”

I cringed at his name. Edward took my hand, “Oh Bella, love, he is in jail and will be for a long time.”

I looked into Edwards eyes, “How did you know?”

“I saw him leaving your house when I was coming to pick you up.” His voice broke and he looked down.

Carlisle touched my hand, “I will leave you two alone for a few minutes so that I can go call Charlie. He will be enthralled to know that you have woke up.”

“Thank you Carlisle, for everything.” I smiled warmly at him.

He only touched me hand before leaving the room. Edward had wandered by the window.

“Edward, please come here.” He turned, his eyes red rimmed from crying, and walked towards me. “What’s wrong? I’m okay.”

He dropped to his knees, “Oh Bella. I thought I had lost you. You wouldn’t wake up.” The tears spilled from his eyes, I took his hand, “I wanted to kill him Bella. I went to his house and I hurt him, but I wanted to kill him for what he had done to you. You looked so broken there, lying on your floor. I was afraid to touch you, but wanted more than anything to hold you.”

“Oh Edward. It will be okay. I am okay now, thanks to you. Look at me.” He lifted his face and gazed into my eyes, “Edward, I love you so very much. For what you did for me, for what you have done for me.”

He stood up and leaned in and kissed my forehead. “I love you too Bella. I will always be here for you, no matter what.”

I smiled at him, “I know you will be, as I will for you.”

Within ten minutes, Charlie came strolling into my room. “Oh Bella. Thank god you are awake.” He kissed my forehead, “You had me worried sick.”

“Sorry dad. It wasn’t my intention.”

“I know that honey. Mike is in jail awaiting trial.”

“Good.” I sighed in relief, knowing he couldn’t come at me, but hoping he didn’t get out so that he could come.

Charlie sat there and talked to me for a little while longer. It was nice to see him. Edward went and talked to Carlisle, I am sure about me. Carlisle had me taken for some tests throughout the day, making sure the swelling that I had suffered had receded. I didn’t realize what Mike had done to me was so critical. I just knew that I hurt. It would definitely take some healing to move past this whole ordeal, but luckily I had Edward to
i loved it..that stupid mike should be put into jail forever.. haha ...Great chapter
Thanks, gld you enjoyed it.
love it
keep going
Thank you. Glad you liked it.


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